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Overcoming Anxiety? 89 Tips Against Anxiety [Directly Applicable]

Overcoming Anxiety? 89 Tips Against Anxiety [Directly Applicable]

What are the best tips for overcoming anxiety?  How can you overcome fearful thoughts, including the complaints that go with them? You can deal with anxiety in many ways – and of course it can be done without medication. Here you will find tips, books and quotes to overcome your anxiety step by step …

Do you have anxiety or even an anxiety disorder? This can have many unpleasant consequences in your life, such as lower self-esteem. If you don’t let go of your fear and don’t dare to do anything, you will end up empty-handed. So let’s read some tips and lessons about it here …

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All ways to overcome anxiety: tips & exercises against fear and insecurity

Fear can paralyze us and make us dwell in our lives, but there are ways to deal with it. What to do about fear and panic? Overcoming fear actually comes down to two main ways. You will read it first below, plus extra tips …

Fear lies. Learn to overcome it.

Tip 1 – Fear arises when something is unknown or unclear, so make it clear: what are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? Explain clearly and concretely what you are afraid of. No vague descriptions. Be specific.

Also look deeper and expose to yourself what deeper fear there is. What is the underlying greatest fear? What’s the worst that could happen?

Known basic fears are:

  • Performance anxiety.
  • Fear of criticism.
  • Poverty.
  • Loss of loved ones.
  • Health.
  • Old age.
  • Death.
  • Does not comply.
  • Judgments and opinions of others.
  • That nobody loves us.
  • Not to provide for basic needs such as appreciation and recognition.

What is your fear exactly? Take it out of the obscurity, make it clear, and it will be less scary right away. Personally, I have a special document on my computer in which I write down everything I am afraid of and what bothers me.

Do you feel fear? Turn it into curiosity.

Tip 2 – Process old fear … because all fear is old fear!

fears tips

The main way to resolve fear is to process old fear. All pain is old pain. All fear is old fear. Just look at these examples:

  • There are women who fear dating again, not because they can’t find anyone, but because their previous relationship was so painful.
  • There are men who do not want to marry their partner, not because there is no love, but because their parents are divorced and they fear the same fate.
  • There are people who are afraid to start something new, not because they had no talent but because of previous failures.
  • There are those who are afraid of being happy now because it brought tears last time.
  • There are people who don’t follow their dream because of old self-doubt, self-criticism, beliefs and fears.

How can you process old fear? The biggest way is to regress to where the fear originated. That means that you go back to that moment in your mind. One way to do a regression is, for example, The Journey.

Tip 3 – Dealing with fearful thoughts? Face your fear just by doing it

One way that is just as important: do you fear. Are you afraid of flying? Then get on a plane. Are you afraid of jumping off a diving board? Then jump off a diving board. Are you afraid to ask someone out? Then ask someone out. In short: step out of your comfort zone – and make a ‘stretch’.

Losing fear is putting it in your pants. Winning fear is: going to do it with wet pants. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Courage is action + fear. So don’t let the fear hold you back. When you do what you were afraid of, something special happens. Do you want excuses or results? So do it!

By facing your fear, you have opened yourself up to a love big enough to keep your fearful ego at bay.
– Tara Brach

What we fear is usually the most important thing to do.
– Tim Ferris

It’s helpful to do this with help, but the important thing is that you do it. Someone who has jumped off the springboard once, immediately wants to again and again!

You have to do what you think you cannot do.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

It also improves your skills in that skill – and we know: the better prepared you are, the more experience you have and the better you can do something, the less fear you will feel.

Competence transforms fear into positive behavior.

Moreover, you will discover an extra pleasant surprise after you have done it once: in retrospect it was not that scary at all and it was not too bad!

You have to face your fear sooner or later, so why not today?

In short: Fear lies. Be vulnerable. See fear as an opportunity to tackle something. “I want to be in the arena! Don’t be on the sidelines!”

Do what you fear until you are free.

Tip 4 – Do not fear the fear, but accept and  feel  it

dealing with fear

The above two ways are enough for anxiety healing. However, this third way is an important attitude to life in order not to keep tormenting yourself …

And that way is, don’t be afraid of the fear. Instead, be ‘just anxious’. It’s enough to just be afraid. If you also fear the fear, then you only put yourself in a terrible ‘hell’!

Love the fear and it will go away.

So just sit or lie down, let the fear be there and shower the fear with love so that it can come out all the way.

The trick is to allow your fear, to feel and to share that you are afraid. Fighting a feeling of fear or anxiety only makes her stronger.
– Jan Geurtz

So don’t just Facebook about it, collect information and share it with others … Stop talking about it and do the difficult thing by just sitting down with your fear , and then it’s over!

Everyone has anxiety – to varying degrees – but everyone has it. Anxiety is normal. There is nothing wrong with fear. What is something wrong with? With becoming paralyzed and apathetic as a result of the fear.

What if I feel fear? Say: I’m scared. And feel nice and scared. Surrender to it and let go of your control. Make peace with fear. Never try to get over it – especially with information and flights.

Feel your fear and then follow your soul. Do it anyway, despite the fear … Feel the fear and do it anyway.  It is not fear itself that holds you back and freezes you, it is the hiding of fear that freezes you. It takes too much energy and literally freezes you.

The situation may be scary for you, but it is not actually dangerous. Think of it as a game. Never as a test.

In short: anxiety is very normal. It’s just an emotion. Process it with the tips from this article  or with timeline therapy . You may just sit together with the fear for several hours or days, after which it will disappear. And the first three days after the fear is gone are difficult because it is goodbye to what you thought you were. However, from day four you get new ideas and feelings that make the old fear forget.

Fear is a counselor and not necessarily a bad one.

By inviting the feeling of that fear to emerge and by feeling it so intensely, you are engaged in a kind of healing meditation. See next tip …

Fear is the desire to direct the future.

Tip 5 – Overcoming fear with attention: mindfulness and meditation to let go of fear

mindfulness for anxiety

Mindfulness works against fear. How? By sitting in front of it specifically to feel your fear. In this way you are mindful of your fear and you are no longer having fear of the fear through a second layer . Then you really just have fear. And that is all that is needed.

Do not judge. Don’t make it worse in your head than it is. Stick to the facts.

Also with meditation you let go of fear because you become a spectator of the fear. And that spectator, or witness, is ‘peace itself’ (just as easy to say). And how welcome is it to be in touch with that ‘peace itself’ instead of fear? In fact, that is actually who you really are, while fear creates all kinds of schemes to make you think that you are the fear.

Fear is the only problem ever. However, it disappears when you ask your higher self (peace itself) to interpret all your problems.

If necessary, do a ‘meditation’ by feeling:

  1. For example, just take a short detour.
  2. In the meantime, say out loud what you fear ( as is done with the EFT technique ).
  3. Take a deep breath.  You cannot be anxious and take a deep breath at the same time. That is biologically impossible.
  4. Then notice something and pay attention to it, such as a tree or children playing.
  5. Look at the fear thought from a distance and explore the fear thought with these four questions from Byron Katie.
  6. Finally, ask your soul, with your hand on your heart, what you need to know now ( the answer could be an affirmation, for example ).

Tip 6 – Anxiety is just a thought, so it’s not real – The solution? Increase your energy!

Fear is purely a thought – and thoughts are not real. So fear is not real.

You were born with only two fears: the fear of falling from something and the fear of loud noise. Everything else has been learned – and that’s a lot of work!
– Richard Bandler

So … how do you calm your thoughts? There are two gigantic steps you can take to calm your thoughts …

Because what are some major causes of anxiety? Lack of energy, rest and sleep. Poor nutrition and too little physical exercise also play a role. And not only physical fatigue causes anxiety – also mental fatigue, or burnout.

Fear and doubt can take over because of a low energy level. Then you are susceptible to it. If you are powerful, you can take on the world, you are not afraid and you have a lot of self-confidence.

FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Create the peace and energy to arm yourself against this.

Tip 7 – Do not always say that you have fear … What is more important than fear?

overcome fear how

Just by saying, “It’s hard for me to let go of fear,” you’ve just picked up fear. You just gave power to fear. It actually has no power.

When I say, “It’s hard for me to let go of fear,” then I have to “pick up” the fear in order to talk about it.

Therefore, determine what is more important than fear. What would you rather pick up? What gives you strength? Fear and strength both  require that you believe in something you cannot see. What gets your focus is your choice. Choose wisely.

Don’t empower fear. Give it to joy and love. How much power do you give fear that has held you back in your life?

Fear is our signal to focus on what we want. The fear arises because you have no clear goal. What do you want? What do you think is really important? Love is stronger than fear.

Fear is not part of who you are. You just have an addictive habit of taking the fear every day and empowering it.

Tip 8 – Fear is an obstacle, so analyze the obstacle and find a solution to overcome it

Fear is an obstacle between you and a wish. So ask yourself:

  • What is that wish that fear is an obstacle to?
  • What exactly is that fear thought? What is that thought that is an obstacle? What is stopping you from doing what you really want to do? Also ask critical questions about these obstacles: What would you be able to do if those fears no longer affected you?
  • What tools – inside and outside of me – can I use to overcome that fear thought?
  • Where am I now?

You can use this coach model to cover the above four points in detail .

The only limitation of the mind is the limitation it imposes on itself.
– Napoleon Hill

Fear is a logical feeling with an as yet unsolved problem – a question for which you do not yet have an answer. So do research and find the answer to solve the problem.

But then again, analyzing fear and coming up with answers is not enough … that fear can still come back, even if you have found answers to all your problems. To address anxiety on a deeper, lasting level, check out the following tip …

Tip 9 – Overcoming fear with hypnosis (via the reframing technique)

Hypnosis is an excellent way to resolve fear by maintaining the positive intention of fear and creating new choices to express that positive intention in a different way.

The positive intention of fear is to protect you, to take care of you. We want to keep that intention. The technique for this is reframing in combination with hypnosis .

Also instruct your subconscious mind to just listen to your higher self and ignore your fear based ego / mind. Make it a mantra that you repeat throughout the day, in the shower, in your prayers, when you go to bed, in the car, during the dishes … “Subconscious, my higher self is in charge. Subconscious, only listen but my higher self. “

Tip 10 to 58 – Use these 49 self-confidence tips

process and resolve fear

Here you will find 49+ tips to increase your self-confidence. Fear is a lack of confidence. It’s a lack of confidence in yourself, and that’s why we don’t trust life. We do not trust that we are taken care of at a higher level: Universal Intelligence.

Tip 59 to 87 – Fear is ego … Read these 37 tips and insights about the ego

Fear is the ego. They are almost synonyms of each other. If you could sum up the ego in one word, it would be fear. Read 37+ tips and insights about the ego here.

All we have to fear is fear itself.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tip 88 – Overcome fear? Also check out these 142 tips against depression (more relevant than it seems …)

As you have read earlier in this article, all fear is old fear that you hold on to and repress, or ‘depress’. Here you will find 142+ tips against depression so that you feel free!

Tip 89 – Go to the doctor

The doctor will ask questions, or have you fill out a questionnaire, which will help the doctor determine how bad your anxiety is. The doctor will then make a referral if necessary.

Tip 90 – Learn these books about anxiety

Finally, check out this book list of books about anxiety.

Finally, what are the characteristics of fear?

The book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ identifies a number of characteristics of fear that are not tender. Do the following characteristics apply to you?


  • Comes from – and causes even more – indecision and doubt.
  • Squeezes all the charm out of your personality.
  • Makes concentration impossible.
  • Destroys your imagination.
  • Undermines your enthusiasm.
  • Leads to aimlessness.
  • Kills your confidence.
  • Destroys your ability to think clearly and carefully. Paralyzes your ability to use your mind.
  • Clouds your memory.
  • Leads to insomnia.
  • Leads to accidents.
  • Destroy your persistence.
  • Sabotages your willpower.
  • Stops your ambition.
  • Attracts failure and even disaster.
  • Kills love.
  • Discourages friendship.
  • Leads to indifference: lack of ambition and, on the contrary, leads to a willingness to accept poverty and accept any reward that is offered you indiscriminately.
  • Mental and physical laziness. Lack of initiative, enthusiasm and self-control.
  • Indecision and Doubt: Flight behavior, excuses, jealousy, criticism.
  • Worrying: comments about others, scowling looks, nervousness, lack of self-confidence, addiction.
  • Extreme caution: Especially seeing the negative sides of every situation. Thinking in terms of failure instead of success. Being able to name all possible disaster scenarios, but not thinking about solutions. Waiting forever for the right time to start, when that moment will never come. Only being able to think of negative examples. Pessimism. Making excuses not to do something.
  • Passing on responsibilities.
  • Compromise instead of fighting for what you really want.
  • Avoiding difficulties instead of tackling them and using them as intent to grow and move forward.
  • Make backup plans for when your plan fails.
  • Lack of a clear goal, initiative, self-confidence, enthusiasm, ambition and common sense.
  • Expect poverty instead of wealth.
  • Fear is synonymous with ego, so do you recognize yourself in the characteristics of the ego?

Scroll up again and test the tips. To your success!

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