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Justice Meaning [Examples Of A Righteous Person]

Justice Meaning [Examples Of A Righteous Person]

In this article you will learn the meaning of justice. What can you do to be a righteous person? Read on for all the hallmarks of justice as part of ethics, virtues and personality…

Characteristic 1 – To be just is: to always be reasonable

A righteous person does not make unreasonable decisions. For example, unreasonable decisions can happen when you want to be right. Doing well is more important than wanting to be right.

Characteristic 2 – You give everyone the chance to tell their side of the story

It is fairness if you give everyone the opportunity to share how they experience a situation.

Hear one side and you will feel in the dark. Hear both sides and everything will be clear.
– Thomas Chandler Halburton

Characteristic 3 – You form your opinion based on your own perception, not the perception of others

You find out for yourself how things work and you think for yourself.

Characteristic 3 – You treat everyone uniquely: you know that every person is different


You don’t put people into boxes.

Characteristic 4 – Righteous people suffer the consequences of their behavior

Is someone doing something wrong? Then there are also consequences. Then this person will do things differently next time.

Characteristic 5 – People get recognition when they do something right

It is righteous when good deeds are recognized.

Characteristic 6 – You stand up for your rights and other people’s rights

Everyone’s rights are protected.

Characteristic 7 – People get what they deserve


Everyone gets what is rightfully meant to be granted to them.

Characteristic 8 – Sometimes you stand alone if you want to be righteous …

It is not always easy to practice justice. If there is a whole group gossiping, it is obviously unjust because the person concerned does not get a chance to tell his side of the story. Sometimes you may be the only one who would prefer the group to stop gossiping. Keep going in these situations.

Why is justice important?

Without justice, other people can be harmed. There is insecurity and innocent people suffer.

Affirmation for justice

Read this out loud or to yourself:

Justice is important to me. I act in a fair manner. I find out for myself what the truth is so I can form my own opinion. I also stand up for the rights of others and my own rights.

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