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What Is Yoga? And What Does Yoga Do For You? [Meaning & Explanation]

What Is Yoga? And What Does Yoga Do For You? [Meaning & Explanation]

Yoga is a well-known term, but what is it really? And what does it do for us? In this article you will find a meaning and clear explanation about yoga. Read along…

What is Yoga? A definition

Yoga stems from Hinduism. While many Western people think it is just physical exercises, it covers a much broader spectrum.

Through yoga you develop the ability to become one with the Higher physically as well as emotionally and mentally. It is a path of Enlightenment. In addition to the knowledge of physical exercises (Assana’s), it is therefore helpful to have a broader knowledge of the yoga philosophy.

Where does yoga come from?

Yoga comes from India and has been practiced for thousands of years. It is already mentioned in the Vedas, the oldest sacred texts.

Although yoga is often associated with Buddhism as well, it does not appear in Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism does have physical exercises. In most Buddhist movements much more attention is paid to the development of the mental aspect in order to gain insight.

Yoga principles

yoga meaning and what does it do

The principles that yoga points to cannot be put into words. Words like unity and love are just hints of the yoga feeling. The main yoga principle – to use one word anyway – is unity. With yoga we try to fully balance the mind, body and breath so that we are fully present in the present moment.

Why Yoga? What does yoga do for you?

There are several reasons for practicing yoga. Traditionally it is mainly practiced to arrive at Enlightenment with the capital V. Nowadays many Western people practice yoga to get more balance, to feel good about yourself and to relax.

Yoga exercises for beginners

After reading this article, you can find more resources at the bottom – including Yoga exercises (for beginners).

Different types of yoga styles

yoga meaning

There are various yoga styles. The most famous is probably Hatha Yoga, but also Yoga Nidra, Asthanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga are many practiced yoga forms.

Yoga tips (which style is right for me?)

If you are new to yoga, do trial classes of different yoga styles first to see what works for you and helps you.

It is good to ask a teacher what yoga forms are that suit your needs. If you are mainly looking for relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Yin yoga, for example, may be suitable and for back pain you may be better off choosing a yoga style that is aimed at improving your posture in different positions.

Is yoga a sport?

Whether yoga is a sport depends on both the definition of sport and the definition of yoga. For example, there are very static yoga forms and exercises that you in any case do not sweat and especially relax with. But there are also yoga styles that make you sweat a lot.

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