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Actions Say More Than Words [Not Words But Deeds!]

Actions Say More Than Words [Not Words But Deeds!]

You may have heard of the saying: “Actions say more than words.” What does this statement mean, in what ways are words inferior to action, and how can we overcome this pitfall? Connection, unity, love, awakening… it is all in your actions, instead of words. Read more…

What does the statement “A finger (words) pointing to the moon (action)” mean?

“A finger pointing to the moon” is a saying of Zen doctrine. Let’s examine this statement:

  • The finger can be seen as words, symbols and concepts that describe reality.
  • The moon can be seen as the reality referred to by those words. That could be, for example: Love, Unity, God, Emptiness, Silence, Action…

All philosophy books, spiritual guides, sacred writings of the world religions and Zen books that have been written … can be seen as mere pointers to the moon.

Many people study the finger – or get into conflict over which finger is the most beautiful – and lose sight of the finger pointing to something. Or they think the finger is the moon. In any case, they lack the illumination of the moon.

The ‘finger’ stands for everything you can say and think. Absolutely nothing you say or think  is reality. If you believe the concepts, labels, judgments and stories, that world seems real. The mind is so brilliant, strong and beautiful that it even makes its world real. However, it is and remains a finger pointing to the moon…

Now the question arises: if pointing to the moon isn’t really optimal, what is the better option? The answer could be … our actions . We will discuss this in the following sections.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.
– Proverb with Hebrew origin

“The core of faith is scarcity of words and abundance of deeds.”
– Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh

To know and not to do is the same as not to know.
– Robin Sharma

Words are nothing but nonsense – go for acts of love

go for actions and not words

None of what I say is good. Even this article is bullshit. It’s all bullshit. Words are just mumbo jumbo. Even if I said:

‘We are all one’.

Even such a beautiful statement would be an assault on other people. That’s because they are just words . They  don’t do anything. Honour yourself with deeds. In one of the following sections you will learn that words by definition  cause distance – the opposite of unity.

Love is a language that cannot be spoken.

What goes further, deeper and more loving than the detached logic of words? What is infinitely more valuable than words?

  • A hug.
  • Put an arm around someone.
  • Holding hands, for example in a whole group of people.
  • A compliment.
  • An invitation.
  • A kiss.
  • Money for someone who cannot pay.
  • A visit to someone who is lonely.
  • A charming smile.
  • Silence / meditation / prayer.
  • A gift.
  • A bunch of flowers.
  • A thank you.
  • An extra large tip.
  • A bell.
  • A helping hand.
  • An ‘I love you’.
  • A dance in silence.
  • Laugh together and cry together.

Try with all your heart and soul to distinguish yourself through your actions .
– Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words

Thank you for doing all the above things so often! A million words cannot compete with that. Do you know what this is? Vulnerability . That happens when you start doing more .

In theory there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice… yes.
– Jan LA van de Snepscheut

Vulnerability is, for example:  not talking about your fears, but actually overcoming your fears with actions. That is where the greatest happiness resides: transform your feelings into action. Vulnerability is therefore mainly in actions. Vulnerability is therefore not that you just open up through your words and tell all your fears and details about your private life.

Show, never tell.
– Billy Eilish

Well done is better than well spoken.
– Benjamin Franklin

How can I manifest goodness in deads, instead of blindly staring at the pointing finger?

religion and violence war

If someone is angry, you cannot say to that person, “Let’s talk about spirituality!” Be smarter than that. Manifest goodness. Manifest goodness. Manifest goodness. You just need to know the goodness of yourself and pass it on to others. Below are ways to do that:

Children, we are not to love with the mouth, with words, but with truthfulness in action.
– 1 John 3:18

How great it is that no one has to wait even a moment to start making the world a better place!
– Anne Frank

Most importantly, you have always been a manifestation of goodness, but you are not yet a conscious manifestation of goodness. So find things you do well every day. Then compliment yourself. This increases the energy and your vibration. Any imbalance then disappears.

Compliment yourself as often as possible until you become a spiritual superhero. Not looking at what needs to be improved. That’s logic. We have to go beyond that and see the good things. Let’s start complimenting our abhorred behavior! Then we will no longer display that behavior. Give karma. If you want to find heaven, be an angel.

Religion must unite all hearts and make wars and strife disappear from the face of the earth. Religion must be the cause of spiritualization and bring light and life to every human being. If religion becomes the cause of disgust, hatred and division, it would be better without religion. life … A religion that does not cause love and unity is not a religion. “

‘Abdu’l-Bahá in’ Bahá’u’lláh and the New Era ‘, JE Eslemont, 2nd ed. 1978, p. 160.

We may treat even unconscious people with kindness. People who have been victims themselves project that on others: people who abuse have never been complimented. They try to hurt others, but actually want to say, ‘I want to take the pain out of my body. I want to show someone else the pain that is inside me. I can’t talk about this, I’m sharing this by victimizing someone else. ‘ It’s a harsh reality. Can you give these people love?

How do you bring the ‘moon’ into action even more? With real connections!

real connections instead of words

All words are – as we say here in Brabant – nonsense in space . In other words: talking in a vacuum. They are just words. Even good messages like “We must be pure, loving, pure and kind” and “We are all equal” are nothing more than bullshit in space.

Knowing is not enough. Being willing to do is not enough. We must do .
– Leonardo da Vinci

Then what is not nonsense in space? So what is the practical application of “We Are All One”? Actually offering someone a hug, a listening ear, a visit, or some other act of kindness, love, and service.

Do you see someone on the street who is dirty and begging? You are him. This is unity in action : If you truly experience yourself as that person, what would you like to experience from the man facing you now? That he sees me, that he doesn’t just pass by, give me attention – and maybe something material he has in his pocket. That he talk to me for a moment and not just pass by.

Exactly, that’s exactly what you want. Are you willing to give yourself what the part of yourself that sits on the curb wants? Or shall we just pass by? Recently I ran into a genuine homeless person – so not a criminal or an addict. Of course I sat down next to him. Of course I took some money out of my pocket and put it in his hat. Of course I had a short talk with him. “Hey, how are you really? What’s going on with you?”

– Neale Donald Walsch

Isn’t that much more real than “We are all one?” Not a single word is what it refers to. Every word is scam and fraud. ‘We are all one’ is a scam. Not a close embrace.

Ninety percent of language is just avoiding dating. We create a big wall of words to hide the fact that we don’t want to be in a relationship.
– Osho

Continue reading about real connections?

What if you need words to change someone? No … change yourself and live the example

Don’t impose how you think it should be on other people, but live the right example yourself. You should do it yourself too, because you believed the others could change so easily. Fix yourself first and lead by example. Afterwards we can talk – as a nice extra – because talking is simply fun. Passive, but a nice bonus .

Don’t tell people your dream, show ’em.
– American saying

NLP developer John Grinder actually says:  “If you want to change the other, change yourself.”  The philosophy of  Byron Katie also  boils down to this. That’s all you do: change yourself. You don’t have to change others. If you look deeper,  is  the other … so you change yourself if you ‘want to change things. “The

How do you bring the ‘moon’ into action even more? Silence, prayer and meditation

Pay attention to the moment between your prayers and the moment between your exhalation and your inhale. This is a moment of silence. You can feel this silence. This is who you are. In any case, this comes much closer to observing the moon than just looking at the finger.

Silence is the only spiritual teacher.

How do you bring the ‘moon’ into action when you teach? Go for induction instead of deduction

inductive teaching finger to the moon

Any answer that comes from a friend, guru, teacher, coach, or trainer is completely nonsensical and completely irrelevant. Help others discover their own answers. The answer is not what has value, but the search for it.

Walk the talk.

So do not share your insights with others:  these are not their insights, but your insights. So they are  second-hand  insights. That is really different than if someone had had an insight themselves.

Do you give others your insights? That’s the same as not actually exercising, but hearing someone else explain that you can look athletic. It makes people feel good enough mentally, which stops them from actually doing the work. It is then very easy to think that you are doing the work, while you are not actually doing the work …

When someone tells you his / her insights, it’s like asking Michael Jackson, “How do you write a great song?” And he says, “Write Billy Jean.” Is that it? So that’s how it goes in books, Facebook posts, and how-to seminars and webinars. That’s how  he  did it. Find your way.  You have it in you. Guaranteed. And you have it better than all how to’s put together!

It’s nice to hear those insights from others, but it’s only one small part of what you need. You have so much to learn, discover, create, experiment and live… But you skip all that when you just get an insight from a teacher. So you have to experience it and not just hear it. Learning should not only be cognitive and mental.

“There is only one way to learn,” the alchemist answered. “It’s through action.”
– Paulo Coelho

“Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do.”
– Bruce Lee

Other people’s insights and information can be a great starting point, but after that you will really have to make discoveries yourself without knowing anything in advance.

Any answer that comes from the coach or trainer is completely nonsensical and completely irrelevant. Help others discover their own answers. The answer is not what has value, but the search for it.

Unless someone knows his own strength, he / she will always be unsatisfied if they know something ready-made  shows . Stop teaching them things that install programs in them that say, “I’m doing this for you because you can’t do it yourself.” Because every time you do something for someone with that attitude, you take power away from them. How much you want to give them, the more they won’t appreciate it.

Let your students nurture the state of not knowing. ‘Knows nothing. Be quiet, listen and always keep discovering for yourself. ‘

You will never know everything, because you can develop endlessly. And if you don’t know anything and tune your antenna to the Source, you can get everything you need from there. For example, if you want to know who you really are, do the real work: discover silence and prayer for yourselfto experience and discover your own insights. Don’t just read and listen to it.

A teacher teaches you something. A true master shakes off your current frame of reference (takes something away), so that there is room for new discoveries.

Would you like to read more about this principle?

Our language prevents us from feeling unity

words are not reality

For what use were words invented? Words are meant to be able to distinguish between things. This means that words – and therefore language – are dual. Then it is not surprising that we often find it difficult to see that we are connected to everything and everyone. Our language (symbols) alone is guilty of that.

For example, we have created nouns. A noun is not part of nature, but it is part of our speech, which allows you to label something or someone as separate from other nouns. But in the real world there are no separate, separate things.

There are actually two lives running simultaneously: reality, and symbols and language that represent reality. Symbols and language are secondary, as explained from the biological perspective in this communication model . What you are deep down is the dust and structure of existence itself.

There is a voice that does not use words. Listen.
– Rumi

For example, we wouldn’t know the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ if we couldn’t label things as good or bad with language. In reality, these kinds of definitions do not exist: there is only experience.

We must never forget that the highest appreciation is not evident in the utterance of words, but by living them.
– John F. Kennedy

Words are but ripples on the surface of the vast ocean of Being.
– Jeff Foster

Perhaps words can convey a fraction of the smell and taste of life. This, here, now does not fit into any idea or concept. It’s too alive for that. Too present.

It cannot be talked about. As soon as we say one word about this, we are already in the dream. Words are second-hand, as are thoughts, concepts, memories, and ideas of liberation and unity.

Nor can it be understood. Otherwise it would be one thing. A concept. The only thing that comes closest to it is simply action from pure not-knowing.

Want to read more about duality and non-duality, or oneness?

Let’s discover the statement ‘The map is not the area’ (& ‘Perception is projection’)

the truth does exist

There is a difference between the world itself and how we experience the world. The way we model the world is  only a reference  to reality. It is not reality itself.

Alfred Korzybski summarized this principle in the analogy: “The map is not the area.” When you make a map of a city, you see the streets as colored lines. A white street line on the map is different from the actual street. For example,  not all pavement tiles are drawn on the map  and the street is not really  white like the stylized street line  on the map.

The truth is never exactly what you think it would be.
– Johan Cruijff

On the inside we also make a ‘map’ of the world in which we leave out, generalize and distort all kinds of things  . And that card is different  for everyone . How we ‘represent’ (see) the world is only our own interpretation. It is  our  image of reality, and we act and think according to that.

Our language  (symbols) alone  is ‘guilty’ of this. Also with language a lot is omitted:  the words we use are not the same as the event or object they represent.

There are actually two ‘lives’ running simultaneously:  reality , and  symbols  and language that represent reality  . Symbols and language are secondary.

Nobody sees what you see. Even if they see it too.
– Chris Ferreiras

It is fundamentally your opinion that you accept the authority of your religion. You create all the authorities you accept.
– Alan Watts

Discover this principle further?

Wanting to put the ‘truth’ into words leads to violence and war

words are not the moon

Putting a ‘spiritual truth’ into words and telling it to someone is far from spiritual. Why do countries and families go to war? They think they know the truth …

Someone then says something that is beyond the bounds of where your truth lies and you then want to correct that person. Unconsciously. Even if you decide to consciously hold back. Your definition of truth then quietly lives in you aggressively.

We collect, defend and project concepts of ‘truth’ onto others because we don’t feel safe, so we don’t feel good enough.

You have taken a journey to discover your truth. You realized at a point in your life that this is not the whole truth. How can it be the truth if it doesn’t work for everyone? Anyone who insists the truth is never happy about it. There has to be something deeper : something spiritual .

The deepest truth does not require your defense, nor does it inspire conflict.

You can try to describe the truth with words, but the words are not “it.” No statement is absolutely true. The statements only point to it. They are just pointers. Even the highest teaching, the highest quote, even something like ‘All people are equal’ causes conflict and distance in this way, for it remains a pointer.

O sons of men, do you not know why We have all created you from the same dust? So that no person would rise above the other. Since We have created you all of one and the same material, it is your duty to be like one soul, to walk with like feet, to eat with like mouth, and to dwell in the same land, so that out of your innermost being by your deeds and behaviors , the signs of unity and the core of detachment become known. This is My advice to you, O crowd of light! Follow this counsel that you may reap the sacred fruits of the tree of wondrous glory.
– Bahá’u’lláh

Because put someone who wants to proclaim “ We are all one ” between people who have never heard of that, and then there will be debate and polarization, and the person with his ‘we are all one’ concept will think: they know less than me. That is a thought full of conflict, distance and inequality. Think of the NLP pillar ‘Everyone has their own truth. ‘Does a child think there is a monster under the bed? In the child’s perception – in the child’s experience – the monster under the bed is true.

You apply your peace-loving faith by not talking about your peace-loving faith.

All religions / revelations point their finger to the moon, the light. What the ignorant see is only the finger. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which finger we use to point to the moon. The moon is important.

‘I prefer this finger pointing to the moon. “No, this finger pointing to the moon is much nicer.”

The truth is far more comprehensive than the mind can ever comprehend. Understanding this truth means feeling deep within the truth to which they point. No thought or words can capture the truth. At most, they can point to it.

Love / Oneness / God / Awakening is not something that can be talked about, for it is moreover that in which the speaking presents itself. This. Here. Now. Along with everything that presents itself in it.

If you can talk / think about it, it isn’t.

Conflict arises because the fullness of religion cannot possibly be expressed in language or thought

religion and violence war

Spiritual concepts and spiritual thoughts do not exist. Thoughts are not spiritual because thoughts are forms . Spirituality is the formless dimension within you. The truth (of a religion) cannot be spoken or thought. Concepts (thoughts and words) cannot fully represent the truth. Through the power of the now , truth (God) can manifest itself, through you, in actions. A healthy attitude is: “I don’t know anything, the truth cannot be told / understood.”

Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.

Suppose there are two blind men who do not know what the color green is. A friend of one blind man is eager to explain, saying it is like soft music . Another tells the other blind man: it is like soft satin . Days later , the two blind men beat each other’s brains. “Green is like soft music!” “No, it’s like soft satin !!” But neither of them know what they are talking about! Because if they really knew, they weren’t talking about it.

If you want to convince someone of something, it often stems from the fact that you yourself are not completely convinced of it. If you were actually convinced, then you wouldn’t want to convince others with your words. I also try not to convince people that I am human.

If you have certain assumptions about ultimate reality and are going to tell others in words, you are talking nonsense. Because you cannot say anything specific about Everything. Suppose you want to say, “God has a form.” But if God is all that is, it has no boundary, so He cannot have form. You also need to have a shape outside of it so it can have a shape. If you are going to say this after all, then you are sensitive to becoming attached to your beliefs.

I don’t care that you believe in all those beautiful qualities, ideals and values. Abdu’l-Bahá says that faith is nothing. Faith is meaningless. I know many people who are professional believers . They go to meetings, nod their heads, believe something is true, and that makes them feel so good about themselves. Show your faith in your manners and behavior.
– Tom Price

And make no mistake: Atheism is also a belief system. The atheist positively denies the existence of God, and uses language to do so.

Concepts are not truth, they are too limited. Do not seek truth. Let go of your concepts, opinions and judgments. And you will see!

Spiritual concepts and thoughts do not exist. Thoughts are not spiritual because thoughts are form. Spirituality is the formless dimension within you.

A wise person doesn’t say, “It’s x.” Nor, “It’s not y.”
– Nagarjuna

If we  pay more attention to talking about faith than to practice it, then spirituality remains an ideology , creating theological conflict. But as we focus on following the lessons in this life, we realize that the love Jesus taught us is no different from the love Muhammad taught us and the compassion the Buddha taught us. Practice what you preach.

Attachment to the concept is your ‘false God’.

Thinking you know ita all… Being right and the other wrong, brings violence

words are separated

We are surrounded by God (synonymous with Love), but we do not see Him. We miss it because we think we know. Even if you think you know, keep looking. If you know about God, you don’t see Him. The highest knowledge of God is to know Him as unknowable. There is too much talk about God – it can be something private.

Waking up and awakening in love, that’s what religion is all about! But in religious people like me you see too little love, too little happiness and too little letting go of illusions. In religious people like me you see mistakes, attachments, cruelty, emotional dependence on others, ‘look at me’, power, nurture yourself to popularity, approval, validation, appreciation, being the boss, winning the race, too little awareness and inner peace, too little awakening

This is not the fault of religion itself, but this is what people do, or rather their egos. It is not the truth if you use it to correct others or to defend yourself. Then it is an aspect of ego and it is completely meaningless.

‘Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.’
– The Matrix

If you want to approach the truth, if you are interested in the truth, you assume nothing at all. If you already have so many assumptions, you cannot get to the truth. If you have already made an assumption, you only look for confirmations for that assumption. You are then no longer open to anything.

“I am right and you are not.” With that you make the uncertain certain. A hopeless mission.

A true seeker of truth has no assumptions, he is just discovering. Are we going to find out or are we just going to try to confirm our assumptions? When someone says, “You’re right,” does that bring you closer? You feel better, but nothing is resolved.

God scientists are the cause of strife. God’s service is the cause of light and life, not hatred and division.

In fact, this is the basis of all conflict in the world: “I’m right, you’re wrong. This is my truth (ego). Our truth (collective ego). My God. Our God. Yours is not the one. We know the truth. Our religion accepts them all … ‘They are all just concepts. Concepts in our minds. You label another person as non-believer, and ‘non-believers would be bad’ (yet another concept) …

There are people who – often from an early age – have been given the belief that historical figures such as Abraham, Christ, Mohammed, Daniel, Isaiah, Moses, Ezekiel, the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh Buddha and / or Krishna were sent by God. . When they are talking to another person – and when they hear that the other person believes these figures were ordinary people and no one was sent by God, they automatically think,  ‘Hmm … how am I going to convince him that he has a totally wrong worldview has? Which arguments will I use? Hmm… sooner or later I will get to him, if necessary by first ‘following’ him so that I can then lead him into my truth. Then he will realize that he is wrong and that the world really works as I have learned / received it. ‘

How nice would it be if we stop this mental terrorism ? How nice would it be if we just immediately accept the worldview of other people and possibly even examine it out of interest in order to truly learn from it? Not to tell our own ‘truth’ later, but simply because we  really accept their truth.  Instant and automatic.

Unconsciousness is: being caught in the conceptualized thinking. Being identified with your beliefs. ‘That’s who we are …’

Don’t judge and label with concepts, thoughts and words

child mindfulness techniques

Do not judge. Don’t label. If you just leave that from now on, there will be much more room to actually do and experience something.

Mental labeling, what is that? Let’s grab some examples:

  • Your thinking cannot know a tree, only facts and information about the tree.
  • My thinking cannot know you, only facts, judgments, labels and opinions about you.

You put labels on something and it becomes more and more ‘dead’.
– Eckhart Tolle

If you just think, and immediately think about what you see, you don’t see real beauty. You then attach labels to it. You then walk superficially in a park: ‘Oh what beautiful flowers. Okay what’s next to think about? Oh yes, I have to finish that, and that important thing… ‘

If you were not really  looking, then  you had a memory of a long time ago as a child, when you saw how beautiful a flower was, instead of looking at the flower in the now to discover it.

If you say that there is a flower, then you crush reality in one fell swoop. Reality just shines, and that has nothing to do with words.

You may also find in the here and now that your compulsion to label your experiences and senses  disappears. You can then see, hear or touch something without immediately putting a label on it, naming it something, having a conclusion about it, comparing it to something… You can be near a tree or flower, and just look.

There are no words that can get you where you already are: now.

When you label, you say, “Oh, okay I know what it is now.” Then you miss the depth and mystery and you don’t make contact with it. You miss its essential reality. And the surprise is: you do this with yourself too: you attach concepts and labels to who you think you are, and then you miss the depth of your own being.

What you ca n’t think about in the other person is who they are, and that’s who you are.

While your child is growing up, they learn all kinds of new things about the world. This can be done in two ways. One of those ways is the mindful way and brings the child fully into life. The other way separates the child further and further from life …

Suppose you are walking with the child in the park. The child naturally wants to learn and discover everything  . The trick is to facilitate that, and  not to interrupt it  with  ‘labels’ (language & judgments are limiting).

Does the child walk to a branch and pick up the branch? Have the child watch after learning the word ‘tak’. If you just say, “That’s a branch,” and you walk on, the child will stop discovering because it has found a concept.

Does the child ask for a piece of paper? Put the leaf in his hand and ask questions about all things that can be perceived. Encourage him to discover the leaf, instead of just labeling with words and concepts.

There is an illusion: that if you have attached a word to it, then you know what it is. But you only attached a word to it. You don’t know what it is yet! Then all the child has is a lot of labels. You can of course give excellent labels, but there is much more. When you’re just going to label things with a child, you’re basically saying, “I’ll give you the discovered world.”

My spirituality? My mission? Who am I? You know that! – You can’t put that in words

be yourself

Do you know the model of the logic levels?  In order they are:

  • Mission
  • Identity
  • Values ​​and beliefs
  • Capacities
  • Behaviour
  • Surroundings

You can put the lower logic levels of Bateson into words. You really can’t put the highest two logical levels of Bateson into words …

The lowest four logical levels of Bateson are about “having.” I have: behavior, capacities, beliefs and values. They all have something verbal : you can put words to them. However, ‘Who am I’ can never be described, cannot be defined and never fully comprehended.

It’s okay if you ask yourself what you want from life, but a more important question is, What does life want from you? What does life have in store for you? You will find out if you allow the silence into your life. Then you hear the wordless signals from life that want to help you in the search for your life purpose. ‘
– Eckhart Tolle’s response to Oprah Winfrey when she said, “I don’t think there’s anything more important than realizing your life purpose.”

The question is: Who am I? I have values ​​and beliefs. I have no identity, I am that person. I don’t have an identity, but I am! Now you might assume the identity of, say, a student, which is actually a role. Who is the one behind all those roles?

It is difficult to get in touch with essence and pure energy without language and thought intervening. The Tao Te Ching says, “If you can talk about it, it isn’t.”

Who am I? This is an essential spiritual question. Can that question be answered? That is a good question. There is no verbal answer, but it is an experience of being yourself .

When you are there, you will know. We want to feel it so badly. And then in every aspect of our daily life. Being yourself is a fundamental paradox. The words and needs disappear, you can’t explain it anyway. If you are, then you know! You are meant to become who you are meant to be. That’s your potential. You can actualize this at the level of meaning : a logical level higher than your identity …

The question ‘Who am I?’ answers all questions. Go to the Amazon for 8 weeks and ask yourself this question.

The two highest levels, identity and mission, transcend the verbal. Rather, they are experiences, or feelings: things you feel and know. This is trans-verbal: you cannot describe it in words. If you are, you know. People write songs, poems, books, etc. about it, but that is only pointing to it. A poem about this is not ‘it’. It’s about it. And the special thing is fortunately: when we are there the need for explanation disappears.

The Solution to Violence and War: Goodness Over Truth


Your truth is actually not the truth. There is a field of existence behind every truth. Even behind that “We are all one.” We are all one, but that is a different story. That field behind every “truth” is goodness. Goodness can be experienced, but not conceptualized. Goodness has nothing to defend and has no interest in correcting others. Goodness is truth in motion. Consider the statement: ‘Too good to be true’. Goodness is the living expression of truth. The universe can be illuminated in this way through your form.

Remain in noble silence and let your religion speak through your deeds of love.

What else can you pay attention to? In a certain setting, don’t polarize with your spiritual truths, but meet people where they are. If you tell a child who thinks there is a monster under his bed that it is not true, you are disrupting the child’s truth and experience.

Become one with the truth: manifest the truth in action. Taste and feel how truth moves, not wanting to know what truth is. The question is not what the truth is (debate, conflict: is worthless), but how the truth feels. Walk the way from truth to goodness.

If you want goodness, you use goodness and don’t talk about it. Talking about the truth does not lead you there, it leads you to fundamentalism.

Become a full embodiment of goodness, a full expression of goodness: good deeds. You then set the truth in motion again. And what you set in motion feeds the energy field and, through your vibrations, the blessings you give to others bring infinite blessings to the world, and set in motion a whole transformation over time. That is the path of goodness. Then you feel so good and amazed at yourself!

O Son of Dust! Truly I say to you, of all men he is the most negligent, who contends uselessly, and tries to exalt himself above his brother. Hear, O brothers! Let actions, not words, adorn you.
– Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words

The moment you learn the truth, it is true. But as you get older, the truth changes again. We are constantly looking for the truth. Your consciousness is then expanded. You see a hidden reality that was previously invisible and suddenly becomes visible, and you think: that is the truth. And that again increases your consciousness, and you see a truth, a new hidden reality.

What is the potential problem in this? Every time you have found a piece of truth, you put yourself in a situation where you are invoking / manifesting conflict on your life. So make the truth a campaign, something you can repeat, a belief in action. Then you free yourself from endlessly checking what the truth is, but then you allow the truth to come to life in you.

“Don’t condemn if you see a person has a dirty glass of water, just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won’t have to say that yours is better.”
– Malcolm X

When are words really powerful? What’s the one exception?

Let me add a nuance: the only exception when words are powerful? When it’s not just about the words.

A conversation can be a wonderful act if you add the act of listening and the act of attention to it. Sacred words, scriptures, affirmations, mantras, and prayers can produce tremendous power when you say them  with feeling, thought, and inspiration.

On your luck!

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    A nice article that removes a number of veils ….