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107 New Hobby Ideas [List] [Men & Women]

107 New Hobby Ideas [List] [Men & Women]

‘I’m looking for a hobby. What is a really nice hobby?’ Hobbies enrich your life. Here you will find ideas for your new hobby, for example at home or in a hobby club. Finding a new hobby or interest is fun when there is so much choice. Read along…

In the list below you will find creative hobbies for men and women…

In this article you will find – in addition to female – a number of very male hobbies and interests. Plenty of ‘cool’ leisure ideas for men, as well as fun creative hobbies for the home for men to do.

You’ll find hobbies and interests for young and older men in this list. Indoor and outdoor hobbies. See the list below as an online hobby test. Always feel whether you are enthusiastic about the suggested hobbies for adults (and young people).

There are also different kinds of hobby ideas for women in the list below. Let’s get straight to the ideas for finding a new hobby below.

Let’s start with the top 10 hobbies for men and women

With number 1 …

1 – Singing

hobby singing

Pop choirs and classical choirs … In every city there are dozens of choirs to join. Fortunately, singing is also an ideal and fun hobby at home to do in your room.

And what is special about singing? Singing is not only fun as a simple hobby, it is also therapeutic.

The key is to keep trying for years to come. In a few years, you will have a very pleasant voice if you take this up as a serious hobby. Take a look at the example below:

2 – Dancing

There is also a dance school nearby in every place of residence. Going to a dance school is certainly not just for children. There are many dance schools where adults only attend. Think for example of rock & roll, salsa or ballroom dancing. 

3 – Play guitar, piano or drum

guitar playing hobby

Learning to play the piano or guitar is an expensive hobby as it usually involves private lessons. For half an hour a week you will quickly lose more than 35 euros per week.

Fortunately, there are also reasonably priced online courses: for the price of two hours of private lessons you have a complete course with lifetime access.

4 – Photography

photography as a hobby

You can use a lot of creativity in photography. You can create photo series to which you connect a theme, you can capture emotions and you can capture special moments in people’s lives.

5 – Earning money online (ideal for at home)

This is a hobby in which you are building something beautiful and which also earns you money. Think of it like building a perpetual motion machine. And the most beautiful? It can be all about your favorite hobby.

There are three sustainable and reliable methods of making money online.

The first method is affiliate marketing. For example, if you like camping, you create a camping blog in which you give all your tips and recommend camping gear. You will always earn money if your readers order their camping gear from external stores via your blog. Costs? A few bucks for the web hosting – ditto for the course.

The second method is web shops. This means that you buy and sell products again, for example on Isn’t this a hobby that is too extreme for which you have to exercise a lot of effort? Yes, but takes care of the logistics, so you only need your laptop.

The third method is to learn the basics about investing. Maybe you think it’s gambling, but it could be something serious.

It is certainly worth considering it as a hobby that also pays off in terms of money.

6 – Not everything has to be serious / productive… Playing games is also a hobby

Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason to play. In fact, that’s the whole point of playing. For board games and some video games, you are supposed to have at least someone else willing to take up this hobby with you. You’ll make good friends with it right away – and it’s good practice to play with your family anyway.

Here you will find all the game inspiration.

7 – Do a team sport or become the favorite member of the biggest gym there is

volleyball as a hobby

Football, handball and volleyball … it’s not only healthy, it’s fun – with the chance of making lifelong friends. So sign up after the Corona crisis.

Would you rather work out? Choose a gym and go there often. Really often. After all, it is your new hobby. Get the other members to consider you part of the furniture. Isn’t that weird? Hello, we are talking about the gym: the place to be for health and working towards a happy life.

Why should you choose the largest gym? Because you will automatically discover a lot of hobbies because you will discover the enormously extensive class schedule. Maybe you join the Calisthenics class one day, then Tai Chi and another day you work on a healthy body-mind connection with Yoga.

8 – Put together something beautiful and enjoy it every day

Are you looking for a creative hobby for your home? This is ideal for men and women. Anyone who really wants to be creative creates something. Literally. Just put together something beautiful and useful.

9 – Mindfulness & Yoga as a relaxing hobby

mindfulness as a hobby

Mindfulness is a hobby you can do anywhere. You can be ‘zen’ everywhere. Where others may have a hobby of playing video games, it can become your hobby to feel less stimuli. You do that with mindfulness.

And then of course you also have Yoga. This is the same as mindfulness, but with specific postures in which you stand, sit or lie down.

10 – Tarot

Why is tarot a fun hobby? Because you can really work with your creativity and your intuition. It comes down to the fact that, based on the cards you draw, you let a story or message unfold with your own creativity and intuition.

11 – Public speaking

public speaking as a hobby

For example, you can join Toastmasters. That is a speaking club that is located in several cities. Then every two weeks you get the chance to give a presentation to a group of people, always focusing on a particular presentation technique. You can also choose to give feedback to others.

12 – Become a true parrot or parakeet hobbyist

Thanks to their intelligence, the parrot and the parakeet are very easy to train to do tricks and games. You can also let them fly outside on command.

This sounds crazy, but aren’t hobbies supposed to be crazy? A true hobbyist is not afraid to do something special and to become really good at it.

94 additional hobby ideas (list of fun inspiration)

What other hobbies are there? What do I like? Use all the ideas from this article as a test for yourself. Below are additional examples to get you inspired for your new interesting, fun, creative, or maybe even absurd hobby:

  1. Finishing furniture
  2. Flea market shopping
  3. Bartending
  4. winemaking
  5. Computer programming
  6. Editing, proofreading and editing language
  7. Tattooing
  8. Become a stand up comedy artist
  9. Driving others around
  10. Graphic design, for example via
  11. Making T-Shirts
  12. Become a fitness teacher
  13. Start a YouTube channel
  14. Being a handyman
  15. Taking care of a pet
  16. Become a local guide
  17. Create and edit videos
  18. Teaching and tutoring in music
  19. Working on cars
  20. Life Coaching
  21. Cartooning & Animation
  22. Compose music
  23. Supervision of children
  24. Arrange flowers
  25. Bicycles
  26. Dog training
  27. To walk
  28. Making candles
  29. Beach walking
  30. Learn to knit and sew. Maybe you can make your own party costumes from now on
  31. Magic Tricks & Card Tricks
  32. Watch documentaries
  33. Minimalism
  34. Become a Wikipedia editor
  35. chess
  36. Participate in Trivia Contests
  37. Brain training
  38. Weightlifting
  39. Jogging / training for the marathon
  40. Review gadgets
  41. Woodworking
  42. To climb
  43. Architecture. There are complete forums where you as an amateur can talk to about urban planning.
  44. Building robots
  45. Cook
  46. Retro Gaming
  47. Massage
  48. Babysitting
  49. Wine / Cheese tasting
  50. Ballroom Dancing
  51. Joining a board game club
  52. Volunteer work
  53. Start an Etsy store
  54. Bowling
  55. Learning a foreign language
  56. People watching
  57. Breaking a world record
  58. Organize dinners
  59. Do trips
  60. To draw
  61. Modelvliegtuigen of modelscheepsbouw
  62. Sculpture with clay
  63. Collect seashells
  64. Solving mazes
  65. Making balloon figures
  66. Collecting leaves
  67. Making dolls
  68. Making bird feeders and bird houses
  69. Flower presses
  70. Felt
  71. Story writing
  72. Pencil sketches
  73. Collecting marbles
  74. Make a collage
  75. Papermache
  76. Skateboarding. This is a great way to explore the neighborhood and meet cool people. It’s also a great way to exercise.
  77. Scouting
  78. Book clubs
  79. Calligraphy
  80. Podcasting. You have thoughts. Tell them to the world. Some recording equipment is super cheap, so why not hit record the next time you and your friends have a conversation?
  81. Doing nice things with friends
  82. Invent something
  83. Making knots
  84. Making sushi
  85. Building ships in bottles
  86. Poetry
  87. Beatboxing & rapping
  88. Storytelling
  89. Flying Drones
  90. Photography and photo editing
  91. Astronomy
  92. Gardening
  93. Museum / Art Gallery Hopping
  94. Growing a bonsai tree

When will you start your new hobby?

On your luck!

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