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Kindness Meaning & 17 Tips! [How do you become friendly?]

Kindness Meaning & 17 Tips! [How do you become friendly?]

How are people going to like you and view you as a kind and friendly person? How can you be more kind and friendly? In this article, you will learn how to have a more accessible, friendly personality.

Friendly Trait 1: You smile

This is a small step with a huge effect. Your smile alone makes you instantly more accessible to everyone!

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
– Anne Frank

Friendly Trait 2: You give compliments to others

Use the article with hundreds of compliments to instantly show more kindness.

Friendly Trait 3: You are interested in others

You ask how someone is doing or you ask for an update!

Friendly Trait 4: You are warm

You can learn heat! How? Read the article about creating rapport.  That means developing warmth!

Friendly Trait 5: You are courteous

You stick to etiquette and you don’t say rude things.

Friendly Trait 6: You share what you have

Sharing is friendly! For example, you share:

  • Your time
  • Your ideas
  • Your feelings
  • Yourself

Friendly Trait 7: You make others feel welcome


For example, you make a stranger feel at home.

Friendly Trait 8: You assist each other for better or for worse

You are faithful and loyal to someone. This is mega-friendly!

Friendly Trait 9: You are involved with others without it being expected

You don’t wait for someone else to take the initiative. You spontaneously show that you care about others: you empathize with others and you show that you are involved!

Friendly Trait 10: You like yourself

Believe you have something to offer and feel good about yourself. Only when you are kind to yourself ( self-love ) can you be kind to someone else.

Friendly Trait 11: Look at people and smile

Everyone probably smiles back. If someone does not do that, it is never personal: then it is the ego’s turn.

Friendly Trait 12: Show genuine interest in the other person

Ask an interested question and listen .

Friendly Trait 13: Don’t be too sweet

Do you know the saying, “Gentle healers make smelly wounds”? Right, so don’t be too nice. Have a loving and warm speech, but keep speaking the truth. This is difficult and may hurt at first, but it builds security and trust and it feels better.

Friendly Trait 14: Show empathy


For example, if someone is sad, it is not necessarily necessary to cheer that person up right away. Sit down and ask what the other person is sad about. That’s empathy .

Friendly Trait 15: Show that you are happy to see someone

Show an enthusiastic state of mind when you see someone. Ask what the other has been through and share your own news.

Friendly Trait 16: Just call anyone to ask how they are doing

If a friend doesn’t notify you for a while, give them a call and ask how they are doing. Maybe your call was just what the other person needed!

Kind Trait 17: Be kind for a longer period of time

True kindness takes longer than the first few encounters with someone. Everyone is friendly to people who have just met. It really matters how long you continue that kindness. Hold on to your kindness and don’t be fooled when someone is friendly to you for the first time.

Why is kindness so important?

Kindness makes you attractive. Others would like to get to know you and you get to know them. Without kindness, people don’t feel closely involved with anyone: there is no one to share your feelings with.

This is my simple religion. We can do without temples. We can do without complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple: the philosophy is kindness.
– Dalai Lama

Affirmation for kindness

I am friendly. Today I smile at the people I meet and greet them in a friendly manner, with attention. I am open about myself and I show an interest in other people. I like myself and I make friends.

Have fun developing your kindness!

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