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Competencies Needed For Entrepreneurship [8 Most Important Ones]

Competencies Needed For Entrepreneurship [8 Most Important Ones]

Do you have the competencies for entrepreneurship? An entrepreneur must know his / her skills, attitudes and strengths and weaknesses. Here you will find the most important competencies for entrepreneurs and an entrepreneur test. Read on to find out what the most important entrepreneurial skills are …

Let’s start with the most important competencies. Below you will find the entrepreneur test.

Competence 1 – Originality and creativity

An entrepreneur solves problems. And that requires originality and creativity. And those problems that you solve are not only in the product or service that you devise and deliver for your customers … you will also encounter problems (obstacles) in the day-to-day business, and for that too you will need originality and creativity. use to overcome them.

An entrepreneur dares to be original. That is required to achieve something with marketing.

Competency 2 – Execution / decisiveness

An entrepreneur with nothing but talk and no action will see things collapse. Sooner or later we have to roll up our sleeves and build up a really good solution. An entrepreneur boldly expresses new ideas.

Do whatever you can do. Or dream that you can. Boldness is a mixture of genius, power and magic.
– JW von Goethe

Competency 3 – Ingenuity

An entrepreneur discovers new methods or new ways of solving problems. Use your creativity to bring something new into the world.

Competency 4 – Responsibility

Entrepreneurs get a lot on their plate. You will regularly have to deal with large amounts of money and promises, for example to deliver a customer what was agreed.

You are also responsible for yourself and your work attitude. Entrepreneurs must motivate themselves, for example to get out of bed in the morning. Employees  have  to report in the morning, which is a powerful motivation to get out of bed and get on a bike. Entrepreneurs often miss that, including the interaction that colleagues give you. Can you handle this yourself?

Competency 5 – Proactive behavior

There will be no one who will ask you to do anything. Let alone having someone remind you to move forward. An entrepreneur must therefore have the quality of ‘being proactive’ . As an entrepreneur you cannot wait for others to take action. You will have to fulfill this role for yourself

Competency 6 – Optimism

An entrepreneur always sees new opportunities. He always has options ready to try something different in the event of setbacks. In other words, an entrepreneur is optimistic and resilient.

Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities.

Competence 7 – Enthusiasm & Trust

An entrepreneur must engage in his duties with complete enthusiasm. Otherwise the competitors will just pass you by. You also need to have confidence that it will succeed, because if you don’t trust it, how should your customers trust you?

Uncertainty is part of entrepreneurship. Do you have the confidence that it will work out?

Competency 8 – Focus

Focus means doing one thing and leaving the rest . In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs think about their company 24/7. Are you one of those too? You don’t have to mind that you constantly think about your company. It’s fun, your passion and your life!

I am always busy with my business.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Take the entrepreneur test now

Start now here with the entrepreneur test.

To your success!

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