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How to be on time for everything: 6 tips to never be late again

How to be on time for everything: 6 tips to never be late again

Do you want to never be late anymore at work, school, friends or other appointments? In this article you will find tips on how to tackle it and always arrive on time from now on. Read further…

Why is it important to be on time?

People who are usually late (or even late just once, when it comes down to it) evoke incompetence, self-centeredness, and even a lack of integrity . So it is important for your overall quality of life to be someone who is always on time.

Do you want to change, but you don’t know where to start? In the tips below, we’ll look at ways that are addressing and changing the psychology of being late.

Tip 1 – Take Obama as an example

You want to be like Obama too, don’t you? He arrives everywhere 45 minutes early . That is wonderful!

Having an idol works wonders. You then do your extra best to become that fantastic idol. Is Barack Obama, former president of the United States, a suitable idol for you? Then go for it and strive to become just like him and get everywhere in plenty of time.

Long to be someone who is everywhere very early, just like Obama.

Tip 2 – Flip your timeline: change your general attitude to time

There is a technique that ensures that you experience time differently and therefore almost automatically arrive on time for appointments. Use the article on timeline therapy for that.

In it you will find a technique with which you can change your orientation in time. With this technique you turn your timeline a quarter turn so that you go from ‘in time’ to ‘through time’.

Tip 3 – Do not check your email just before you leave

That “last quick check” will almost always take more time than you think, while secretly hoping to find something that will take extra time. So it will almost always lead to you being late.

Tip 4 – Schedule a time buffer for any delay

no more late tips

This is the most important tip that is usually given to students during the ‘professional development’ courses. Always add 25% to your time estimate to get somewhere or complete a task. If you think it will take you 30 minutes to get somewhere, give yourself 40 minutes.

But … you can actually do something better. See next tip …

Tip 5 – Embrace that Dutch unwritten rule of arriving 15 minutes earlier

Decide for yourself to embody our unique Dutch attitude to always arrive 15 minutes early. We don’t even call this ‘too early’ in the Netherlands, but we just call it on time.

Never make the plan to arrive exactly on time.

Tip 6 – Set your clocks ahead a few minutes

I’ve been doing this all my life: at home my clocks are at least 5 minutes too far ahead.

To your success!

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