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Recognizing Spiritual People: Characteristics & Test

Recognizing Spiritual People: Characteristics & Test

How can you recognize spiritual people? What are your qualities if you are spiritual? Here you will find the characteristics that you can use as a test to find out. Read along… 

We call spiritual people ‘6 sense people’

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and the whole room became more cheerful and brighter? That was certainly a ‘6-sense person’! We call someone who is in contact with his / her 6th sense a ‘ 6-sense person ‘. We also sometimes refer to spiritual people as ” light workers ,” ” indigo children, ” or “new age children .”

When are you spiritual? Spirituality test: look for these characteristics …

By recognizing other 6-sense people you can learn a lot from them. How can you see that someone is in contact with his intuition / soul? You can recognize them very easily! You can tell from someone whether his / her soul is present.

Below you will find a list of properties. Use this list as a test. 6-sense people have the following visible characteristics:

  • Their faces are beaming .
  • You can see it in their eyes. Their eyes are extra bright. They have a special sparkle in their eyes.
  • You literally see that their face is glowing . In a study at the University of Chicago, they looked deep into the atoms and discovered: there are certain lights in the energetic field of people. They are called neo photons. Extremely small lights. When you are in soul frequency you are light. You also look light. There is light in your eyes and it lights up your whole face.

You look at someone and you notice, “Gosh, you look radiant today!” That’s the soul! And it is such an attractive, powerful radiant frequency! Those neo photons light up your face and your eyes. These people are sparkling and so attractive! Because these neo-photons are essentially love, which is also the soul. These people are absolutely unintelligible and you can even recognize it by their charisma!

  • There is a beautiful smile on their faces. It’s a special kind of grin .
  • They don’t hold back.
  • They move freely.
  • They allow themselves (ego) apart .
  • You feel that they are part of life .
  • They want to do a  lot of service  and  help others . That is in their nature. They naturally stand up for other people rather than themselves. They are the very first you see helping someone  who has been wronged . They cannot  lie , cheat or be inauthentic.
  • They may have  psychic abilities and perceptions.  In other words, Lightworkers like to act from intuition.
  • Lightworkers are  optimists . They believe in the joy, peace, love and ecstasy of reality.
  • They feel  like a magnet to other positive, peaceful, joyful and loving people.
  • Their aura is more interactive with the environment. Energy flows in and out of them easily. They feel more and they are receptive to positive vibes from others. This creates magic. In contrast, in 5-senses the auric field seems to consist of concrete: nothing seems to get in or out. No reaction. No interaction.
  • Lightworkers do not get angry easily because of their  peaceful nature  .
  • They feel they have a powerful mission to contribute to this world.
  • They have a sense of  oneness, or non-duality . That means that they feel at one with everything. For them, ‘I’ doesn’t stop where their skin ends. Self and other are the same.
  • Indigo children  are a brighter mirror than anyone else . They simply see through physical behavior, walls, shields, and masks, so that they immediately sense how the other person is really feeling.
  • New age kids are very creative and they come up with original creations. They look beyond logic, allowing them to enter more new paths and discoveries from intuition.

More characteristics of spiritual people – aka 6 senses – can be found in this article about the sixth sense , this article about indigo children, and this article about light workers.

How do you recognize the absence of spirituality in people? The characteristics of 5 sensory people…


How do you recognize a 5-sense person? Anyone who is even slightly busy with calibration knows that those differences are very visible between 5-senses and 6-senses. These are typical characteristics of a 5-sense person:

  • Do you know the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz? It is the man who cannot move without oil.
  • Tightness throughout the body, with tense muscles.
  • Tight lips.
  • Tight hips.
  • They hold back.
  • They are not allowed to move freely from themselves (ego).
  • They have a weak handshake.
  • They keep looking away.
  • They don’t express themselves calmly, but they stutter.
  • Their auric field appears to be made of concrete: nothing seems to get in or out. No reaction. No interaction.
  • How many people do you see around you who don’t have that sparkle in their eyes, who are ‘dead’? Someone who is cut off from his heart is not alive.

Perhaps resistance is the most important characteristic of a 5-sense. “Yeah, but I don’t want to take that risk because what if I’m wrong, what if I make a mistake?” 6 senses do not even think about it and actually give the leadership room to come. They know the guidance is there to help guide and protect them.

These are Sonia Choquette’s practical descriptions of spiritual people

The above mentioned characteristics and descriptions of spiritual people are from Sonia Choquette. In her books she describes exactly what you can do in everyday life to get such a radiant face and spread love because your soul is present – so that you don’t go through life like a block of concrete.

“Am I spiritual?” Actually, that’s impossible …

You may be asking yourself, “Am I spiritual?” Of course you can determine if you are spiritual with the characteristics of this article. In addition, it is good to realize that no one can ‘be spiritual’.

Because as soon as someone realizes that he / she is spiritual, then there is a ‘someone’ who is spiritual. A ‘someone’ is synonymous with ‘ ego ‘. There is no oneness at that time, but a duality between ‘ spiritual ‘ and ‘ someone ‘ who is spiritual.

In other words, the ego emerges because you were  self-aware  to realize that you are a “someone” who is spiritual. There is then talk of a self.

You are only ‘real’ (yes, that too is in quotation marks) spiritual when you do not realize that you are spiritual – when you are mere consciousness . There is only this, here, now. And this, here now. And this, here now. You in a chair. And a cup of tea.

The more normal, the more spiritual. The more ‘spiritual’, the more selfish.

Through meditation, among other things, you get such a radiant, warm and calm face

A ‘spiritual person’ is certainly not a special person. The thing is, you have “spiritual people” and “normal people.” Anyone can become a spiritual person, and all those external features in the face, such as the sparkle, warmth and tranquility, you get thanks to meditation. Here you will find beautiful guided meditation texts.

On your luck!

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