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Stop comparing yourself to others constantly [Tips]

Stop comparing yourself to others constantly [Tips]

Constantly comparing yourself to others … “Other people are always better…” Why do we have these thoughts and why do we compare ourselves to others? Read this article and stop comparing yourself to others.

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

One of the recurring stumbling blocks in your life could be comparing with others. Maybe you found yourself elevating others, and maybe you noticed that I didn’t feel good about yourself.

Perhaps this made you doubt yourself more quickly, it made you more insecure and you often did not feel very good about yourself when you were around (these) people.

Use the tips below to let go of this more and more, to feel better and to appreciate yourself more for who you are and what you can do. Maybe this will give you even more respect for your own growth process and the growth process of other people.

Tip 1 – Just fulfill your own dream… There is nothing to compare

You are unique as a person and the goals you want to pursue are completely unique . They belong especially to you. Someone else may be better than you at football, and you are better at basketball because that is your unique goal: you are better at others in other aspects of life. And that doesn’t matter either.

Moreover, everyone has different priorities and values and everyone is at a different point in life . Some entrepreneurs may be further ahead in terms of their sales or sales figures, but they may not have time to travel at all and they may not be in a relationship.

Your own life revolves around your own journey. This is your path. Make the most of it and enjoy when your path is crossed with the path of other people, but what is the point of comparing your path to the path of the other?

Don’t strive to get better than others. Strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Be concerned with improving yourself. In the areas that call you to understand: your path , your dream!

❌ Don’t’s: Believe the hype, get distracted by the glamorous lives people share on Instagram, compare yourself to everyone else, worry about how much progress you’ve made.

✅ Do’s: Stay true to yourself, work hard, stay motivated when everything falls apart, remember that breakthroughs happen when we least expect them.

Tip 2 – Delete the comparative and the superlative degree from your vocabulary

compare yourself to others

Are you talking about people? Then stick to the positive degree (nice). For example, if you want to encourage your children, never say that they are more beautiful, better, the most beautiful or the best. Always say they are beautiful and good, without using the comparative and superlative degree.

Tip 3 – Focus on your own path, otherwise you will stumble

If you want to keep running forward, looking to the right or to the left, you will lose focus and you will simply stumble … Therefore, stay focused on yourself and on your own path. Everyone’s finish line is in a different place.

Don’t do something because – like the others – you also need a Ferrari. Do something because it makes you happy. That’s how you measure your success!

There is nothing wrong with not being the richest or smartest person in the room or not having the same experiences as other people. You just need to find out what makes you successful and you shouldn’t care about what other people say.

Only look at what makes you happy. One person becomes happy doing business, the other happy working from 9 to 5, then eating with the family and then going to the park together. If that means happiness to you: great! Then do that more often!

It is not that someone’s success is at the expense of you and your path.

Tip 4 – Those things that you are comparing are often the most nonsensical things

Are you often comparing yourself to others? It is almost always about the nonsense, superficial things. Just think about it: you look at how much money someone earns, the appearance of the other person, the white teeth …

It is rarely the case that you are comparing at the moment how loving, generous, or grateful the other is. Work on your self-confidence to stop making those superficial things a problem.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side… because it’s fucking fake.
– Populair gezegde

Tip 5 – The only exception when you can compare yourself to others is to get inspired

For example, use comparing yourself to others as a ‘wake up call’ or use it in another way as inspiration to bring yourself to a higher frequency. This is a constructive way of comparing yourself to others, and you can!

There is a great danger in using other people’s measures to measure … Your self-esteem, your impact, your priorities and your happiness then put you at risk. Feel free to take inspiration from everyone and in the meantime remember: just because someone else is good at living their own life doesn’t mean that person is good at living your life.

To your success!

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