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How To Start A Monetized Blog? WordPress Tips & How-To

How To Start A Monetized Blog? WordPress Tips & How-To

How do you create your own WordPress blog? And in fact, how can you start a blog to make money? In this article you will find a full step-by-step plan and all the tips to create a successful, paid blog. Like this site, you can get 200,000+ visitors per month!

Before we go to the step-by-step plan: what is a blog?

A blog is actually a synonym for a website, although some people say that every blog is a website, but not every website is a blog. A blog contains at least substantive articles.

You are going to place many qualitative articles on your blog, so that you will create a qualitative, successful blog. If you do that, you are already further than 90% of your competitors, because most give up immediately. But not you! Read the steps in this article to get started right and to continue.

Which skills do you need in order to be able to start a successful blog?

What do you actually have to be able to do to make a good blog? Here are the skills you need:

  • Writing in your chosen language flawlessly.
  • Being able to explain something in a very simple way.
  • Effortless writing from your own experience.
  • Effortlessly consult sources and translate them into simple sentences for your articles.
  • Understand the basics of how your articles will actually be picked up by Google.
  • To be willing to put in a lot of time.
  • To be willing to invest a few tens to 100 euros per year.

You can read here how to write super clear articles that everyone wants to read completely.

It is all worth it in the end! You are going to earn everything back, but then you have to do the above completely. You cannot expect the results without putting effort into it.

Why should you blog? Permanent vacation (it really exists)!

  • 100% flexible hours: you decide when and how long you have time to write an article again.
  • You earn money while you are not working: for example while you sleep and even on weekends. If your blog is big enough, you can even go on vacation permanently.
  • You are going to earn money with your hobby! Do you like video games? Then start a video game blog. Do you like photography? Then create the most comprehensive photography site with all the tips you have!
  • You learn while you work: they are topics about the topics you enjoy, and while you write about them, you learn about them too!
  • You build experience in online marketing.
  • There is no limit to what you can earn, because your visitor numbers can go up infinitely. There are always keywords that you have not written an article about or there are always ways in which you can further perfect your revenue models so that they yield more.

Step 1 – Choose domain name and install WordPress on a hosting account

In this first step, it is immediately very important that you get your own domain name, because otherwise Google will send very few visitors to your website. Go for: So I don’t want to see that your website has a domain name like: or These are free domain names and free hosting, which will therefore not yield you anything.

So choose a hosting provider. There you can also choose your domain name directly. I recommend Siteground (50% off here) for their speed, reliability and quick help. You can read an extensive review about the best WordPress Hosting here.  See exactly how to set this up in the video below.

Step 2 – Choosing a WordPress theme for your blog

You can use a free theme just fine. You will certainly make it with that. However, if you are a serious entrepreneur, then you know: if you invest in something, you will get better results. The very best premium theme is Divi  (I used it to create this website) because you can create the most modern websites with it thanks to their ready-to-use templates.

Watch the video below to see how to get the ready-to-use modern Divi theme templates live directly on your website:

Step 3 – Create blog posts and just start writing

I don’t want you to worry about what your blog looks like. What I find more important is that your site will be filled as soon as possible. Don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism to endlessly tinker with your website while you’re actually doing it for a ghost town. First take care of visitors and then see how you can make it more beautiful. This way you will progress much faster.

Step 4 – How do you write a successful blog post?

In order to write a good article, only one thing is important: that you can explain the topic you are writing about in understandable, simple language . If you can explain something very well, you can blog very well.

So you don’t have to come up with all kinds of ‘funny’ sentence constructions, such as a ‘playful’ Geenstijl article. The most important thing is that people want to read your article, and you already do that successfully by writing understandable and simple!

Here you learn everything about writing a good article. In addition, use the template below for a good blog article:

Use the template below for a successful blog post:

Below you will find a template that you can use for any article. Simply replace the word ‘blogging’ with the topic you have chosen for your article.

What you see is that it is important that each article gives as many practical, simple tips as possible (each tip is a paragraph). This also makes writing an article very easy: you consult a few sources and all tips you come across, you process in your own words in the article.

[Catchy title]

(Learn how to write catchy titles for your blog post here.)


[in this article you will learn what blogging means. You will find the definition here and you will find ways in which you can apply blogging in your life. Read on to learn all about this!]

[Paragraph: What is the meaning of blogging?]

[Blogging means…]

[Paragraph: Why should you blog?]

[It is very valuable to apply blogging in your life because…]

[Paragraph: How can you apply blogging in your life?]

[I’ll explain this through the tips below.]

[Tip 1: Do every day …]

[The first tip to apply blogging in your life is through every day …]

[Tip 2:]

[Tip 3:]

[Tip 4:]

[Tip 5:]

[Paragraph: Good luck using blogging in your daily life!]

[If you use the tips from this article, I’m sure you’ll be able to live a life of blogging fun!]

Step 5 – Get to know WordPress a little better now

You have already taken action by just writing some blog posts. Perfect. Now it is time to get to know WordPress a little more. Take the tour below.

And remember: WordPress is a golden combination when used with the  Divi theme.

Step 6 – Getting your blog found by Google: this is how you get visitors …

I have written out seven simple steps that will guarantee that you – just like this website – will get tens of thousands of visitors. Without you ever having to do anything afterwards. Read my 7-step plan to be found by Google.  Note: this step takes most of the work. So you are already prepared!

Why should you focus on Google for more visitors to your blog?

  • Google is simply the most sustainable way to get visitors. Facebook is teetering on all sides, so building your audience on Facebook is very risky.
  • Google continues to innovate: it is used by 99% of the searchers on the internet and will continue to be because Google always makes improvements.
  • Thanks to Google you can continue to get visitors passively. If you were to focus on Facebook, you would have to post a few times every week to keep getting visitors. On the other hand, if you are dominating Google, you will just get visitors for the rest of your life without you having to do anything for it! Cool huh!

Step 7 – Test different ways to monetize your blog

Only when your website has a decent flow of visitors do I want you to worry about how you are going to make money from it. You have set up your website in an afternoon so that it will start making money. So I wouldn’t worry about that.

Have you gotten to the point where your blog is consistently bringing in quite a bit of traffic? Then your options are:

  • Placing Adsense Ads. This is a service from Google that automatically places advertisements on your website. What kind of ads it will be is always a surprise, but fortunately you can easily indicate in the program which subjects should not have advertising space on your site. You will also receive an amount of money transferred to your account from Google every month. This earns about 1,500 euros per month if you have 300,000 visitors per month.
  • Sell ​​advertising space to companies yourself. The advantage of the previous option, Adsense, is that you are already making money after a few mouse clicks. The advantage of the method from this bullet is that you can get 3 to 10 times more advertising revenue than what you would earn with Adsense. Why is it like that? You have to put in a little more effort: you have to use your own sales skills by picking up the phone and calling companies to convince them to advertise with you. You also have to send bills yourself and you run the risk of defaulters. With this you can, for example, already earn 1,500 euros per month with 100,000 visitors per month … Or much more: that depends on your own sales skills.
  • Write your own premium Ebooks and sell them on your site. For example, if you have a fitness blog, you can write a Fitness Bible and sell it on your site. Your earnings depend entirely on how expensive you price the ebook and how good you are at funneling people.
  • Add your own webshop to your blog. Once you have 100,000 visitors per month, you will certainly manage to sell dozens of products from your own webshop. Choose products that match your blog articles, use a proven webshop system such as Shopify and you are already started!
  • Offer companies that they can post their forms on your website. If visitors join the newsletter of another company via your website, you can start earning money per registration. You can ask for up to 40 euros per registration. That depends entirely on the industry. Again, you have to convince a company to start working with you. This earns about 2,000 per month if you have 100,000 visitors per month.
  • Sell ​​ products. All you have to do is place special links to products. This is done via the special program of that you can sign up for. You earn 6% of the turnover of a sold product. This percentage is lower for electronics and higher for jewelery and e-books. It is recommended to sell products that are around 100 euros. If you choose products that are more expensive, people often have to think about it for a few days and that ensures that no longer allocates the commission to you. If you choose products from 10-50 euros, then you will not benefit much because then you only earn a few euros … In my case it is books, which is a bad choice because books only cost a few tens. This earns me 750 euros per 100,000 visitors.
  • Selling others’ products through affiliate networks. A well-known English language is Clickbank. The products you sell from Clickbank providers offer you an average of around 30 euros in commission per product that you sell for 100 euros.

What are you going to do to earn money with your blog? Are you going to sell your own products? Are you going to sell advertising space? Are you going to sell information products (e-books, audio, video)? Are you going to sell other people’s products for a commission? Are you going to post sign-up forms so your attendees can sign up for email lists from other companies, and charge money per email address?

Making a lot of money with your blog is possible. You just have to start thinking differently . Hardly anyone thinks that way. If someone asked me what kind of work I do, the conversation would go like this …
“What kind of work do you do?”
– ‘I make websites and blogs. I am a blogger. ‘
– ‘Do you sell the websites? Which company do you blog for? ‘
– “No, the websites automatically make money.” And even then the penny doesn’t drop and they ask:
“So … are you looking for a job?”

Blogging is just a complete business that automatically makes you money, for example when you combine it with affiliate marketing. In any case, test all the ways above to find out what works for you successfully.

Step 8 – Enjoy your permanent vacation thanks to your blog

It’s only 7 steps, so it might seem like little, but I want you to realize one thing: you can’t expect the results without putting in the necessary work. You have to realize that 99% of bloggers give up because they don’t feel like paying the necessary price. They just want a permanent vacation right now.

So make sure that you last a whole year so that you can actually have a permanent holiday. The most important step of all 7 previous steps is step 6: being found by Google. That takes most of the time. so study that step carefully.

Good luck! You will certainly succeed in creating a successful blog and making money from it!

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