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Yoga Philosophy & Meaning: What Is The Philosophy Behind Yoga?

Yoga Philosophy & Meaning: What Is The Philosophy Behind Yoga?

What is the philosophy and meaning behind Yoga? You will receive an invitation through this article to adopt a peaceful, inner Yoga posture. But first let’s look at the meaning of Yoga …

The Meaning of Yoga: What is Yoga Philosophy?

The meaning of Yoga is: to connect. It is a ‘state of mind’ of oneness (non-duality) . In short, this means that you not only live within your skin boundaries, but that who you are actually continues beyond your skin’s boundaries: you are one with everything else around you.

A Yogi – one who practices Yoga – has realized this state of mind of unity, peace and love. However, in the following paragraphs, you will discover that you are not going to achieve that peace as a result of Yoga: this is an essential part of the Yoga philosophy …

Yoga will not set you free, but Yoga still is useful

Yoga is not going to liberate you or give you peace, for the following reason: the Yoga teacher effectively shows the researcher (the Yoga student) that he already has what he is looking for.

By the way, you can never do Yoga for the right reason. There is nothing you can do to be liberated. Because all your efforts to achieve that are fake. They are based on the desire to boost your ego and keep it alive, and that will never lead to liberation. The fact is that you are already liberated!

Still, it is good to practice Yoga, but not from that anxious ego desire! Do Yoga from the peaceful state of mind that you already have and are.

Do not practice Yoga with a fearful motive (ego) but from a peaceful motive.

You are already liberated and peaceful – Do Yoga from that state of mind

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Enter your Yoga practices with the following peaceful posture (which you already possess): be aware of yourself as you are, without judgment . See what is. And if you do that already, you no longer have a problem: then you no longer have that problem that you want to be liberated at all. But if you want to try it with desire, you’re in the same problem again.

How do you do that? The most important thing about the Yoga pose is: always be present

How can you start doing Yoga from that already peaceful posture? Most importantly: never be absent! So, for example, if you pick up a piece of paper, know: I am now picking up a piece of paper. This is a mindful attitude in the here and now , where you do nothing on autopilot.

When you do that, there is not even room for that fearful ego to do Yoga from a fearful motive.

All information and guidance about Yoga

Finally you can get more information about Yoga, the postures and the principles by searching the internet and our website further.

This was the explanation of the Yoga philosophy. Have fun practicing Yoga!

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