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Yoga Sun Salutation: Step By Step Explanation (With Pictures)

Yoga Sun Salutation: Step By Step Explanation (With Pictures)

What is the Sun Salutation and how can you do it? Here you will find an explanation and visual example of all 12 steps of the Sun Salutation. Read more…

What is the Sun Salutation?

Sūrya Namaskār, or the Sun Salutation, is a series of twelve Yoga postures that are performed in a smooth movement one after the other.

Many people do the Sun Salutation at the beginning of the day. This will start the day or Yoga class energetically and mindful, making you feel very good.

This also honors the sun. It is a modern Yoga element that was first performed in the early 20th century.

How does the Sun Salutation go?

In short, it means that you:

  1. do a standing Yoga pose…
  2. Then do a Yoga pose close to the ground…
  3. And finally do a standing Yoga posture again.

If you want to take a more nuanced view, there are a total of twelve postures / phases that you go through during the Sun Salutation. Many variations are also possible.

Step by step example: all 12 steps depicted

To your luck!

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