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How do you show respect? [14 tips & examples]

How do you show respect? [14 tips & examples]

How can you respect each other? In this article you will find concrete examples and tips for how to show respect. So read on quickly for the respect lessons.

Why show respect?

Showing respect is a way of paying tribute to someone. It is a quality that makes everyone happy. Just notice what happens to you when someone shows respect for you. If you show respect, you in turn command respect. How nice would it be if we could show respect for everyone? For this, let’s look at the concrete lessons for respect …

Lesson 1: Ask the other person if you can do something for him / her

It is respectful when you are employed by someone and show it. So ask someone what you can do for that person.

Lesson 2: Speak to the other with respect

The words you use to address someone say something about the degree of respect you show with them.

  • Mrs
  • Miss
  • Sir
  • Boss

Lesson 3: Be polite

You honor rules (of the other) and you are polite. This is reflected in your choice of words and in the tone of your voice.

Lesson 4: Be careful with other people’s belongings

Careful handling of other people’s belongings is a sign of respect.

Lesson 5: Honor the stuff, spaces, and ideas you use

An important rule of respect is: honor what you use. If you have achieved success, honor your teachers by naming them. For example, if you use a space to give a presentation, then mention the owner by mentioning him / her. If you are using an idea, please mention the source by citing it.

Lesson 6: Study the NLP Communication Model

After you have studied the NLP Communication Model, you will become aware that your opinion is one of many opinions, so that several opinions are possible. We leave the other in their dignity, and they deserve it.

Lesson 7: Respect yourself too

You also respect yourself: you stand up for your rights, such as your right to privacy.

You can say whatever you want as long as you say it with respect. For example, if someone had been rude to you, say what you want to say about it with respect.

Lesson 8: Appreciate the other person

You make others feel appreciated. This can be done, for example, by thanking the other.

Lesson 9: Give a compliment

Use the accompanying article with inspiration for compliments .

You are in my heart.

Lesson 10: Step into the energy of the other: make rapport

Reporting is the art of showing respect! Read all about it in the accompanying article.

Lesson 11: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

Being respectful means treating yourself as you think others deserve to be treated. The world is your mirror (perception is projection)!

Give a hug and take a deep bow.

Lesson 12: Be the other’s biggest fan and learn from him / her

You open yourself to the wise counsel of others. Also ask what the other person’s values ​​are  (“What is important to you?”), And then acknowledge them.

Lesson 13: Encourage the other person when he doesn’t respect himself

Is someone saying anything questionable or negative about themselves? “Maybe it’s a bit weird …” Then you encourage the other to respect themselves: “No, it’s not weird at all.”

Lesson 14: Also have fun with people with disabilities

It shows respect if you can also walk around with disabled people. That way you don’t give them ‘special / pathetic treatment.’ You treat them disrespectfully by, for example, never getting angry with them or never accusing them of anything. They can also have some peace of mind. Treat everyone equally.

Lesson 15: Take care of the environment

Respectful people are a respectful steward of the earth. Cherish all that lives.

These respect lessons came from The Great Virtue Book

I grew up with a beautiful book in which all virtues such as respect are clearly and extensively explained on the basis of practical examples: The Great Book of Virtues.  It is a wonderful recommendation and it is especially nice to discuss a virtue from this book with your children every day.

As for this article, these were all the tips and examples for showing respect, so that you will automatically command respect. Leave your examples and experiences of respect in the comments.

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