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NLP Disadvantages You Didn’t Know (& Benefits) [Shocking]

NLP Disadvantages You Didn’t Know (& Benefits) [Shocking]

What are the disadvantages of NLP ? And what are the advantages? In this article, you can read what can go wrong when you want to get started with NLP. Read on for the arguments against NLP…

The disadvantages of NLP

cons of enp article

  • Nobody really knows exactly what NLP is. One puts up a chique pseudo-scientific story about nervous systems and the brain, another emphasizes that it is for more effective communication and another talks about ‘being in your power’. All very vague. That’s because NLP is no longer a protected term and has ended up in the public domain.
  • Many people confuse training with coaching. They participate in an NLP training and then want to solve all kinds of personal problems in that training. However, a training is to learn skills. Let’s make it clear once and for all: if you want to solve your own themes and achieve your own goals, you should take 1-on-1 coaching. If you want to develop your skills, you have to take an education and do the homework that goes with it.
  • Many people make a complex equivalence between NLP and coaching, while coaching is just one of the many applications of NLP. They follow an NLP training and almost automatically become a coach, while that is not necessarily something they had the talent or experience for.
  • There are many different NLP techniques, so that your learning process never seems to end.
  • There is a chance of commercial sectarianism  among the participants. In other words, keep coming back for seminars. This is more likely than if you were to follow a normal course in behavioral or communication styles. However, that is entirely your own fault. NLP companies – just like any other company – simply use newsletters to sell you further training.
  • Also located meta go about NLP lurking. In other words, talk mainly about NLP instead of mainly applying NLP. NLP is really meant as a tool to be applied continuously, so that you help yourself and others in your life, goals and social interactions. It is therefore the intention that you apply NLP without saying that you are applying NLP. Many newbie NLP students fall prey to this tendency, even though the intention is never to say, “Besides, I just used NLP.”
  • Like all spiritual disciplines, it cannot be followed within the framework of an MBO, HBO or WO study. So you will not receive bachelor’s credits: it is an investment in yourself.
  • More disadvantages can be found in this article about the bad aspects of personal development and this article about criticism of NLP.

You can read about how to arm yourself against the disadvantages of NLP in this article about successfully applying NLP.

The benefits of NLP

benefits of nlp

In addition, the benefits of NLP are described in abundance on the information pages of various coaches, courses and educators. This often comes down to:

  • More understanding for yourself and others.
  • Control over your emotions. Being able to deal with fears and many other complaints can be solved. 
  • Becoming more goal-oriented: setting goals and achieving results.
  • Invoke all the qualities you want, for example self-confidence, control, assertiveness, etc.
  • Empathy and empathy: recognize and respond to thoughts and emotions in others. NLP is also sometimes called the ‘study in subjectivity’. 
  • Congruence: connecting what you think, feel and do.
  • Report: Communicate powerfully with others. Connect quickly and deeply and build trust.
  • Motivate yourself and others.
  • Changing habitual behaviors.
  • Make better choices.
  • Learning to relax.
  • Modeling: Learning from an Idol.
  • More advantages of NLP can be found in every information page of a course or coaching about NLP.

On your luck!

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