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Aura: Meaning, Explanation & 17 Practical Tips [Seeing Energy Around People]

Aura: Meaning, Explanation & 17 Practical Tips [Seeing Energy Around People]

What does ‘aura‘ mean? What is an aura and how can you see, feel and cleanse an aura? Here you will find explanations and tips. Read further…

Have you ever felt that the atmosphere in a room suddenly changed when someone entered?

You have probably experienced one of the following very clearly:

  • When a certain person entered a party, the party really started!
  • When someone stepped into a room, the atmosphere suddenly became very cool and tense.
  • A comment was made and the atmosphere suddenly changed.

What is an aura? Your aura is the electromagnetic field of your heart

That feeling that someone can bring and what other people can pick up? So that’s the aura. Your aura is ‘made up of seven components ‘. These are your seven chakras.

It is the energy that is radiated from your heart and is also called the ‘etheric field’ or simply ‘ energy field’ . It is ‘your personal environment’.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of your brain. This field can be measured at two to three meters from our body.

This field contains information about your emotions, among other things. People around you can perceive and feel this information.

How can you perceive auras?

The most common way to notice your own or someone else’s aura is to feel it . For this you use your intuition, or your sixth sense. You can also ‘see’ auras. To be able to ‘see’ auras with your intuition, you have to use your imagination: what color do you see in people’s energy fields? What are the properties of the energy field?

Your aura can be ‘polluted’ with other people’s energy

aura meaning and explanation

Energy fields of others influence you. Your personal environment, like any environment, can become polluted with other people’s energies.

With some people you become …

  • tired
  • Static
  • Nervous
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Low
  • Sucking
  • Aggressive
  • Tense
  • Dynamic
  • Safe
  • Bright
  • Gul
  • Energetic
  • Inspirational
  • Creative
  • Liberating
  • Full of confidence

Some energies are of course very nice to have been sent to you. You want to purify other, sucking, low, anxious or stressed energies.

How can you ‘cleanse your aura?’ 17 ways

aura explanation

Do you want to clean your aura? We always have the real power ourselves to keep our energy field balanced.

How? Do an ‘energy clearing scan’, or ‘aura cleansing’. You do it as follows:

  1. Breathe deeper. Become aware of your body and gravity.
  2. Draw your aura closer to you by reaching for it with your hands and pulling it towards you. Do this from all sides. Make it evenly distributed around you. Often our aura is stretched too little behind us and too much in front of us. Above all, make it smaller. Where do you end and the rest of the world begin? Make this boundary clear.
  3. Rub your hands. Then hold them together and feel the energy they radiate.
  4. Keep your hands above your head and by your body, with the palms facing your body.
  5. Press down with your hands, as if you were pushing out the negative energy.
  6. At your chest you pause and shake your hands.
  7. Start all the way at the top and finish it all the way to the bottom of your body.

After a while it gets faster when you are with someone who radiates too much negative / intense energy: breathe more slowly, feel your body, pull your aura towards you, cleanse, done.

You can also test these ways:

  1. Simply become aware of your aura. What energies can you perceive in it?
  2. Meditate and remember who you are.
  3. Pray to remove (and keep away) all negative energy.
  4. Notice the resources that bring us positive, good, confident, and in harmony with who we really are.
  5. Go to a happy place in your mind.
  6. List all the people, activities, sounds, tones, textures and places that make you happy.
  7. Aromatherapy.
  8. An Epsom Salt bath.
  9. Ask for help from the earth guides . Touch the ground and pull clean energy towards you from the earth to replace your polluted energy.
  10. Ground yourself.
  11. Take a walk in the woods. In this way, you also Clear unnecessary energies of others that you carry.
  12. Take a shower. You literally wash it off.
  13. You can also purify your aura by plucking away the energy around you.
  14. Do these 89 things to develop your intuition.
  15. Be in the company of others who have a good energy field. For example people who are good at heart, animals and people who do what they love and who do it with love.
  16. Pay attention to positive energy: people and resources that make us feel happy.
  17. Get started with the seven colored components of your aura. These are your seven chakras that you can open and balance.

How can you send positive energy to other people’s auras?

You can also send positive energy to people from a distance and purify their aura. Even if you are more than ten feet away from someone. This has to do with our hearts / souls being energetically connected. We are connected because we are made of consciousness .

We can also make the auras of others more cheerful and positive with the rapport technique. This is one of the most powerful techniques for using the aura of yourself and the other for a deep connection.

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