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Service meaning: What does it mean to serve? [8 Tips]

Service meaning: What does it mean to serve? [8 Tips]

What is service? What is the meaning of this virtue / competence / quality and how can you show service? You will learn it here by looking at the main characteristics of service!

Characteristic 1 – You want to contribute to the lives of others and you are committed to it

When you serve yourself, you really want to contribute to the lives of other people. You also actively commit yourself to this.

Anyone can be great … because anyone can be of service. No training is required for this. You just need a big heart. A loving soul.
– Martin Luther King

Characteristic 2 – You are considerate: you do not wait for your help to be called in

You are considerately on the lookout for all kinds of ways you can help others. So you don’t wait until your help is requested. For example, if you see someone who is lost or looks lonely, walk up to this person and offer your help.

  • Offer someone an umbrella in the rain.
  • Do a job in the house.
  • Help a new student at school.
  • Help someone who lugs a lot of heavy stuff.
  • Noticing someone needing attention – someone with depression, for example – and then offering a listening ear.

Characteristic 3 – You anticipate the needs of others


To you, the needs of others are just as important as your own. You anticipate the needs of others and think of ways in which you can fulfill those needs.

We can never go nowhere unless we share with each other.
– Tupac Shakur

Characteristic 4 – You intend to help the other person, not to receive a reward

You do things for others because you really want to be helpful and because the well-being of others is important to you. You don’t do those things because you hope people will pay or reward you.

Characteristic 5 – You do your best

You do your best for a job and you really learn to contribute in this way. When you work, put your best foot forward. Do it in the spirit of service.

Characteristic 6 – You have complete love and care for others and for yourself

You are caring, careful, loving and filled with love for yourself and others. This is a sense of ‘rapport’ with others.  For example, someone falls off a bicycle? Do not just help the other person, but help the other with all your love and care.

Moreover, you are of service to yourself by also taking good care of yourself.

Feature 7 – You recycle and you separate waste!

You serve the environment by recycling things. You can also use less stuff, separate waste and make a compost heap in the garden.

Feature 8 – You bring ‘synchronicity’ into the world thanks to ‘random acts of kindness’

By serving, you create miracles. Another word for miracles is synchronicity . And do you want to boost those synchronicities? This is possible with random acts of kindness (RAK). Click here for dozens of ideas.

Feature 9 – You sincerely want to help people, without boasting about it

True service means not talking about your actions and intentions of service, but just doing it . You can also just help a refugee without posting it on social media or on your company page as ‘socially responsible.’ Actions speak louder than words.

In addition, do not feel pressure to serve. You don’t have to be moralistic and altruistic if you don’t want to be. For the religious among us: we don’t like God. We are under no obligation to Him.

Here you will find a lot of inspiration to be of service!

Here you will find dozens of ideas (‘random acts of kindness’) to perform a service act. Have a look and run some!

Why is service so important?


By serving, we spread love and happiness. That also gives us a wonderful feeling! Servant people can make the world a better place! And that’s easier than you think, especially  if you rely on the butterfly effect!

With service we can change the world.

If there were no service, everyone would be on their own. No one would help each other if someone had problems and needed help unless paid for.

End with this affirmation for service

I am looking for all the opportunities to be of service, and I see all these opportunities. I don’t wait for someone to ask, but I am considerate. I make a meaningful contribution with my talents. This makes my life meaningful.

The original work? View the cards of the virtues project

The virtues project is the original initiative to spread as many virtues in the world as possible.

This was all about service. Good luck developing this virtue!

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