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17 Tips to Stimulate Your Creativity (#3 Surprises You)

17 Tips to Stimulate Your Creativity (#3 Surprises You)

How can you develop your creativity, think creatively and be creative? What stimulates creativity? Here you will find tips and examples that you can apply immediately. Read along…

Why is creativity so important?

Thanks to creativity, new ideas, inventions, music styles, solutions, dances and works of art can arise … Creativity is a way to let your originality shine, which other people can enjoy again.

What are tips for stimulating creativity?

Let’s get to the tips ..

1 – Do something different every day

Don’t take the same route to work or the same food every time. In this way your creativity is stimulated because you are constantly dealing with new, refreshing things.

Regularly test a new work environment for creative inspiration.

This also applies to your own work or activity. Do not repeat the same trick over and over, but test a different angle. Dare to be original!

2 – Get in touch with your intuition

Your intuition is the gateway to all the creativity in the world. Here you can read how to get in touch with your intuition.

3 – Grab your camera …

Grab your camera, walk on the street and capture beautiful pictures. Your creativity is always stimulated by this. Look for inspiration at .

4 – Take regular breaks …

As soon as you get up, take a walk, and walk into a new room, a great idea suddenly pops into your mind.

5 – Let go of the result (and perfectionism)

how can you be creative

Read all about overcoming perfectionism here.

6 – Clear your mind with meditation

Use these meditation texts . Then you suddenly make contact with the creativity in you because you have dimmed the din of the mind!

7 – Use the thinking hat technique and other methods

Sometimes you just have to sit in a room with your team with a bunch of flip charts and spend an entire afternoon doing creativity work forms.

Here you will find 24 creativity methods, including the thinking hat technique. This is an excellent technique to stimulate your creativity.

8 – You see old things in new ways

Don’t look at old things as they always have been. See new things in it. Everything is always new.

9 – You use reframing

Check out all the ways in which you can find more creativity through reframing here.

10 – You aim for progress

Everything else would stay the same.

Life would be boring without creativity.

11 – Give the world your creativity

how are you more creative

When an artist paints something, he brings joy to the world. Get to work with that approach.

12 – Immerse yourself in art and science

Art and science are fun and stimulate your creativity. For example, subscribe to the Youtube channel ‘Vsauce’.

13 – Find out what your gifts are

What do you like to do? What does your heart say? Think about that and then follow your heart.

14 – Develop your gifts fully

So you also need discipline to shape your creativity.

15 – Find ways to improve things

Creativity and innovation do not necessarily mean that you make something completely new from blank. You can also tweak, mix or restructure existing things. For example, at work, consider how a process can be even better!

Oh yes, how do you improve things? By making mistakes. So make as many mistakes as possible and you will become much more creative much faster.

16 – Do things your way

become more creative

It doesn’t have to be in other people’s way, and no monkeys are necessary at all. So do things your unique way.

17 – Use your imagination

Creativity is the power of imagination. Play, take the time to (day) dream and do visualization exercises.

When we are creative, we are connected with beauty.
– Linda Kavelin Popov

The ‘what if’ framework also opens the gates to creativity. This is also called the wonder question.

To your success!

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