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Helpfulness: tips & examples of this quality

Helpfulness: tips & examples of this quality

How do you become a helpful person? In this article you will find examples and tips for quality: helpfulness. Read on to learn this virtue.

Characteristic 1 – You are helpful when you do useful things that really matter

Don’t just do something if it’s not really useful. If you want to be helpful, do things that actually make a difference.

  • For example, do something for someone that the other cannot do themselves. Then it is actually useful.
  • Or help someone if the other person has little time or if you want to make the other’s life easier.

Those are all useful things. They can also be very small things, as long as they are useful.

Characteristic 2 – Helpfulness does not mean always doing what others want

Helpfulness is not about “pleasing the other.” Giving someone something that the other needs is not always the same as what the other wants. It is very important that you decide for yourself whether the other person actually needs help, and that you decide for yourself whether what the other is asking is good for that person.

Characteristic 3 – You don’t wait for someone else to ask for your help: you are considerate

show helpfulness

You are attentive to situations where others need something, and then you help them from within yourself.

How can I help you? Can I do something for you today?

Characteristic 4 – You also take what you need yourself (helpfulness to yourself)

Make sure you get what you need. For example, do things that help your body. For example:

  • Healthy food
  • Get enough rest
  • Enough exercise
  • Wear nice, nice clothes

In addition, sometimes when you feel helpless it is nice to call in other people’s helpfulness. You can also call on the help of angels , for example . You deserve that!

Characteristic 5 – You offer a listening ear

Sometimes we need a listening ear from a friend. For example when we are faced with a difficult job.

Characteristic 6 – You take each other into account and you make each other’s lives more pleasant

Pay attention to other people’s needs. Take the opportunity to do something for a friend, family member or even a stranger.

  • Carrying bags when someone has their arms full
  • Setting the table
  • Do the dishes
  • Cuddly toys
  • Understanding and appreciation
  • A listening ear
  • You help someone up if that person has fallen

You still need some practice if you don’t see other people, if you don’t appreciate them and if you don’t listen to others.

Characteristic 7 – You are willing to cooperate

Collaboration is an important characteristic of helpfulness. That way you can get things done easier together.

Why is helpfulness so important?

Many things in this world cannot be done at all without the help of others. Nor would cooperation be possible without helpfulness. When people come together to help each other, great things will happen!

And besides, if you selflessly want to help others, you yourself become happier.

No one can sincerely try to help someone else without helping themselves.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, affirm your helpfulness with the text below

I’m helpful. I keep my eyes open for opportunities to help others. The well-being of myself and others is very important to me. I find meaningful ways to offer my help.

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Good luck practicing helpfulness!

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