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Self-control: What are the characteristics of this trait?

Self-control: What are the characteristics of this trait?

What Is Self-Control ? What are the characteristics of this virtue and why should you develop this core quality? Read along and learn all about seld-control…

What Is Self-Control?

Characteristics of self-control are …

  • You could also see self-control as discipline .
  • You make wise choices.
  • You use it to do only what you have chosen to do. You persevere in achieving your goals.
  • You are not influenced by your desires.
  • You live according to your highest values.
  • You finish things.
  • You replace bad habits with good habits.
  • You have tact .

Those who make channels for the water control the water. The makers of arrows straighten the arrows. Carpenters control their wood. And the saints control their soul.
– Dhammapada 10

Why Self-Control?

It ensures that you can persevere and that you achieve your goals. Self-control also makes you productive and not hesitant. This prevents you from doing things that you might regret another time. You also develop your character with self-control.

Affirm your self-control

Read the sentence below aloud:

I have the gift of self-control. I show this in my behavior every day. I am grateful to have mastered this virtue.

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