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The Butterfly Effect Explanation: Change The World!

The Butterfly Effect Explanation: Change The World!

What is the butterfly effect? In this article we discover how we can use the butterfly effect to positively change the world. Read along…

The butterfly effect simply explained

There are several ways to explain the butterfly effect. One of the most popular ways is as follows: the butterfly effect means that when you do something small, big effects can come. Thanks to this insight, you no longer have to think: ‘It has no effect on the world whether I eat vegetarian or not: there are millions of people who still eat meat …’

Improve the world? That will never work on your own!

Can something as small as a butterfly have a big effect all over the world? There are thousands, millions of those bugs. That makes no difference, does it? What about us humans? We are billions. Then it doesn’t matter whether I think about the environment, eat vegetarian and clean up waste from the ground, does it? A fair thought, but it is not necessarily true …

On the contrary: you have a huge influence on the world with the butterfly effect

butterfly effect explanation

It is a simple calculation. Every person comes into contact with about 1,000 acquaintances and friends in his life. And all those acquaintances and friends also have 1,000 acquaintances and friends per person. So through 4 people you are in contact with 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 = 10 billion people. That’s the whole planet.

All those 1,000 acquaintances and friends have had a certain impression of you, and they have been influenced by it. So it is very easy to send a certain positive energy into the whole world. This website is one of my actions to make the world a bit more loving this way!

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.
– Aesop

How can you improve the world with the butterfly effect?

Now that you know that your actions do have a huge effect on the world, you can put this into action. The here-and-now is the most powerful way you can transform the world with love. Because if you are connected to the here-and-now, you will naturally ‘receive’ inspiration and automatically start taking actions that influence the world in a positive way.

Kind words to a stranger can result in kind words to at least 10 people. You initiate a ‘ripple effect’.

Remember: we are connected to the whole world through 4 people. It’s super easy to influence the whole world with your expression of love ! It is very simple and simple: bring your message to 4 people. Your light activates my light, and my light activates someone else’s light, and it continues endlessly. It is a gift that is given forever.

Changing the world? That starts in your own street, district or village. This ultimately has a major effect on the rest of the city and the country.

So what should we do? Let our light shine! For example by laughing a lot, giving warmth, breathing, taking time off, taking a walk … Do the things your soul deserves. Because you are an important, beautiful and indispensable light in this world, and we don’t want to burn it out.

The little things do make a difference

On the beach in Zeeland you can find various shellfish washed up. A friend of mine threw them all back into the sea one by one, to which I said, ‘There are thousands, millions of those critters. Who cares if you save a few? ‘ He replied, ‘For this one it does make a difference. And for this one too. ‘

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.
– Brandy Snyder

The little things you do certainly have a big effect.

How do you view the butterfly effect?

Let us know in the comments how you experience the butterfly effect.

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