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What Are (Adult) Indigo Children? (Crystal / New Age Children)

What Are (Adult) Indigo Children? (Crystal / New Age Children)

You may have heard of it, but what are indigo children , aka crystal children or new age children ? What are their characteristics? You can read it in this article …

What are Crystal Children (aka Indigo Children / New Age Children)? The meaning…

Strictly speaking, there are differences between indigo children and crystal children, but both fall under the term “new age child.”

New Age children are children or people who show signs of the new era. The new age – the Age of Aquarius – is the next stage in the development of humanity: a world of more love and awareness. More and more crystal children have been born in recent generations.

They don’t always have to be children. In that case we speak of a new age adult or light worker. You can recognize indigo children from the moment they are born. They have brilliant adult eyes (they sparkle just like crystals) that can focus well and look intensely.

What are characteristics of new age children?

new age children

Are you asking yourself, ‘Am I an indigo child? Did I meet one? ‘ In any case, you do not recognize them mainly by the external ones – but by the internal characteristics. Take a look at these characteristics and test yourself:

  • Indigo children are highly sensitive children (HSP).
  • You often hear them say wise things. Even though they are so young!
  • New age children mature early (because of their ‘old soul’) and have a great sense of responsibility . They are quite early on being the ‘father / mother’ of the family. They are naturally very caring and they can accurately sense what someone needs. The pitfall is that they (even at an early age) take over the concerns and problems of other people and want to solve them.
  • They feel they have a powerful mission to contribute to this world.
  • Indigo children are naturally very interested in spirituality, but will not always be open about their psychic abilities.
  • They have a sense of oneness, or non-duality . That means that they feel at one with everything. For them, ‘I’ doesn’t stop where their skin ends. Self and other are the same.
  • Indigo children are a brighter mirror than anyone else . They simply see through physical behavior, walls, shields, and masks, so that they immediately sense how the other person is really feeling.
  • They have a very strong sense of justice . They cannot lie , cheat or be inauthentic.
  • They do a lot based on their feelings and intuition . They do not experience the world from their mind, but from their heart. They have a special spiritual gift for this. They are also extra empathetic and clear-knowing / feeling.
  • They feel strongly connected to angels and guides (souls who have passed away).
  • New-age children often want to be in touch with nature because they feel strongly connected to it.
  • New age kids are very creative and they come up with original creations. They look beyond logic, allowing them to enter more new paths and discoveries from intuition.

Raising new age children

How can you best educate crystal children and indigo children? A lot can be involved, but it basically boils down to the following: New age children need the confidence to live their mission. They also need respect and understanding of the outside world.

More information about indigo children

Do you want to know more about the people who are ushering in the transition to a new, loving era? Then take a look at the article about light workers.

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