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Noble Silence: Why It Is So Powerful [Inspiration]

Noble Silence: Why It Is So Powerful [Inspiration]

Maybe you have discovered the power of noble silence and maybe you want to introduce more silence into your life. In this article we will discuss the power of silence – and as some say so beautifully, noble silence. Read along…

A story about the power of silence

Read the story below about the power of silence:

A nun was visited by two travelers. “Why should we be quiet?”  The nun drew a bucket of water from the well. “Look down the well and tell me what you see.” “What should we see?” The water was restless.  The sister asked again after a few minutes , “Look again in the well and tell me what you see.” “We see the reflection of ourselves.”

That is the power of silence. The bucket in the water made it restless for a while. But when the water settled, they could see themselves. You can see Yourself through the silence of meditation. To be precise: yourself with a capital letter.

“Take another look in the water. What else do you see?” “We see the stones at the bottom.” The nurse nodded and smiled. “If you wait long enough and become one with the silence, you can see the essence of everything. Your mind is like water. In agitation it is difficult to see through the surface. In complete tranquility everything becomes clear . Do not understand the silence. because that would be more chatter. You can only experience it when the mind becomes silent . “

When peace returns to the water, clarity arises and you can fathom your innermost thoughts.

– Heard on the Master Your Mindset Podcast

Noble silence: be alert and present in the silence

noble silence

Eckhart Tolle describes noble / noble silence as follows: be present in the silence. Otherwise it’s just silence. In other words: love the silence and be amazed at everything you perceive in it.

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