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Spiritual Narcissism / Arrogance [Worst Examples]

Spiritual Narcissism / Arrogance [Worst Examples]

Spiritual people and floaty types with a ‘spiritual ego’… they are such interesting people! The same is true of spiritual materialism and the spiritual narcissist. In this article we dive into their world: a world of fuzzy language and spiritual arrogance …

Contents of this page:

This spiritual narcissism article is a summary of ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual’ (JP Sears)

You may know JP Sears from his videos where he pokes fun at the spiritual world. This article is a summary of his satrirical book ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual.’

This article is not a made-up joke: these are real-life examples

You would think the sayings and examples of this article are a joke. As much as I would have liked this to be a parody, caricature or satire full of spiritual types… They are all real-life examples and people who actually exist. Of course no real names have been used.

While there are real examples in this article, it is not the intention of this article to be critical, much less to “accuse” people of spiritual materialism. Don’t take this article seriously and see it as a mirror .

What enriching, fuzzy lessons will we learn in this article?

Dear seeker, you are probably wondering what we are going to learn in this article. Among other things, we will learn to break down in spirituality, appear more spiritual than others and believe that we are more spiritual than others, so that you can then say, “I am more spiritual than you.”

We are going to take an inner journey where we transform energies, raise vibrations and get started discovering and embracing your authentic self. In this way we come to a deeper, more authentic expression of who we are. No idea what this may mean, but it does sound chic.

Do you feel an increased frequency in your energetic field thanks to this article? That’s because of the synergies, vibes and intense energies. You get to know yourself very much, so read this article soon. It’s an enriching experience.

Breath. Feel the vibration. Feel the energy. The cosmic energy. Let’s start!

Tip 1 – ‘Choose yourself’: don’t care for anyone and take what you can take

choose spiritual narcissism for yourself

Have you ever wondered what exactly the following statements mean?

  • “Stay with yourself.”
  • “Choose yourself.”
  • “Take up your space.”
  • “Coming home to yourself.”
  • And perhaps the most beautiful: “Countries in your own body.”

No one ever explains these spiritual wisdoms, so let me finally explain them. They mean: think only about your own needs and ignore all rules of courtesy, helpfulness and reasonableness . After all, if everyone were to take care of themselves, nobody would have to take care of each other anymore.

“My mom can’t come to the wedding. She was on a yoga retreat, and she fell from a warrior pose and broke her hip. Should we consider the possibility that someone pushed her?” “Cam, please. They were a bunch of peaceful hippies. Of course someone pushed her.”
– Modern Family (TV series)

Never miss an opportunity to ‘choose for yourself’. This means saying no to other people, but it also means that you are going to take a lot . For example, are you going to give a workshop of two and a half days? Then rent a location for 2 days, without planning to pay for the last half day.

I always say like this, life is a party but someone else has to pay for the garlands. Yes right?

Tip 2 – Tell about your spiritual activities on Facebook and Instagram

Don’t waste your time posting pictures of your family, friends and other things that are unimportant. Whoever posts the most spiritual activities on social media deserves the most admiration.

True spirituality is a status symbol. Keep a close eye on that. You know, I used to do spiritual activities alone in the secluded privacy of my own room to get in touch with my inner self, which was a pointless period of my life.

How different it is now! Nowadays my friends see me more as a ‘teacher’: someone who is above them. Nowadays, when I meet someone who needs help, I’m not going to take care of that person anymore. I’m doing something much better! I pretend that I care about the other, so that I no longer have to actually make the effort to care about the other. This adds an incredible amount to my spiritual street credit.

– JP Sears, quotes from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017


Also pay attention to the essential skill to show that you live in #freedom and #abundance as a #spiritualentrepreneur. This also makes women in their mid 50s curious about your 1-on-1 live coaching call in which you will probably invite 52-year-old Petra Bergsma Cruz from De Bilt to your multilevel marketing opportunity.

floaty-types example

Tip 3 – Come up with new forms of meditation that have nothing to do with meditation

As you saw in the tip above, it is important to connect a normal activity, such as a walk and walking your dog, with meditative terms such as ‘mindfulness’, ‘soul purpose’ and ‘lightworker.’

Simply put the word “meditation” after every other word. Now you are reading this article, so now you are doing  reading meditation. I started dog meditation when I was walking my dog. Then I did my “cleaning up dog’s vomit from the floor” meditation . Then I found inner peace during the  “heated conflict with my partner meditation.” Then I did Facebook scrolling meditation. Then I did a ‘drive to yoga meditation’ . But then I decided not to go to yoga class because: “I am still angry with my partner meditation.” At home I ate half a bowl of ice cream for my “anger meditation.”“sleep meditation.”

– JP Sears, ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 4 – Follow a spiritual retreat with a price tag of 10,000 euros

It is 100% worth your money! Exactly 10% of the value of a lavishly priced retreat comes from actually participating. You get the other 90% of the value by telling other people about it afterwards.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 5 – Meditate in places with maximum visibility

spiritually meditate everywhere

In the meantime, I hope you understand that you have the essential skill of exhibiting your spirituality. Your front yard or a busy street is an excellent place to showcase your spiritual superiority!

JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017,

Tip 6 – End all your emails and messages with ‘in love and light’

When your email signature tells people how wonderful and spiritual you are, you don’t have to go through the trouble of actually being wonderfully spiritual.

Try using abstract spiritual terms that do not provide useful information, instead of communicating with people as if they were intelligent. The main benefit of this is that other people will be reminded of how spiritually superior you are.

– JP Sears, quotes from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017, v

Tip 7 – Keep spirituality only in your private life? Don’t be ridiculous: include it in your work!

working holistically, spiritually vague

You are very spiritual. Beautiful! So why not start incorporating this into your work life right away? How about holistic entrepreneurship ? Or offer holistic coaching or seminars for business? This is ideal because nobody really knows exactly what it is. Everyone says something different.

  • Someone may think that holistic means that you are ‘ connected to everything ‘.
  • The other may think that it is about ‘ practical and from your heart
  • And a third person may think it is something with ‘ channeling energy flows within an organization ‘.
  • And of course you can teach them that it actually means that your company can achieve meaningful growth ‘ ‘ by clearing a way through a holistic approach with five clear phases ”.

Good right? It doesn’t matter that the actual work then loses out.

Tip 8 – Learn to organize your Facebook bio properly … You learn this best from the spiritual multilevel marketer!

Ah … the multilevel marketer! Most easily recognized from the spiritual spectrum.

It is not the overly rich women from ‘t Gooi , in their mid 50s with shaved silver or dyed red hair, flower coats and short spicy hairstyle who think’ this will really be my year ‘who go to spiritual blah blah events and use Inca symbols want to find inner peace, and who sometimes even have purple hair because this is really their year.

No, it is the  women with the perfect balance between enough savings and naivety to be exploited , mid 50s with shaved silver or dyed red hair, flower coats and short sassy hair who think ‘this is really going to be my year’ who go to spiritual blah- events and want to find inner peace through Inca symbols, and who sometimes even have purple hair because this is really their year.

What exactly should you learn from them? How to make your Facebook bio of course! Essential for maximum Happinez pride!

facebook status spiritual pride

Let’s look at one more example for an excellently designed Facebook biography. Subtlety is key here. You should give yourself all kinds of titles such as Trainer, Coach, Inspirator, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Freedom Lifestyle, but  do n’t show that you are a multilevel marketer (if you are, and I recommend you are because you then ends up in an ultra spiritual group of friends and also earns good money, which is very handy).

floaty descriptions

Plus, with such a bio, you put yourself in the essential rhythm of non-focusing  because you’re doing so many prestigious things that it doesn’t even fit in a week.

  • One day you are ‘doing something with digital business’ working on a backup plan for your pyramid scheme.
  • The other day are you making 6 minute talk videos full of wisdom while walking back and forth a bit hint at how someone in a pyramid scheme could take another jaunt sabbatical, go to the pool all day long, and not have to work.
  • Another day are you typing bloggies thinking about what kind of newsletter you will send to your 114 newsletter subscribers.
  • The next day are you speaking holding an MLM pitch.
  • And another day you are giving training for a group of people holding an MLM pitch.

And those last two? You shouldn’t forget it. LOA (Law of Attraction) will explain to everyone how you have it in you not to focus and just do all those different things. Freedom Lifestyle is then the logical continuation of doing so many different things.

Because again: focus? Do one thing? Do not make me laugh. That’s for unsuccessful people. You have to give yourself as many titles as possible. That is extra good for your spiritual street credit.

Hello everyone,

I am Monique Fernández-Garcia, I am a life coach, inspirational speaker, trainer, consultant, author and also work as a network marketer.

I help women to discover their individuality and self-awareness.

I also offer various opportunities to earn an income in a passive way.

I help people in their search for their possibilities in life … This on a mental, physical, emotional and financial level!


Contact me for more information and we will shine together, yes!

Tip 9 – Use the word ‘manifest’

Oh yes, use the word ‘manifest’ in all kinds of ways too. This is an even more powerful ability than the ability to apply the word “zen” to anything.

– JP Sears, quotes from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

This is also something we can learn from Marja from the previous tips. “No, I’m not going to make money, I’m going to manifest it.” Often that manifestation will not happen by working for it. Right, begging is more like it. You are already starting to learn!

To support me in my journey, share this message and donate to: / unity love

It would be great if I could somehow manifest $ 1111 before Tuesday and pay my tax debt with ease and flow.

If I can manifest at least 10k this month, all my debts and bills can be paid. 40k extra manifestos, would pay off my student debts. Manifesting another 50k is the start of my new journey.

Donate if you are motivated.

In the meantime, I’m going to reread ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F * ck’.

Once again. This is not a joke.

Tip 10 – Share meditative quotes on social media

social media woolly

Social status is another term for spiritual status. So place as many spiritual quotes as possible from your Xenos plate oeuvre.

Let me ask you a question: in what way do Jesus and Krishna want you to use your spirituality?

A: As a method of awakening the world
B: As a method of helping the people who need help
C: As a way of knowing your true self
D: As a status symbol

Spoiler: The correct answer is D. So much power. So much empowerment. So much truth.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 11 – Hold a staring competition at meaningful and less meaningful moments

Gone are the days of the Wild West, with the best person determined by single combat with dueling pistols. Being able to maintain intimidating or intimate eye contact for the longest time is the new way!

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 12 – Talk in an extremely soft and light tone

The softest-spoken spiritualist rules as the king of the spiritual jungle.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 13 – Have a look at the spirituality section of the bookstore

A truly spiritually enlightened person has spent countless hours in the spirituality section of bookstores. More hours than actually doing something spiritual with your day.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 14 – Talk about your enligtenment

yoga spiritual materialism

Create a beautiful story about your spiritual development to give enlightened meaning to your otherwise meaningless life story.

“I have been through an incredible number of challenges. I even died to be reborn in an awakened consciousness. Now I know so much! I want you to know that I know so much so I can teach you how much I know.”

Did you notice that in the above story actually being awakened is not part of the recipe ? If an awakening takes place and there is no one around to hear about it, did your awakening really take place?

– JP Sears, quotes from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 15 – Help others whenever you can … Learn this from the self-help junkie!

The self-help junkies can teach you a lot. Jumping from one self-help hype to another, their kitchen full of nutritional supplements, and whenever they get the chance, they’ll give advice.

The self-help junkie’s biggest ambition is to become a life coach. However, the smart self-help junkie does not become a life coach, but a coach coach.

Have you already participated in my visibility-bootcamp-5-day-rise and-shine-manifestation-personal-branding-transformation-core-values-authenticity-soul-branding-lifestyle-freedom-consultant-manifestation-planner program for coaches? I always say: approach the coach, coach the coach and you score big.

Whether they have achieved anything in life themselves? Not that, but they still decided to help other people achieve more in life.

Guest blogging is an excellent tool for this. Write a guest blog of 600 words so that it still seems just acceptable in substance. By the way, give him a not too specific title. Something like, “A new beginning,” “The fight in silence and loneliness,” or “Meeting yourself.” By the way, don’t forget to compose a good empowered tweet of the day!

A smile will take you much further in life because smiling takes less muscles than looking angry. That’s deep, isn’t it? I got that from my Paulo Coelho tear-off calendar that I hung on my fridge. Yes, that’s how I am: inspiration always at hand! Haha.

Tip 16 – Make six-minute Youtube videos

Understand that all the ancient spiritual masters have pleased the world with their own six-minute videos on Facebook and Youtube. Jesus also livestreamed Facebook videos. So do this too! Just film yourself. And meanwhile talk about ‘coming home to yourself’ or something.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 17 – Go to a Vipassana retreat

What is the main benefit of a vipassana meditation retreat?

A: Experiencing a complete connection with yourself.
B: Silencing the bickering of your ego.
C: Become the observer of your thoughts.
D: Talk about it afterwards.

Again D is the correct answer.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 18 – Teach people how they can have new sexual abilities just like you

Before, you had no idea, but now you have discovered how important it is to give your partner your undivided attention. You will of course post this in a blog post for 365 Days Successful, where you will teach others the revolutionary insight that stroking is important, which every normal person has done for a long time , but which is somehow completely new to you because you are now learned to practice yoga and mindfulness with your partner.

Tip 19 – Move to Sedona or Amsterdam (preferably around the Vondelpark)

Join the fashion bloggers with their Macbook in the Vondelpark and the PC Hooftvrouwen with hip kids in Secretly it is the most beautiful place in the Netherlands.

Tip 20 – Practice real yoga, not fake Oriental Yoga

yoga spiritual narcissist

Yoga originated nearly 12,649 days ago in the 1980s to help middle-class housewives feel like they belong while also believing that they are doing something spiritual.

But the big problem is that the Eastern yogis have stolen the credits of yoga’s popularity and deviously positioned themselves as the creators of yoga. How dare they!

Anyway, which yoga should you choose? That depends on what type of yoga sounds the coolest. Most importantly, talk about your yoga practice as much as possible! Use the Sanskrit names of the yoga postures. This immediately makes it at least seventeen times more spiritual.

The most important thing about yoga is to be beautiful. How do you do that? Wear your yoga outfit at least three hours before and three hours after. Walk proudly into a coffee shop with your yoga mat slung over your shoulder as you observe the non-yogis wearing ‘appropriate clothing’. Receive their admiring gaze at how beautiful you are. Order a coffee and stir some at the counter so that everyone gets another chance to look at you a little longer.

Then sit on the terrace as close to the entrance as possible, so that you can be admired to the maximum. Grab your drink and take a selfie with it. Use some yoga tags and come up with an appropriate description such as, “Rinse myself inside and out with green tea after yoga class.” Or: ‘Get some fresh air with mocha after yocha :-).’ Or: ‘I’m in the flow and with almond milk latte. I am in heaven!’ By the way, if you have less time, you can do the same with an organic drink of 12 euros at the Marqt with a q.

How do you find a good yoga teacher? It must be a wise old person of 25 years old and he / she must say Namaste and / or do the Anjaki Mudra (the salutation, also known as ‘pretend to pray’) to any person he / she says hello to.

– JP Sears, quotes from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 21 – Become a yoga teacher

Statistically, there are two yoga teachers for every yoga practitioner in the world. Why? Yoga teacher status not only gives you more authority and spiritual essence, it is also a lucrative profession that can earn you thirty-five dollars an hour for six hours a week.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 22 – Become vegan, not vegetarian!

become vegan spiritual materialism

Vegetarians are responsible for an entire generation of deluded souls who believe they deserve the same amount of appreciation that rightfully belongs to vegans.

How do you become vegan?

– For the men: wear loose and baggy pants, paired with a worn t-shirt that accentuates your bumpy shoulders. Add a hipster beard.

– For the women: no vegan woman should look normal. Wear a bohemian dress with a colorful scarf and such a cloth that you wear a baby in. Cost: less than 3 euros, but more than 160 euros in the shop.

– Criticize non-organic farmers for not growing organically.

– Criticize organic farmers for not growing organically enough.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 23 – Let others know your spiritual intentions on Facebook

You can also watch this from the self-help obsessed people. Watch and learn how they post their semi-floating resolutions on Facebook. In this way they can perfectly combine their love for sham development with their indomitable urge for attention and validation.

So: put directly on Facebook, all those intentions of yours!

Tip 24 – Meet up with other spiritual people in a mastermind

Spiritual materialists use yet another good tool: once in a while they have meetings to talk about things like their business. Indeed, ‘business’, because the Dutch word company is apparently too difficult?

Tip 25 – Be subtle about your spiritual superiority

What will raise your ultra spiritual vibrations?

A: Self-acceptance
B: Contemplation:
C: Essence (whatever that may mean)
D: Subtlety

The answer? D.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 26 – Act as if you are getting intuitive messages to help others

act intuitively

Do you want to let others know that you can feel super intuitively what someone needs? This is how you pass on intuitive messages:

  • My intuition told me to talk to you
  • I feel you’re not with the one.
  • I catch you being angry.
  • I channel a message that tells you to create change.

How do you do that well? You have to keep them vague .

  • Don’t say: I feel you have a challenge at work.
  • But say: I feel you have a challenge.

This is how this could look in practice:

“I get the intuitive feeling that you have a challenge in your life.”

“Yes! I want to start my own business selling specialty pet leashes, but I’m afraid to show myself. My heart really wants to start the business, but I keep sabotaging myself.”

“Yes, I felt that was the case.”

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

But you are not there yet with vagueness. Also security is involved. If the other person says it’s not true, say, “I can see you’re too scared to face this now. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Remember: confidence + vagueness = intuitive precision (and also remember that plant drugs are not drugs, but that aside).

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 27 – Learn from the angry spiritual person: get your rights and complain

The angry spiritual person is the most “spiritual” person in a group. Suppose you give a free (!) Workshop of two days to a group of 100 people. Suppose it is a workshop with a lot of movement and exercises to get into your body instead of information for the mind. Suppose that 99 participants were super enthusiastic and rated the workshop with a 10 on

Guess who is the only person who gave it a rating of 1? It is someone who gives retreats and things on a farm: it is the most spiritual woman in the room. She will tell in the review that it was all basic knowledge she already knew and that she was not given any new information!

I always thought that spirituality was not about adding information to yourself , but about accepting and practicing acts of love . I was wrong, of course. Spirituality is about demanding that you acquire a lot of knowledge so that you don’t have to give up control.

Tip 28 – Learn the art of stress and snarl from the mindfulness teacher

At work I often hosted room tenants. I welcomed a mindfulness teacher four times. I thought, “Fine, someone as peaceful as water!”

What I have learned? That I was wrong. The mindfulness teacher is not supposed to be that peaceful at all.

  • I’ve seen enraged mindfulness teachers …
  • Complaining teachers …
  • Snarling teachers … This lady snapped that a beep had to be turned off, because it was impossible for them to concentrate! Being compelling and screaming are another important quality of mindfulness.
  • Nervous, uncomfortable teachers … It was a woman who was permanently in the flight response, so I spontaneously went along with that energy. She couldn’t help it. That must make her the perfect mindfulness teacher! With mindfulness you have to learn to be restless in all your cells.

Great, you are already learning well! Let’s move on.

Tip 29 – Offer a download based on your download from above

Give people a download (an ebook for example) that you received via a download! And then download an MP3 from Secret Garden for your mobile.

– JP Sears, from ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual,’ 2017

Tip 30 – Learn from the angel and the grounded person

This is the only tip of this article that you should take seriously.

The Angel is the rare Happinez woman who is genuinely warm, judgmentless, loving, knowledgeable and full of attention. Wow! Very nice that they are there!

The earth man is the spiritual man who actually possesses ‘spiritual strength’ without being absorbed in wisdoms of unbearable lightness such as ‘Stand in your strength’ – and also makes meaningful use of this professionally as a valued coach in the business world. This is never the man who has followed the most spiritual training, but a man without bullshit.

The above two spiritual types are not gender-linked by the way. Women can also be the ‘earth man’.

Tip 31 – Get your hands on the 2-or-3 blogging articles syndrome!

For this tip I asked the sweet freelancer of in 2019 to take her website as an example.

Once upon a time, the word ‘blog’ meant that if you passed it regularly and kept seeing new content. Nowadays, the flags may be raised if someone has started a blog section that has more than three articles on it after four years , while implicitly or explicitly the impression is given that there will be ‘regular inspiring updates, content’ and even news (!) to show up.

This trend does not come from the travel corner, tech corner or fashion corner, nor from the enthusiastic teens who devotedly create a beautiful blog. This trend comes from the spiritual corner …

(If you’re not so interested in the marketing story I’m going to tell you below, feel free to scroll on to the next tip …)

A large number of spiritual people are self-employed. Often as a coach / counselor / therapist. This is just a good way to work.

This kind of self-employed work is an offline product. Recruiting customers also normally takes place offline (by word of mouth) . You speak to people in your area and people who have benefited from your treatment will gladly refer new customers to you.

A business card and / or brochure is perfect to support this. Maybe you will make a compelling glossy brochure with a good story – indeed a blog article but offline so that you can give it directly to your prospects.

The above description is how it would go if a self-employed person takes a breath, thinks, and does not let the FOMO feeling of ‘I also need a blog! I also need to be social! ‘ This is business plan writing & focusing for dummies: Where is my potential customer as a freelancer? In a conversation with your enthusiastic previous customer.

Because word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, you don’t even need a website . That saves a lot of hassle in your life, such as broken plug-ins and endless tinkering with some pages that you still had a ghost town.

I cannot remember the last time I looked at the website of the coach in question after colleagues or friends recommended a coach. The last time I visited a coach, she asked me, “You saw my website right?” Whereupon I became confused for a moment. How amazing it was even to me – I hadn’t seen her website.

If you don’t want to get rid of your website, clean it up from the word ‘blog’ and creatively rename that part of your site – along with those two articles there – and hide the publication date. Anything is better than ‘blog’ if it gives the website visitor an impression of bygone dreams and a dispersed focus. If necessary, call it a ‘mini blog’.

The guilty’? WordPress. I miss those good old days when websites were still just websites and blogs were still just blogs. This changed when the blogging tool WordPress suddenly became the worldwide standard for creating a website. The standard blogging capabilities of WordPress have since increasingly brought entrepreneurs a painful mental trap that they were automatically tempted to start blogging as well.

Tip 32 – Beg for money  so you can go on retreats  for your vision for the world


Learn from the Bankrupt Spirituality Practitioner! Learn to be free from this world. Free from all responsibilities. And then ask people to donate money to you.

And stuff. No old or bad stuff, good and beautiful stuff. To start with: a MacBook. I am suddenly completely aware of the uselessness of material things, click here on my donation page and I will tell you all about it.

Use spirituality as a justification for failing to take responsibility for your actions. Twist spiritual principles and mantras in such a way that they justify being irresponsible and unreliable. And use your vision for the world ( something like: ‘upgrading humanity’ ) as justification for begging.

And now I can already hear you think:

‘It is not clear to me why I would donate money? So that you can live and live and follow the training at Benthino and coach people? If I understood that correctly, I am sorry but I am not going to contribute to that, no matter how nice I think you are! In my eyes money is a means of exchange for the contribution you make to the lives of others / the world. I read that you do everything for free, including your work as a coach. Maybe it is time to ‘upgrade’ that business model and associated beliefs?


Civilization upgrader. Begs online for his 80k in debt.


I am very much into sharing, but that is often confused with begging. You are now the second I get to know through the Ubuntu site who asks for large amounts of money because he thinks he is doing the right things. I can’t feel much sympathy for that.


What did you actually study that you now have such a huge student debt? Wouldn’t it be an option to use the skills and degrees you have acquired during that long expensive study to make the necessary money?


There is nothing spiritual about being poor.


Unfortunately. There has not been a father figure for this person who has reached out and led him to adulthood.


I admire your courage to bring yourself out in this way. I can imagine this is a very vulnerable position. Sometimes we all need money, and like I said, I have almost donated until I saw the amount of what you want to achieve: over $ 200 million. You say you don’t want to get a job for years to come, so you ask for money. Which is practically a different job. It feels like you are playing with me when you say, on the one hand, “I am a free spirit who doesn’t need any ways to make money!” and on the other hand, “Let me set up a fundraiser so I can make just that money I don’t need!” If you say one thing, but your actions show something else, it is incongruent. And I am unable to willingly donate to something so incongruous.

No. You have a vision for the world and you are special. You are a savior. See next tip.

Tip 33 – Take on a Jesus compex and step into the role of victim: be a martyr

Have you lost all your money and living prospects and are you deeply in debt thanks to your spiritual attitude? A true spiritual practitioner sees himself in a martyrdom as the forerunner of a new world.

‘I’ve had major challenges and I’ve always come back stronger.

This is what I’m currently dealing with:

  • I have no place to sleep after Sunday.
  • I have debts and bills that I cannot pay at this second of life, including a tax bill due in two days (second reminder).

Finances and shelter are completely insecure. No idea where I’ll be after this weekend.

I could leave all this behind. Just leave this crap, disappear radically, and say goodbye to a few loved ones. Walk around in freedom. Disregard social conventions. No longer adapting myself to the system. Anything other than executing my vision will hurt myself and the planet. I would rather be temporarily misunderstood or hated than play along with the old conditioning.

I don’t really feel supported in my own challenges. Maybe the path I’m walking is lonelier than I thought. But I keep my vision alive for the unity commune I want to set up. I keep going my own way. Nothing you say or do will stop me. Only supportive responses are allowed. I am willing to lose everything and everyone.

If you feel motivated to help me pay a few bills, now is a good time.

Tonight I enjoy a beer with a friend in nature.

Tip 34 – Conduct a workshop with voluntary compulsory donation

Use the example below.

This workshop is based on donation with a recommended appreciation of gratitude of 111 euros. I myself rate this work at EUR 333.

This is the ultra spiritual way.

Tip 35 – Do not listen to the messages you receive to approach it differently

Stick to your vision, even if people are pulling you back into the worldly way of life.

“I don’t need any ambition, job, or goal. Those things are so old-school consciousness. I just don’t care.” Says the indigo man, hanging from the couch he couldn’t buy, wearing a second-hand hoodie, hood down – a thoughtful testament to the degree of “don’t care.”

What if everyone wants to help you grow up? Serious. Not listening! Soon you will seem like a person who is actually going to start a job or business, but you are not going to do that because that means that you actually have to work for your money, as a slave to the system. Work is also so tiring and dulls your aura.

It’s frustrating to aim so high and receive feedback that doesn’t resonate at all. I am not asking for feedback. So please go and study the teachings of my guru Bentinho Massaro.

I am not going to take a job and I am not going to become part of the Dutch system. These things don’t resonate with me anymore. I am here to serve the world as best I can. If it’s hard to be understood at first, then so be it.

I’d rather meditate in a prison or hospital than go through the old ways.

Indeed. Do not get in the helicopter during the flood. Be ultra spiritual.

Read the book ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual’

It is a creative book full of mirrors to sometimes keep an eye on your own spiritual materialism.

On your luck!

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Hello! Thanks for reading these articles. My intention is to make happiness as simple and clear as posssible. By the way, excuse my English. I am not a native English speaker since I live in Amsterdam. Much appreciated if you use the comments to make suggestions on my grammar. See ya in another blogpost!