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What is New Code NLP? Talk Less & Do More! [Explanation]

What is New Code NLP? Talk Less & Do More! [Explanation]

What is New Code NLP and what is the idea behind it? How can you apply it? In this article you will find an explanation of New Code NLP. Read along…

What is New Code NLP? Action as a gateway to all sources of the subconscious …

new code explanation

New Code NLP consists of a number of techniques with the intention of doing just a few effective things, instead of bothering with unnecessary details. This was also the intention of ‘classic code NLP’, but New Code NLP goes a step further.

What are those superfluous details then? In New Code NLP we want …

  • Talk less…
  • Focus less on content …
  • Think less about a suitable solution …
  • Psychologize less …
  • Less digging in the past …
  • Less complicated techniques …
  • Know less …

We just leave all those things to the subconscious brain . It is much more intelligent than the conscious brain.

How do we do that? By doing more . Indeed, literally with your body. Because by actually doing something, you can change your state of mind .

What’s the fastest way to improve your performance? Improve your mood. What’s the fastest way to improve your mood? Improve your physiology. In other words, do something with your body.

But it doesn’t end here. In New Code NLP we do not focus on a specific, deliberately chosen frame of mind, such as one with ‘resourcefulness’, ‘self-confidence’ or ‘creativity’. In New Code NLP we are going to enter a kind of meditative state of mind in which all possible sources are accessible. Such an ultimate state of mind is called a “high performance state”, “know nothing state” or “flow”.

In such a “high performance state” there is no need to rely on the conscious brain – the much more powerful and intelligent subconscious brain is then fully active.

Overwhelm the thinking mind with action.

New Code NLP is therefore not about changing specific behavior

When you do New Code NLP, you don’t start thinking: “Today I’m going to replace behavior A with behavior B by means of source C that is inside me.” What do we do at New Code NLP?

All you focus on is achieving a “high performance state,” or “know nothing state.” Because if you do, the appropriate behavior in a given situation will happen automatically .

In New Code NLP we work less consciously and more unconsciously.

How do you achieve such a  high performance state, or know nothing state ?

Maybe you already worked with breathing and meditation to get into “flow”. New Code NLP has a wonderful addition to this. One of the most special elements of New Code NLP are the ” High Performance Games “. These are games that get you into such a high performance state. High Performance Games activate all your neurological circuits.

There are hundreds of them and anyone can design such a High Performance Game. There are a number of conditions that such a game must meet. Some of those conditions are: both hemispheres of the brain must be activated, the whole body must be activated and at least three representation systems , or senses, must be used.

The most famous High Performance Games are ‘The Alphabet Game’, ‘The Croydon Ball Game’ and ‘The NASA Game’. These games also have different ‘levels’ with which you make it more and more active – and which also make your state of mind increasingly powerful. This is a link to the official website.

New Code games are excellent as a coaching intervention. You can also always do them in between, for example to integrate something that you have learned earlier into the body. In fact, do the compulsive whenever you can!

How is a New Code intervention going to be used in a High Performance Game?

new code intervention

One of the New Code techniques is the use of a High Performance Game. To use such a game as a coaching tool, you go through the following steps:

  1. From the third position of observation, choose a context of your life in which you want improvement and more choices. You see this context in space, while you also see yourself in it. Question the situation, including: What do you see? Who is there, etc.
  2. Step in, so associate. Feel how it is.
  3. Get out, shake and run one of the High Performance Game to induce a content-free high performance state. You do this for at least 15 minutes – and at least 10 minutes during your peak performance in the game.
  4. Step right into the context of step 1 and notice how you react differently.

A few High Performance Games

I am currently requesting permission to describe some New Code High Performance Games here. For the original material I would like to refer you to the official website of NLP Academy, where you will find information about the official New Code training courses.

The influence of New Code NLP on classic code NLP

new code influence

In the early years of classic code NLP there was talk about the subconscious mind, but there were no methods to work with the subconscious mind. New Code NLP has influenced classical NLP techniques by also activating the subconscious mind.

Examples are six-step reframing and the Swish technique.  Originally, in these techniques one had to come up with new behavior themselves with the conscious brain, but over the years more and more people have left the generation of the new behavior to the subconscious mind.

New Code NLP is much more comprehensive than this article … check out the original work

In the book ‘Whispering in the wind’ John Grinder & Carmen Bostic St Clair mention nine different components of New Code NLP. In this article, we only discussed the most striking components.

The complete New Code NLP work can be learned directly from the source at NLP Academy.

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