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What is ‘normal’? [Shocking] The definition you didn’t know

What is ‘normal’? [Shocking] The definition you didn’t know

What is normal behavior? What is the definition of a normal person? You could philosophize about it for a long time, but the most shocking thing is that normal is often not good at all – and even very bad, and ‘abnormal’ is often very good.

What is the definition of a normal person?

Let’s start with the question: what is the definition of normal?

The dictionary says:

Normal: As a rule; “He is just not normal; He is crazy.”

This definition implies that ‘normal’ is good and ‘not normal’ is bad. But is that right? If not, we have a big problem …

What is a normal person?

This is John …

what is normal human

  • To begin with, a normal person has a straight face that does not look happily into the world. This is quite normal.
  • A normal person sings and dances along when something festive or fun happens. This is normal. Giving in to ecstasy is abnormal. If you celebrate life exuberantly, or even celebrate an actual festive event with total dedication, you are no longer normal.
  • A normal person keeps quiet , does not speak and sits still. You had to do that from primary school. So it is normal.

What about an ab-normal person? You can easily recognize them…

This is Glenn …

not normal person

  • He smiles continuously and gives everyone a big smile . There is a stitch to this.
  • He makes jokes at any time of the day and enjoys and laughs at every moment and fully enjoys movements, music and parties.
  • He says what he thinks and goes for what he wants . Not everyone can become happy, successful, millionaire and / or famous Dutchman. This is abnormal.

This is deviant behavior.

Oh yes, indeed … Glenn was treated like a heretic

John and Glenn were both told in college, high school, and elementary school not to be silly and not have crazy ideas. During the course ‘statistics’ a guest lecturer from an SME company came. At the end of the lesson, the class was told about the career opportunities at this company.

The training coordinators were honored … “You see! A huge opportunity! You can work as a data analyst at SMB!”

John and all his classmates thought this was a normal  (and therefore  positive ) statement. Glenn did not see the positive in this. Why is it normal to be told that you will spend the rest of your working life (that’s 80,000 hours) in front of a computer screen? For this Glenn was denounced by his teachers.

Not that he minded. He became a millionaire quite quickly and has a 2-day work week so that he can spend a lot of time with his family.

“What’s the difference between a genius and a madman? Good luck.”
– Bruce Feirstein

The genius lives just 1 floor below the madness.
– A. Schopenhauer

“If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

“If I didn’t know he’s the founder of Google, I’d think he’s crazy.”
– Mark Hyman

Let’s zoom in on the word ‘normal’ …

Consider the word ‘normal’ . There is the word ‘norm’ in it. Now wonder how low and unhealthy that standard is. Is it okay to act normally? So don’t confuse ‘normal’ with ‘good’, even though the rest of the world automatically does. Normal is not good, but normal is the norm. And the standard is very low. In fact, the standard is poor.

Just think about this …

  • It is normal to eat sugary foods and drinks. But is it also good for you?
  • It is normal to believe that you will not get rich. But is it also good for you?
  • It is normal not to live life full of ecstasy and joy, but rather tight and serious. But is that good for you?
  • It is normal not to let go completely when singing and dancing. But is that good for how happy and cheerful you feel?
  • It is normal to congratulate someone when they have a new job, but not when they have started a business. Is that okay?

Is it okay to act normally? For example, we don’t think it’s that strange to pay $ 8 or $ 9 for a glass of drink, and yet we hesitate when it comes to buying a book full of wisdom that costs the same as 2 glasses of drink.

Who determines what is normal? This is called social conditioning …

get rich anyway

You may have learned the following word in high school: social conditioning. What does it mean?

The society in which you live determines what is normal for that particular society. Education plays a major role in this. Especially since you will have to deal with educational institutions full-time from the age of 4 to 20.

Your thoughts, personalities, goals, preferences and tastes have been influenced by society. They are not yours.

Other sources where your values ​​come from, such as the media and family, also play a role in this.

Have you ever noticed that most Dutch students don’t really care if they have a 5.5, while foreign and especially Asian students are only satisfied with a 9? Even if they have a 9, they’ll go for a retake to get a 10. So you are influenced by your environment.

The media also plays a role in this. The media wants us to talk about Rapper Boef and Twerking. They push it down our throats. “Please, you stupid people.” Say no to these distractions, which are to keep you happy with football and TV so that you don’t start working on your dream of getting rich.

I refuse to follow the rules that society has set up to control people with low self esteem.
– Kanye West

In which areas are you currently in the majority (the norm)?

In some important cases in life when you are in the majority, you have to scratch your head.

Anything popular is wrong.
– Tim Ferris

I intend to start a revolution against the lie that the majority are in possession of the truth.
– Henrik Ibsen, from ‘An Enemy of the People’ 

The masses finish high school, take a side job, study, are satisfied with a 5.5, are on Facebook, watch TV, take a ‘fun package minor’, play video games, are at 9 Gag and Youtube… Are you like that too? Or are you different?

Are you going to live the life you want? Be different from the crowd! Do things that are good for you!

Don’t be persuaded to go back to the norm

get rich don't go back

You have been lied to. You can do whatever you want with your life. You have choices. For example, you can ‘just’ get rich or work 1 day a week. As a result, you will no longer belong to the norm, and you will no longer be normal, but your results are beyond ( ! ) Ordinary!

From now on you know: crazy = normal.

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