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Yoga Nidra Texts & Exercises [All Scripts & Guided Meditations]

Yoga Nidra Texts & Exercises [All Scripts & Guided Meditations]

Are you looking for Yoga Nidra texts, exercises and scripts? For example via video and PDF? Yoga Nidra is one of the most relaxing forms of Yoga. Read on to learn what it means and what kind of material there is with all lessons, exercises, texts, meditations and downloads.

What is Yoga Nidra? An extremely relaxing form of yoga and meditation

With Yoga Nidra you will systematically relax yourself completely. Mentally, physically and emotionally. So it is not an ‘active’ or ‘difficult’ form of Yoga, but a form with little effort.

The Sanskrit word Yoga stands for ‘connecting’ and the word Nidra stands for ‘sleep’. So you are almost asleep, but you are still awake at a deep level and very alert in a gentle way.

How does that work at Yoga Nidra? You achieve that complete relaxation by doing specific exercises and visualizations. You will find complete texts for this later in this article.

Before we get to the texts and meditations: 5 benefits of Yoga Nidra

  1. You come to deep relaxation in a conscious way. That relaxation is very important in our busy days when we fly from one place to another. An excellent remedy for stress!
  2. You develop your imagination and creativity. You go on a kind of journey in which you float to a place where you can let go of everything . Boxes, conditioning, programming …
  3. You get started with intentions and affirmations (sankalpa) while you are relaxed. Because of this you have no intervention of the critical brain, but you are in a receptive state for the affirmations. As a result, they come in much better with a greater impact.
  4. You calm your nervous system , which is very welcome because we live in a world where we continuously receive stimuli and information.
  5. You experience yourself not only as your mind , but also as your body and as the space (Higher Consciousness) containing your mind and your body.

Yoga Nidra exercises: free video’s

All Yoga Nidra texts and exercises (Workshop material)

Maybe you want to fully dive into the exercises of Yoga Nidra, or maybe you already thought about teacher training. In the near future, we will post all the core material of Yoga Nidra right here on this page. With, for example, mp3 recordings, scripts, PDFs, texts and exercises.

Curious about the texts , recordings and exercises of Yoga Nidra? This method provides one of the best known and most powerful ways to relax. In the future we will post here all materials.

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