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How to reduce stress? 181 anti-stress tips you didn’t know

How to reduce stress? 181 anti-stress tips you didn’t know

Do you want to learn to deal with stress in order to experience less stress? Are you looking for anti-stress tips to reduce (chronic) stress? Here you will find the best exercises and tips against stress and tension. Read on for all 181 tips. Stay tuned!

Many people experience stress at work, during exams and many people just don’t know why. What they do know: “The stress drives me crazy.” How can you respond to (emotional) stress and put it away from you? Let’s get straight to the tips

Tip 1 – Do this extremely simple, practical Japanese technique

View this ancient calming technique against stress below and simply imitate it.

Tip 2 – Stress at work? Ask exactly what your role is

A lot of people say, “I have stress but I don’t know why.” Maybe this is the answer that explains everything …

If you experience stress at work, it is in most cases due to role insecurity. So let your boss lay down exactly the framework to you about what is expected of you and what should not be expected of you. In short: make sure you create certainty about your role.

Tip 3 – A good night’s sleep works wonders

Get one excellent night. If necessary, go to bed at 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM, just for once. The next morning you feel great at 5:00 (or earlier) and the problem doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Tip 4 – Best way for stress management? Follow your heart (again)

This is where things often go wrong. By not thinking about the most important thing – your heart desire – you create all kinds of problems that are not important.

Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of those problems in one go. How? By putting what your heart wants first. By keeping an eye on your real, own goal. Then you will automatically stop the problematic things that keep you from your goal.

Stress is a message that you are losing touch with your heart. Read here how to reconnect yourself with your heart.

Say what you feel and feel what you say.

Tip 5 – Are you often worried? Put your life on paper

less stress

Don’t just make a to-do list. Put everything in your life on paper. Make about three sections:

  • Urgent: what should be done as soon as possible ?
  • To do: what should be done in the short term ?
  • Wish list: what do you want to have done that is not in a hurry ?
  • While you’re at it, make a complete vision board for your ideal daily life.

Does that create a little more peace?

Tip 6 – Want to de-stress? Educate yourself about worrying

Worry and stress are strongly linked. Read here how to calm your head and stop worrying.

Tip 7 – Use anti-stress toys

Reduce stress? During your breaks, take off your shoes and just put the bottom of your foot on one of those little balls with studs. Or use other anti-stress products.

Tip 8 – The solution can be so simple: listen to relaxing music

Many people immediately experience peace when they listen to soothing music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be new age music or mantra music , but that kind of music is specially made for relaxation and a feeling of peace.

Tip 9 – You can solve stress by living simpler: delete and throw away

best stress tips

There are two things you can cut and throw away to live a stress-free life:

1. Throw away stuff
It is quite logical: if you come across stuff and frills all over your house, it doesn’t exactly calm your head. If you start throwing things away so that you have so little things in your house that you almost never have to clean up again, it is a good sign that you live in an environment that encourages peace of mind.

2. Cancel appointments & responsibilities
Getting rid of things is not the only thing that solves stress. You must also delete non-material ‘stuff’. You just have to rigorously scrap activities and appointments that bring you little but which cost a lot of stress.

The most common way to bring problems into your life is to take problems from others and turn them into your own. However, this is also the least logical way to bring problems into your life. Stop doing this. Delete that trade.

Read here how you can live more simply and ‘relax’.

Tip 10 – Reduce stress? Be proactive in life

Do you know what another big cause of stress is? Label the outcome of events beyond your control as undesirable. Stop this and develop a proactive attitude to life.

Tip 11 to 34 – Take care of yourself in the following ways …

It makes sense to many people. Have you had a busy day or week? Then you go to the sauna. For some people, extra inspiration is very welcome to take care of yourself. You will find that inspiration in this article with 24 tips to choose for yourself.

Tip 35 – Get out of your head, into your body with these 251 tips

in your body against stress

Often medicines, homeopathic pills (and logical thinking at all) are not nearly as powerful a solution as contact with your body and your feelings. The body is the natural remedy for stress and sports, for example, is an excellent medicine! Here you will find 251 tips to get into your body.

Tip 36 – Do you know what kind of people are stress resistant? Down to earth people who can put things into perspective!

We can learn a lot from those down to earth people, no matter how boring they can be at times. When it comes to stress, they have their affairs in order. Here you can read exactly what it means to put things into perspective and here you can read what it is like to be a down-to-earth Dutch person.

In a year’s time, what you are stressing about now will no longer have any value.

Tip 37 to 181 – Test these 154 burnout tips

Stress creates adrenaline and if that happens too often, the complaints can turn into burnout and even fear. Here you will find the 154+ burnout tips.

On your luck!

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