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Left & Right Brain Hemisphere: Features, Dominance & Exercises

Left & Right Brain Hemisphere: Features, Dominance & Exercises

What are the functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain? Which is dominant? Here you will find the short and clear answer. You will also find exercises to train the hemispheres of the brain and make them work together.

Properties of the left hemisphere

  • Logic / reason
  • Words
  • Details
  • Analysis
  • Order / control
  • Time in segments
  • Identification: individual

Properties of the right hemisphere of the brain

  • Emotions / intuition
  • Images
  • See the whole / relationships
  • Bring together
  • Spontaneous / free
  • Time as a whole: now
  • Identification: group

Which hemisphere is dominant?

  1. Now just clap your hands as you normally would and hold your hands together.
  2. Look at your hands. Which hand (thumb) is above?
  3. The left hand is mainly controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain. The right hand through the left hemisphere. So when your left hand is up, your right hemisphere is dominant. If your right hand is up, your left hemisphere is dominant.

Exercises: How can you connect and train the left and right hemispheres of the brain?

The left and right hemisphere do not work together? How can you stimulate your left and right hemisphere in that case? Do these exercises to stimulate cooperation and communication between the hemispheres of the brain:

  • Make lemniscate exercises: draw a lying figure eight for a while.
  • Do a cross-hit exercise: connect your right arm with your left leg and connect your left arm with your right leg while walking (in place).
  • Play a musical instrument.
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