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NLP Technique For Negative Thoughts [Release Negative Internal Dialogue]

NLP Technique For Negative Thoughts [Release Negative Internal Dialogue]

Have you ever been held back by your own negative thoughts? Do you suffer from that negative thinking about yourself? In this article you will learn a simple and effective technique to let go of, break through, redirect and neutralize those negative thoughts. Read on and take power from your inner critic …

How do you turn negative thoughts around? Use this simple technique

You will learn a powerful technique for addressing the inner critical voice. The technique is simple, but extremely effective. Are you ready to let go of the inner critic? Let’s start…

Let’s start with the video version of this negative thought technique

Dismantle the inner critic? The written technique

So this technique is about your inner dialogue, or all those negative thoughts. The technique is very simple: simply give your internal dialogue a crazy voice. This is a well-known NLP technique to solve negative worry:

The technique goes like this: hear a worrying thought of yourself and repeat it aloud a few times.

  • Repeat it several times with two fingers in your nose.
  • Repeat it in the sexiest – maybe even German – voice you have. This variant was brilliantly conceived and demonstrated by Marco Honkoop.
  • Repeat it in another crazy voice.

This is a submodality technique. For more information about submodalities: see this article.  By distorting the voice of the negative thoughts, you reframe it as non-serious, causing the negative thoughts to lose their power.

Variation: now with a sweet voice

After the above technique has taken effect, it might be nice to return a few weeks later to talk to yourself encouragingly and helpfully in a sweet self-voice .

Which child wants to listen to a loud criticizing voice? How would you encourage a friend? Why not encourage yourself in the same way?

Talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend: sweet. Otherwise (self-) criticism is a threat, and that causes your physical protection mechanisms to engage. Those protective mechanisms make you work harder for a while, but it comes at the expense of charisma and your ability to enjoy yourself. In short: talk nice to yourself.

Treat your negative thoughts with positive phrases: affirmations … and action!

letting go of negative thoughts

Also affirmations make sure you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

However … you are still working with affirmations at the thought level , while the action level is even more effective in breaking through old (thinking) patterns. Therefore, read this paragraph in another article of mine about breaking through old patterns. You cannot break through your old thinking patterns with … more thinking patterns. With action!

How do you take action? By doing pattern breaks and getting into your body.

Also read this article about worrying and meditation

 You should be satisfied with the above methods, but this article about worrying goes much more into detail about how to deal with negative thoughts and a critical inner dialogue.

Observing your thoughts – ‘meditation’ – is also very useful. When you notice that your inner critic is starting to criticize, let her pause for a moment. Look at it from a distance and remind her that whatever you do or not do, you are still worthy and valuable

On your luck!

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