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Affiliate Marketing: Best Niches & Examples

Affiliate Marketing: Best Niches & Examples

What are the best affiliate marketing niches? And what are good examples of affiliate websites in those niches? Read along and learn from the best…

These are the best affiliate niches

Let’s take a look at the best examples of affiliate niches …

Niche idea 1: Travel website

affiliate marketing examples and niches

Is traveling your hobby? Make it your business right away by building a blog about it. It’s an excellent idea to make money from your travel website .

You earn the money by, for example, making packing checklists . Also travel agency reviews and travel gadget top 10 articles achieve a lot. Suitcases, backpacks and other good travel items often cost more than 100 euros. And even banners to travel agencies are a good idea: every quote request can already earn you a few tens and a booking can earn you more than 100 euros.

Niche idea 2: Recipe website

affiliate marketing the best niches

The Netherlands is a real cooking country and if cooking is your hobby, you should consider this idea. For example, you get your income from recommending all kinds of kitchen tools and premium recipe books.

If you choose this niche, you have to be patient. The competition is huge so you will have to be prepared to run after the big players for the first two years before you become a big player yourself.

Niche Idea 3: Nutrition & Health

affiliate marketing examples tips

Are you a fitness, health and nutrition fanatic? Then this is a good option. Simply because everyone has thousands of euros to spare for their own health. In this niche, people simply pull their wallets quickly. Supplements, online workouts, and fitness programs are some of the many product options in this niche.

There is a big drawback to this niche: the manual Google inspectors can simply choose to give your website a general reduction in the search results during a review of your website. That’s because wrong advice about health can have very dangerous consequences, leading Google to favor health websites with a lot of authority.

Niche Idea 4: Relationships & Dating

affiliate marketing best niches examples

There are a lot of people out there who pull the wallet for someone to teach them how to date or improve their relationship. So it is quite easy to sell online dating courses and dating site memberships .

Niche Idea 5: Teaching others about making money

tips and niches for affiliate marketing

This is a bit ‘weird’ because you make money from it yourself, but it is perhaps the easiest niche. If you promise someone that he can earn 3,000 euros a month thanks to the method of video course x which costs 1,000 euros, then the math makes it quite logical to buy that video course.

In fact, you yourself are getting rich by teaching others how to get rich. That gives it a ‘strange’ feeling. But if you are actually empowered and if it is easy, do it!

Niche Idea 5-100: Your hobby

Any other niche ideas that you enjoy can also work, provided they meet the criteria below (see next section).

One of the most important things to take into account is the size of the total market in the Netherlands. There is a good chance that your passion for pocket knives is  a good niche idea, but that you have to create an English-language website because in the Netherlands there are only 10,000 searches per month for pocket knife-related matters, while you can more than a million people worldwide. to achieve.

Let’s look at the other niche criteria …

Niche ideas with the highest commissions

daisycon earn high amounts

Do you see the image above? That is a screenshot of Daisycon, a platform where you can find all kinds of companies that you can promote as an affiliate. What point do I want to make with this? You can find a product of 50 cents commission, but then you have to sell 200 of it a day to earn 100 euros a day. If you just immediately choose a product with 100 commission euros, you only have to sell one per day to earn the same. If you sell 200 of them a day, you will get rich quickly.

So research the product types that pay the most

tradetracker commissions informed

Above you will find a screenshot of Tradetracker, a platform similar to Daisycon. Sort by the highest amounts per click, lead or sale and let your choice depend on that. You see that financial products and marketing products yield the most.

So let your choice also depend on the amounts of money that are earned, and don’t just pay attention to ‘what is close to my heart’. Fine if you ‘stay close to yourself’, but then there is also a good chance that you don’t earn anything. Learn to see your business and private life as separate things so that you don’t let feelings guide you too much.

A good affiliate niche must meet the following 4 criteria

  1. Preferably, the products cost between 100 and 200 euros . Because if the products are more expensive than around 300 euros, one rarely makes an immediate decision to buy. Then it will take many days, so there is a good chance that your tracking cookie has been lost.
  2. Choose an evergreen niche. If you are going to review smartphones, you have not chosen an evergreen niche. Then you can throw away your reviews every quarter because there is already a new model. Rather opt for niches such as equestrian equipment, camping gear, travel gear, etc.
  3. You have to like the topic. If it is your hobby , it will be much easier, so you can easily outperform your competitors.
  4. Preferably, it should be a niche where people can easily spend money . Your own health? We certainly spend money on that easily. Earn money and get rich? We would easily want to make an investment for that. Think in those directions.

Best Affiliate Websites: Good Examples

examples affiliate websites

Good examples of review websites and content websites:

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To your success!

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