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How To Sleep Relaxed Without Stress [24+ Simple Tips]

How To Sleep Relaxed Without Stress [24+ Simple Tips]

Have you had another bad night? You may recognize the struggle: turning thirty times, going to the toilet, your partner nudges you or you hear an annoying noise in the background that keeps you awake. Time for the most powerful tips for a relaxed sleep without stress and tension. Read along…

For many people, getting enough sleep is a major problem, which makes them function less well during the day. And besides, sleeping is simply wonderful, so why not opt ​​for a relaxing night and catch up on sleep from all the weeks when this didn’t work? That is why we are happy to give you tips for a relaxed sleep.

Tips & techniques to fall asleep well, deeper and relaxed

Are you being kept awake and can you sleep badly or not at all due to (unconscious) stress or worrying thoughts during sleep – and would you like to sleep a little more relaxed? Let’s start with the tips and relaxation exercises to sleep better and more relaxed and fall asleep better …

1. Avoid stress with these 87 + 181 techniques

sleep relaxed?  No stress

Stress is one of the main drivers of a bad night’s sleep. If you go to bed with a bad mood, you probably won’t get rid of it at night. On the other hand, stress is a factor that you cannot always influence. What you can do is actively relax yourself.

2. Have a relaxed sleep? Take a shower or bath  

Relax before going to sleep? Take a warm shower or bath. Your body temperature rises for a short time, then drops when you get out of the shower.

This will make you feel sleepy, which will help you fall asleep. You may prefer to shower in the morning, but showering just before going to bed is better for a night’s rest.

3. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Stopping or cutting down helps

less coffee sleep better

A whole day at the office or at the workplace, for many of you, of course, that includes a cup of coffee. Or eight cups of coffee …

Coffee is a standard snack for many people, but we sometimes forget the effect of the caffeine on our body. Caffeine starts to work about 15 minutes after drinking a cup of coffee, with a peak around 60 minutes afterwards. A welcome boost for your working day or just plain tasty.

However, did you know that caffeine can last for up to six hours? The influence on your body is great, and it probably even causes insomnia. This does not necessarily apply to everyone, but do you want to break through a period of insomnia? Reducing or even quitting coffee completely can be the solution.

4. Take daylight and sleep into account

People are feeling animals. Daylight means being awake, darkness is the time to go to sleep. Our body’s internal clock needs sufficient daylight. A natural rhythm during the day provides more rhythm at night. Therefore, expose your body sufficiently to daylight during the day, which will make you sleepy in the evening.

Even in the winter period, when there is often a natural shortage of daylight, there are effective solutions in the lighting of your living room or workplace. In other words: enough daylight and rhythm ensures a better night’s sleep.

5. A good temperature in the bedroom

relax sleeping tips exercises techniques

To be able to sleep well, your body temperature must drop. That does not work when it is 20 degrees in your bedroom, or when you have a thick duvet and other blankets on your bed. Of course it is wonderful in the winter months, but it can ruin your night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, there is no ideal temperature for sleeping, but a temperature around 16 to 18 degrees would be ideal for falling asleep. So, even in winter, turn off the stove before going to sleep.

6. Get plenty of exercise

Check for yourself: did you get enough exercise before going to sleep? This is the reason why many people use a pedometer today. You can see the number of steps you have taken in one day, and it should be more or less equal to 10,000.

How you get that movement is completely up to you. You can go running, play football, tennis or cycle. But an afternoon walk can also be enough to get the necessary exercise.

We recommend that you exercise especially during the day or at the very beginning of the evening. Exercising just before you go to sleep is less sensible, because the adrenaline in your body will prevent you from entering rest mode for the time being.

7. Bring routine to your evening activities

relax in the evening

If possible, make sure you have a regular evening routine. For most people it is okay to get a little more tired in the evening. By bringing a fixed pattern in the evening, your body receives stimuli that indicate that you almost want to go to sleep.

We are not necessarily talking about a lot of effort, brushing your teeth or drinking a glass of water at 10 p.m. can also fall under your regular pattern before going to sleep.

8. What to do on a night shift?

Do you work a shift or do you have a night shift in healthcare? That can seriously undermine your rhythm. Your biological clock has to be converted, because you want to catch up on sleep during the day.

Still, you have to look for a certain relaxation, rest and situation in which you can sleep well. Think of a bedroom that is completely darkened. Drink a cup of chamomile tea and follow the same kind of ritual as you would in the evening. Fortunately, in time your body will get used to the night shifts, so that you can catch up on sleep better during the day. 

9. Have a relaxed sleep? Use these sleep meditations

There are a number of wonderful (free) sleep meditations available online. Click here for the sleep meditations.

10. Sleep well without stress? Use these 24 relaxation exercises

Are you tense when you want to fall asleep? Then try out these 24 relaxation exercises.

11. Sleep in a relaxed way? Tips to fall asleep in minutes

relaxing sleep how

Use these tips to fall asleep quickly. Among other things, the well-known 4-7-8 exercise is included in that article.

On your luck!

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