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23+ tips & best relaxation exercises (in case of stress)

23+ tips & best relaxation exercises (in case of stress)

Do you want tips and exercises to really be able to relax? Are you looking for relaxation exercises for stress, anxiety, pain or just for no particular reason? Many people want to relax and de-stress when they are at home. This is possible with the tips, videos, relaxation exercises and techniques in this article. Read on for the recipe for relaxation …

1-13 | Some quick inspiration to relax

How about the following ideas?

  1. Hugging your pet.
  2. Hugging your partner.
  3. Taking a massage.
  4. Meditate for a while.
  5. Maybe fill a bath?
  6. Cup of tea or coffee?
  7. Grab the hammock and lie in it.
  8. Don’t have to do anything and just do what you want.
  9. To clean. Indeed, that also gives relief.
  10. Just a day at the sauna with a good friend
  11. A forest walk to feel the relaxation of the ‘forest pool’.
  12. Go to a concert or musical.
  13. Throw the Playstation. If you want to play, then you play!

14 | Relaxation exercises through breathing

Do you have high breathing? Various breathing exercises allow you to take your breath down and let it relax. For example, let yourself be guided by the above excellent video exercise from Yogaplaza. You will also find written breathing exercises here.

15 | A day of completely relaxing and taking care of yourself

Do you want to relax more? If you are nice to yourself, you will relax naturally. So take a little more care of yourself and discover what it does to your level of relaxation. But yes, many people use the phrase ‘take care of yourself’, but what does it actually mean? What can you do in concrete terms? Here you will find tips and inspiration for taking care of yourself.

16 | Visualization exercise for relaxation

Visualizing works because your mind cannot tell the difference between real and fake. So if you visualize a restful, relaxing place, your body will also relax. Would you like to give it a try? Then the video above is very suitable.

17 | Stretching for muscle relaxation

The relaxation exercises from physiotherapy are proven and tried. The relaxation exercises are not only healthy for your back or neck, but also give you relaxation. Here you will find almost all the important stretching exercises out there.

18 | Relaxation exercises of the Jacobson method

The Jacobson method is a well-known relaxation method. In the video above you can learn and test this method.

19 | Hypnosis for relaxation.

Hypnosis is also referred to as “suggestive relaxation exercise.” You can let yourself relax with self-hypnosis. All steps for self-hypnosis are described here.

20 | Relaxation exercises body scan

You can follow the body scan above. You can also find the written body scan on this page.  It’s a long exercise. Do you have the patience for it? Then you will easily feel relaxation.

21 | Yoga Nidra for the best yoga relaxation exercises

Yoga Nidra is the ultimate relaxation method. In Yoga Nidra all ‘difficult’ elements have been removed from Yoga, leaving you only deep relaxation.

22 | Mindfulness relaxation exercises for peace of mind

The brain may also relax, because mental relaxation contributes the most to your overall relaxation. In fact, mental relaxation interventions are much more powerful than when you just relax your body. Your mind, or mind, requires a lot of energy. Here you find lots of mindfulness exercises.

23 | Tips for de-stressing

relaxation exercises

De-stressing and relaxing are practically synonymous. Therefore, read  this article with hundreds of tips about de-stressing.

On your luck!

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