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99 Small Moments Of Happiness In Our Daily Life [Instantly Applicable]

99 Small Moments Of Happiness In Our Daily Life [Instantly Applicable]

What are the best small moments of happiness in our day to day lives? In this article you will find 99 little moments of happiness for women, men, young and old. Try them all out or view them as inspirational quotes. Read more!

What is the meaning of  ‘small moments of happiness’?

A moment of happiness is a small moment that you can greatly appreciate. All these little moments of happiness make you feel happy … Provided you actually appreciate them.

Let’s start with the list of small daily happiness moments

  1. Smelling roses
  2. Looking out the window
  3. Take a little moment of rest for yourself by lying on the bed or on the couch
  4. Cuddling with your partner on the couch
  5. Sitting in a laugh
  6. Feel the sun shining on your skin
  7. Listening to the rain
  8. Just take a little longer shower or bath
  9. Read a good book
  10. Eating chocolate with someone
  11. Receiving or receiving a sweet message from someone
  12. Go to the beach and swim
  13. Make music
  14. A nice wine
  15. Follow a Yoga class
  16. Discover that you don’t have to go shopping because you still have enough in the fridge to make a meal
  17. Have a nice chat with a good friend or even a complete stranger
  18. Turn out to have found a new series that you absolutely love
  19. Put on comfortable clothes when you get home
  20. Sleeping after you’ve just changed your bedding
  21. Coming home from work while you see that it is still light outside
  22. Suddenly getting a massage from your partner
  23. Wake up nice and early
  24. Come home while your children, partner and / or pet (s) are waiting for you to be cuddled
  25. Put on short sleeves on the first day of spring of the year
  26. Suddenly getting a nice message from someone you haven’t had contact with for a long time
  27. Of those days when your hair is perfect
  28. Going out in the early morning
  29. Getting a green traffic lights wave when you are on your bike or in the car
  30. Suddenly encounter a good friend
  31. Getting tailwind
  32. Movie night with your partner
  33. Getting better at something like Yoga
  34. Flowers you bought for yourself
  35. A good – a little deeper – conversation
  36. Test a new recipe
  37. Close your eyes and take a deep breath
  38. Smile at a stranger in the street
  39. A cold shower
  40. Telling someone you love them
  41. Think of things you are grateful for
  42. Keep a diary
  43. Take a walk in nature
  44. Make a to do list and check it off
  45. Be productive to the accompaniment of epic or rocking music
  46. Healthy and tasty food
  47. Do something completely what you want
  48. Take a different route or discover your neighborhood
  49. Spending time on your most enjoyable hobby
  50. Turn the music really loud (and sing and dance)
  51. A little nap
  52. Relax ! Do you need everything?
  53. Be kind to others without expecting anything in return.
  54. Write down your discoveries in a blog
  55. Meditate
  56. Learn something new
  57. Exercise until you sweat
  58. Laugh and smile
  59. Walk barefoot
  60. Living your Ikigai so that you experience ‘flow’ for what you are really passionate about
  61. Clean up and recycle
  62. Planning a nice trip or vacation
  63. Feeling your emotions
  64. Be offline
  65. Enjoy the here-and-now  (all these moments of happiness are in the here and now!)
  66. Turning on your masculine energy and doing something competitive with someone
  67. Finding solutions when there is a ‘problem’
  68. Forgive someone else and yourself
  69. Don’t give up, do your best and achieve your goal
  70. Do something slow. Just put yourself down a gear
  71. Do something your intuition tells you
  72. Put your knife in a completely new peanut butter jar
  73. Arrive at the stop to see the bus or metro arrive a few seconds later
  74. Step outside with your new clothes and after you are all made up
  75. Reviewing a photo on the camera that turned out surprisingly well
  76. Review old photos
  77. Suddenly receiving inspiration for an idea, company, craft project or blog
  78. Lunch: Half your working day is over and it’s time to eat. Eating makes you happy!
  79. An appointment that is canceled. Suddenly you have extra free time! For example to watch TV on the couch!
  80. Hugging your family after you or the other person has a bath
  81. Finally get that piece of food out of your teeth
  82. Arrive at home in a living house
  83. Peel a piece of fruit perfectly
  84. When something fits perfectly
  85. Wake up by your biological clock before your alarm rings
  86. Receive a compliment , for example that you smell good
  87. A perfect high five
  88. That moment when someone refers to you for the first time as a friend
  89. To be told by the dentist that you have no cavities
  90. Find your suitcase on the baggage claim
  91. The moment when someone has remembered what you like
  92. When someone mentions your name
  93. Enjoy the prospect of the long weekend
  94. Your favorite song
  95. Going out with your favorite going out friend (s)
  96. Your favorite food
  97. Play with your (a) child
  98. A piece of poetry
  99. Realizing that there are actually hundreds (365) thousands of millions of moments of happiness

15 extra little moments of happiness

  1. A terrace
  2. A dip in the sea on a hot day
  3. Reading a beautiful poem that triggers something in you
  4. Send and receive a ticket.
  5. That feeling after you exercise.
  6. A clean and tidy home and body – and the fragrance that goes with it
  7. A good kiss
  8. A massage
  9. Laugh with children
  10. Getting the giggles just for something stupid
  11. The gift of your smile
  12. Give a good and beautiful gift to someone
  13. A spontaneous appointment with friends
  14. Put on nice clothes and go out
  15. Eat some fries anyway because it is so tasty

Those were the moments of happiness!

So you see again: if you pay attention to the little things in life, you make life more fun. It’s the details that make for a perfect day! If you have any quotes about lucky moments, leave them in the comments.

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