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PSYCH-K® Explained: What Kind Of Method Is This? [Simple]

PSYCH-K® Explained: What Kind Of Method Is This? [Simple]

What is PSYCH-K® ? What kind of method is it and what effects can it have, for example? Read on for a meaning, explanation and experiences around PSYCH-K®… 

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What is PSYCH-K? Limiting beliefs change from your subconscious!

Do you recognize this? You resolve to really do things differently this time. You think it all out well, you are aware of your pitfalls … only to realize after a few weeks that you have shot into old patterns! How is this actually?

We operate from two ‘brains’, the consciousness and the subconscious mind.

  • With our conscious mind we think, we are reflective, creative and we come up with all kinds of plans and set intentions to change things in our lives …
  • While the subconscious on automatic pilot follows your existing beliefs and habits that you ‘learned’ during your life.

Neuroscience has proven that we are 95% influenced by our beliefs in the subconscious mind . That explains why we often end up in an inner conflict. We want one thing and still do the other! That’s because the subconscious and your conscious mind are not aligned.

The good news is that there are methods to address your subconscious and rewrite the beliefs / habits. One of those methods is PSYCH-K!

With PSYCH-K® the negative, limiting beliefs are rewritten into positive, supportive beliefs. As a result, you automatically experience the desired change in your behavior, habits, thoughts and feelings and are able to break through your obstructing patterns.

Working with the subconscious is actually a short route to lasting change. After all, this is how you tackle the cause , where the cause lies, in your subconscious. This explains the fast action of PSYCH-K.

Video explanation from Bruce Lipton – writer, cell biologist and scientist

Why and how does it work?

PSYCH-K® works quickly and effectively because the changes take place at the level of the subconscious mind. This is possible thanks to the Whole brain state. The Whole-Brain state is created by doing techniques called  PSYCH-K balances  .

The positive supportive changes are then measured using kinesiology muscle tests. The results are permanent and often felt immediately.

By applying PSYCH-K® balances, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronized with each other. In this way you enter the Whole brain state and an ideal situation arises, in which the subconscious mind absorbs the new empowering belief and eliminates unwanted stress or an inner conflict. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, a new situation arises immediately.

How did PSYCH-K come about?

The lead developer of PSYCH-K is called Rob Williams. In 1988 he invented the first PSYCH-K process. He indicates to have received the PSYCH-K method from the Universe and he then literally co-wrote the message.

He then applied the PSYCH-K processes as a therapist. The results of his clients really amazed him. According to him, an important cause of the enormous success and effect of PSYCH-K is the involvement of spiritual aspects in the healing.

PSYCH-K has since become increasingly known and the courses are now offered internationally.

PSYCH-K example from practice

A client complained: “I have constant stress at work because I don’t set my limits and because I find it difficult to say no”. After an in-depth discussion, we switched to the PSYCH-K balances and integrated the following beliefs:

  1. I am good enough as I am.
  2. I can say “no”.
  3. I easily indicate my limits.
  4. I am satisfied with myself, even when others are critical.
  5. My well-being is number 1.
  6. When others cross my boundaries, I stand up for myself.
  7. I easily pronounce what bothers me.
  8. I keep calm when others are demanding.

After a few days I received an enthusiastic message in which my client indicated that she was pleasantly surprised with how different things are now at work and how free and powerful she now feels.

We owe the effective results of PSYCH-K to the level at which it works, namely the subconscious.

Own experience with PSYCH-K

experience with psych-k

In my life I have benefited enormously from PSYCH-K. I have been able to let go of perfectionism, fear of failure, the urge to prove and other obstructing patterns. For example, nowadays I live more and more in the moment, I enjoy it, I am not worried much, I act from trust and my spiritual development has gone at a rapid pace.

I still use this method almost every day. Not only to transform limiting beliefs and stress, but also to manifest desires. A belief in your subconscious ensures that the potential is released to realize this in the world.

We live in the assumption that our ‘mind’ describes our life and the situations in our life, but this is not entirely true: our ‘mind’ creates our experience and thus the situations we experience … With PSYCH-K it is becoming easier to create your life on purpose, instead of having to constantly react to what ‘happens’ in your life.

Align your subconscious and conscious mind, and manifest the life you want!

The PSYCH-K method in outline

The method takes place on a subconscious level, because 95% to 99% of what you do in a day is subconscious. This is where the change takes place. The method is broadly as follows:

  1. You test one of your current beliefs with a muscle test. Stand up and have an attitude of openness and curiosity. Then a muscle test is done with your arm. Is your arm 20% weaker? Then the belief is not true, or incongruent. This is a digital process: there are no gradations.
  2. With the PSYCH-K posture, which is called the “Whole Brain Post”, it’s like pressing a record button, where you can install new beliefs.
  3. Once this is complete, take another muscle test to test the belief.
  4. After you have done a balance, you make an action plan: what are you going to do?

Final note: why is this article not showing the steps of the technique?

It is the wish of the developer of PSYCH-K, Rob Williams, that the steps of the technique are only taught in seminars and private coaching. According to him, the text medium can cause the quality of PSYCH-K to deteriorate. In one-on-one coaching and in live training, the technique can be transferred integrally and correctly.

Read more about PSYCH-K or schedule a session

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    Hi Rubin, thank you for this comprehensive article!

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  2. Claire Masters

    I came across this article as I search for more alternatives to rework my life perspectives following a recent divorce. It’s very interesting to know that Psych-K is a way to realign your mental state which ultimately removes negative inner conflict and stress. This is an intriguing concept that I would like to learn more about.