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Consciousness: meaning, explanation & simple insights [19 tips]

Consciousness: meaning, explanation & simple insights [19 tips]

What is consciousness (from philosophy / psychology / spirituality)? And what is the difference between consciousness and self-consciousness? These terms look alike, yet there is a very important difference in their meaning. Learn all the insights about consciousness in this article…

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Being self-conscious is different from consciousness: these are their meanings …

First, let’s put these two things together so that we know what we’re talking about.

  • Self-consciousness:  This is the kind of consciousness where there is still an object at play that you are aware of. Namely the ‘self’ with a small letter: the ego, or your personality. Too high self-awareness can have unpleasant consequences. We will discover that later in this article.
  • Consciousness: This is ‘consciousness itself’, or alert consciousness without objects and without judgment. Other words to indicate this are for example: presence, mere consciousness, or mere being. In the remainder of this article we will use the label ‘ mere consciousness ‘.

In the next section, we will look at a metaphor to identify the difference between these two concepts. A hint: there is a big pitfall if you are self-conscious. You could label self-consciousness as the “weaker” of the two and mere consciousness as the “stronger” of the two. You need an extra quality to transcend self-awareness and become merely aware. What is that quality then? We will go into that after the metaphor…

What is self-consciousness / self-awareness? Take the example of the swordsman

What does ‘to be self-aware’ mean? Suppose you are a swordsman. As a swordsman, if you are constantly trying to be alert, you are constantly thinking about being alert, and then you are hopeless prey to the enemy. Because you are actually not alert: you just think about being alert.

With this state of mind, in which the mind is involved, decisions have to be made and there is a voice in your head, called self-awareness.

What is Mere Consciousness? Then the swordsman is absolutely at his best

awareness self awareness difference

If a top athlete has delivered a world performance and then gives an interview, what do you always hear? When they are at their best, they say afterwards, “It happened without my noticing. It seemed it wasn’t even me doing it!’

And that’s exactly what happened! They no longer think about themselves, they have no ‘attitude’ or personality and they have no self-judgment and no fear of themselves. They don’t feel any pressure because of this. They are ‘(mere) consciousness’. No self-awareness. They have no thoughts: all the pressure you feel comes from the thoughts about the situation. Not about the situation itself.

Are you in a state of pure consciousness? Then life becomes shockingly simple.

In self- awareness there are still all kinds of ‘things’ that take up space, such as the voice in your head. As a result, there is not really room to create new things or react to all kinds of new things. Mere consciousness, on the other hand, is ‘nothingness’, from which everything can arise. You are absolutely at your best when there is only consciousness left when ‘yourself’ (ego) is gone. The personality then gets out of the way, releasing infinite energy.

You become nothing, and you become nobody. You become pure consciousness. You forget you have a body and you transcend time. You are in the here and now (where you can arrive with meditation ).

At such a moment, the swordsman’s brain begins to work in an extremely coherent and organized manner. The left and right hemispheres synchronize and become one. Different compartments of the brain work together and begin to unite, even with the hormones of stress, creating many more connections in the brain. The swordsman does not think or make decisions, but he knows and just does. He feels ‘whole’.

The swordsman does not have to make decisions. He often just knows when he is consciousness: he ‘tunes in’ to the intelligence of the universe. He doesn’t have to keep thinking through everything. What we call a decision is the 1% of our experience in which we don’t flow.

During his world record , Max Verstappen became the car and he was driving. It is one process. At that point, he is not self-aware of what he is doing. He is mere consciousness.

When the personality is on the side, you no longer think about people, things, problems, places, your pain or your body. In this place, all possibilities exist in potential. This is the quantum field. Here you can create something out of nothing, and here the law of attraction is in effect.

While the mic makes its way, we remain present – not waiting for anything to happen.
– Eckhart Tolle during a seminar, while a microphone was brought to a participant

In short: pure consciousness is nothingness, so that anything can arise. Everything is possible in that nothingness.

How do you recognize mere consciousness?

Deepak Chopra mentions two signs by which you can recognize that you have arrived in mere consciousness:

  • Everything seems to work for you and everything seems to work. You experience meaningful coincidences in your life and you experience more and more synchronicities . You notice remarkable patterns and opportunities. These are the wonders that top athletes experience when they suddenly achieve a world performance and achieve the impossible.
  • You don’t worry anymore. You don’t worry about anything anymore: there is no pressure. You become carefree, completely joyful and fascinated about everything in life here and now.

When the witness disappears into everything he witnesses, so when awareness disappears into its content and becomes one with it, all that’s left is a deep and total fascination with everything that happens.
– Jeff Foster

How then are you purely aware (instead of self-aware)? 19 tips


There are several ways in which you can experience consciousness. We continue this article with 19 tips that will give you insight into this. A hint: it has everything to do with shapes and space …

Tip 1 – Before we go to consciousness … Self-awareness is also necessary: ​​do not chase away that self-voice, but embrace it

While we could say — using the swordsman’s metaphor — that consciousness is “more powerful” than self-awareness, we should not view self-awareness as a bad thing. Self-awareness is needed. Don’t scare the voice away. Embrace it and change its tone and softness.

It doesn’t take much to be happy without knowing it …

So self-awareness does make sense: we need resonance in our heads. It’s an ultrasound. An echo of something we do that we would not be aware of if there was no echo. Just like the mirror is an echo to your face. Self-awareness is neurological resonance.

Tip 2 – Know the pitfalls of self-awareness (hence awareness is the ‘stronger’ of the two)

awareness and self-awareness

Self-awareness is neurological resonance, but you know how problematic resonance can become if it doesn’t work properly. It just won’t stop. The Erasmus Bridge also resonates, but fortunately not in a problematic way. Self-awareness can get into too high a resonance: some echoes just don’t stop. Then my resonance becomes too high and we call that fear / burnout.

If I’m constantly aware of myself, in a fearful, critical way … Then my resonance gets too high, so I get confused. I keep thinking and thinking and thinking , ‘Had I done the right thing then? Was that good enough …? ‘

The solution is: realize that self-awareness has limits, that it cannot possibly be you error-free. You can happily learn to be spontaneous despite being self-aware. And you can learn to enjoy the ultrasound.

Freud spoke of the ‘oceanic feeling:’ you have learned all the disciplines of your culture and after meditation you become like a child again. You regain the feeling of total oneness with the universe. But this time it is a mature oceanic feeling. You can feel that unity without forgetting the rules of the game: your address, phone number, the name given to you, your social security number … You can play that game when you need to, but you know it is a game .

Tip 3 – How can you be purely aware (instead of self-aware)? Let it happen!

How can the swordsman in the previous example ensure that he is successful? For this he must not be self-aware, but aware.  How can you achieve that? You simply have to be awake and relaxed . Then all your nerve endings are at work. Let’s take a new metaphor for this …

Think of a barrel of water. The water sits quietly in the barrel, but as soon as you make a hole in it, the water is ready to flow out immediately. Likewise, when the mind is calm, when the mind is calm, from whatever direction the feedback is coming, the mind can properly respond immediately.

awareness self awareness difference

You take the middle ground. You don’t expect a fight, from any direction. This is the purely conscious attitude and you also apply it for Yoga . Again: for this you have to make things happen. You can be attentive, focused, alert … But that teaches you how not to do it: it puts you even deeper into the double bonds of the mind . You have to make it happen. Just like putting yourself to sleep. You cannot try to fall asleep. You have yourself to sleep let fall. You cannot digest your food. You have to let it digest.

And in the same way you have yourself let awakening consciousness and freely let his. There is no way to force it. And the only way to realize that for many people is to force it first and have to do the work.

Tip 4 – It takes trust to reach mere consciousness

For mere consciousness without judgment (presence) it is necessary that you have trust: trust in the universe. If you’re not trusting, your ego is at work. The ego is the opposite of trust: fear.

You can ‘trick’ people who don’t want to trust it out of their ego. Just like pushing someone in the deep end. People who don’t dare read dozens of books, do exercises beforehand, practice on dry land, practice postures, until someone pushes them in. And suddenly they are in the water!

Tip 5 – In any case, you cannot achieve pure awareness by ‘adding’ information

find inner peace in yourself

If we want to talk about consciousness, it requires a special word in advance: Can you consider that there may be a truth that cannot be communicated? Can you be open to this opportunity? This article on consciousness points to a dimension in you that is deeper than thoughts and even deeper than emotions. A dimension of consciousness.

Consciousness has nothing to do with adding new concepts to your mind. So this article doesn’t actually work if you expect something to be added to you.  That’s tricky, because we have the unconscious belief that something must  be added to me so that I can be complete and fulfilled, and be completely myself.

We have the unconscious belief that ‘who I am’ is not enough. That is one of the core beliefs of the sense of I created by your thoughts: the ego. It wants more information to be ‘enough’ …

‘I’m not enough yet. I need more to be completely and completely myself. ‘ That entity that wants it will be frustrated reading this article. It is no longer fed with concepts. It wants knowledge, interesting and fascinating ideas it can add! Because then ‘the story of me’ has grown and become a bit bigger. So it doesn’t work that way. Can you put aside that entity that wants more and more? Otherwise, you will not be able to finish this article on consciousness.

I have nothing to teach you in the traditional sense of the word with these tips. We cannot definitively point to consciousness / the explanation of the universe with thoughts or words. If we do, it will only be a small hint of what really matters.

I have nothing to give or add to you, such as new information to the mind, or beliefs. If you wanted to improve yourself at that level, there are many universities for you to go to: to add. If you expect additional information, you will miss the gist of this article.

It is not in the words, but in yourself. You can know and feel what I point to. I point to a deep dimension in you, who you really are. The secret to this transformation is that you don’t have to work for it, and you don’t have to force it. You can allow it to happen.

If, while discovering this article, you feel inner peace and tranquility emerging, this article has fulfilled its role as your teacher.

You cannot ‘read’ this article either. You do it over and over again. When you lose contact with consciousness, you lose contact with yourself. When you lose contact with yourself, you lose yourself in the world again. Peace is the inner space of consciousness. You are that consciousness, disguised as a human. You are that peace itself, disguised as a human being.

You already saw that the word ‘space’ in the previous paragraph was bold. ‘Space’ is a common thread through the rest of the tips …

Tip 6 – Experience awareness? Become aware of space, instead of the shapes in space

inner peace tips

Space is the most powerful gateway to consciousness, because consciousness is literally space . First, let’s clarify the difference between space and shapes. You have space, and you have shapes in space.

  • Shapes are things you can explain and label : physical objects, sounds, knowledge and thoughts.
  • Space is nothingness, silence and emptiness.  The empty middle where everything can be as it is. Everyone has it. It is consciousness in its purest form.

Eckhart Tolle gives us a clear example. If you look at the clear sky at night, you can realize a simple but strong truth. What do you see? The moon, planets, stars, the Milky Way, maybe a comet and maybe another galaxy millions of light years away. But if you make it even simpler, what do you see? Objects floating in space. So what does the universe consist of? Objects and space. There are objects in space, and there is space. That space is the special, infinite, deep … There is no end. You look at infinity.

How much space was Eckhart Tolle talking about? At the speed of light, which is 300,000 km per second, it takes 1 second to reach the moon from Earth. The light from the sun, which is 400 times further away than the moon, takes several minutes to reach us. The light from the star Proxima Centauri (the sun nearest to our sun) travels over it for 4.5 years. And then there is a completely different galaxy! The light from the Milky Way closest to ours takes 2.4 million years. So with the speed of light! Then remember that there are multiple galaxies in our universe, and there are billions of universes.

If you are not completely speechless when you look at space on a clear night, you are not really looking, and you are not aware of the totality of what is there.

What does that mean? If you are not completely speechless when you look at space on a clear night, you are not really looking, and you are not aware of the totality of what is there. You probably only look at the objects. If you have ever felt a sense of wonder at this incomprehensible mystery, it means that you were aware not only of the objects in the space, but also of the space itself.

And then something special happens in you. The external universe is already so big, and there is also an internal universe with objects and space! That is the same enormous space:  the infinite depth of space itself. It’s almost as if space consciousness is saying come home. Because the essence of our being is that consciousness. It is intelligence itself! Out of which all form is born. The entire universe in which we live has also arisen from scratch: what was there before the big bang? There is so much creative power in ‘nothing’, in space.

What does this have to do with experiencing consciousness? Let’s apply this to our daily life. In your daily activities, therefore, also pay attention to the space through a state of alert attention . For example, the space between two thoughts, the space between notes on the piano or a flute, the space between two words so that you are not always waiting for the next word or statement, or the space between two breaths.

Consciousness is paying attention to the space between two thoughts, the space between notes on the piano or a flute or the space between two words.

Then consciousness changes from being aware of an object to mere consciousness itself  before it becomes ‘something’. Someone won’t be able to say anything for three or four hours, and you’d be fine with that. That is ‘being’. That is meditation. That is consciousness.

Tip 7 – You already have consciousness: space! Don’t fill those spaces with your thoughts (ego)


Many people are trapped within the walls of their own thoughts. They go no further than a limited, thought-created self that has been conditioned by the past (the ego). And that ego is fed unhealthily by the outside world that fills the agenda with superficial things. That distracts people from the true beauty that is already within us and does not need to be consumed or bought because we already have it.

All negativity is where ‘(awareness)’ is not.

However, behind every human being there is a dimension that is deeper than that: it is the essence of who we are; Awareness. Spirituality is about this: recognizing and celebrating that we are connected by a force greater than all of us. That connection is mere consciousness because everyone can experience that same consciousness . That connection and strength is grounded in love.

Tip 8 – Sacrificing thoughts and other objects for space? Yes! A simple maths sum …

Now that we know that consciousness has everything to do with space, instead of objects in space, resistance could arise: why should I let go of all my thoughts, knowledge, and other objects? View the simple calculation below:

Suppose you have an empty room with dozens of objects in it. Now you need something and go find it in the room. The chance that the object you are looking for is in that room is present, but limited. It could also be outside the room. If you search everywhere in the room, there is a limit to the number of solutions. There is a limit to the number of objects in the room.

This is a simple sum: “The objects in the room” = “the objects in the room.”

This means that the following sum is also true: ‘The objects in the room’ ≠ ‘everything except the objects in the room’.

If you remove ‘the objects in the room’, you will literally be left with the universe, minus the objects in the room. You then have the universe, with all the associated creativity, skills, creative power and solutions.

The room symbolized your attention. When you fill your attention with problems, there is no room in your attention for anything new, no room for a solution or creativity. So have space in your room so that all the goodness of the universe can flow in, including inner peace!

Tip 9 – Be prepared that the awareness that you create will bring awareness and enthusiasm


From the infinite space, the infinite consciousness, all virtues and qualities, such as love, joy, creativity and permanent inner peace, stem. These virtues arise only from that consciousness. There are a few virtues that become particularly evident when you create space for mere consciousness.

One of those virtues is creativity, and another special virtue is enthusiasm! With the enthusiasm that it now brings, you will notice: you don’t have to do anything yourself. The enthusiasm of the present brings a wave of creative energy. All we have to do is sail the wave.

In contrast to ‘wanting something per se, seeking something, seeking forms’, enthusiasm is not an opponent of something: its behavior does not create winners and losers, it is not confrontational. It is inclusive, not exclusive. It does not have to use, manipulate or use other people, for it is the source of energy itself!

Ego always wants something from someone. Enthusiasm dispenses, from its own abundance.

Enthusiasm doesn’t want anything, because it doesn’t lack anything. It is one with life. And there is a piece of stable but intense space in the middle, where there is peace. The source of everything. It turns an enemy into a friend. It embraces it, and turns the energy into a positive one. Enthusiasm and ego cannot coexist.

Tip 10 – The dimension that is timeless, infinitely unconditioned, is also within you and wants to become aware

consciousness and inner peace

Back to that space where you can look at. Still lying, looking at space … By looking at that infinite depth of space, you must also have found the silence within yourself.

You cannot perceive space with your senses. The essence of space is nothingness. So it cannot exist in the normal sense of the word. Only things form ‘existence’. Even if we call it space , we make it an object. Something in you may be aware of space, but there is nothing in that space to be aware of. When you are aware of space, you are not aware of anything, except consciousness itself, the inner consciousness. The universe then becomes aware of itself through you.

When the eye finds nothing to see, nothingness is seen as space. If the ear finds nothing to hear, that nothingness is seen as silence. When the senses can perceive an absence of form, the formless consciousness that lies behind perception is no longer hidden by form. If you can perceive that space and that silence, something within you is in resonance with it and it is acknowledging that. You then feel that enormous depth of space as your own depth. And you know that that silence that has no form is deeper than what you are, than all the other things (forms) that build the content of your life. Some call it God: formless consciousness, all that is, or ‘being’. Everything else is form.

I realize I exist.

Tip 11 – Can you also find too much awareness? Find a balance between shapes and space


Let’s outline two extremes.

Extreme 1: Some people are so identified with what is happening, so hypnotized by changing forms, so absorbed into the content of their lives, that they have forgotten their essence: they are trapped in ego.

Extreme 2: Others are at the other extreme again: monks and people who decided to remain silent and meditate for the rest of their lives … Sin and useless, because that way they cannot bring their awakening into the world.

We should be concerned with form and space. The world is only half. The kingdom of heaven, infinite life, God, ‘being’, consciousness … That is the other half and comes before form and content. After all, form is not who you are.

Life should be a dance between form and space.

What can you do to find that balance? You can realize pure consciousness by withdrawing from form at certain times. Through you consciousness then awakens from its dream, from its identification with form. For example, by taking your attention away from the mind and drawing it to the inner energy field of your body. By feeling and being in your whole body.

Body awareness keeps you present. Be aware of objects (your body) and also be aware of the fact that you are aware of them; an alert inner stillness in the background. Be in your body, if the master is not home all kinds of uninvited guests can take possession of it.

Tip 12 – See unity and connection: see how everyone is consciousness, instead of seeing shapes and their differences

awareness and inner peace

When you are identified with form, you only see form: then you see difference, ‘otherness’. You then see no realization of connection and unity. Then you cannot recognize the other as one with yourself. There is no realization then that you are an expression of that same one life, that same one consciousness in another temporary form. So the more identified with form. The more suffering and conflict there is.

Evil, or the ego, is being completely identified with form.

However … If you look at the world as consciousness, you see incredible beauty everywhere. You don’t see any difference, but you see unity. This is non-duality.  Let’s explore this further below …

You can then also bring that to your daily activities. Something bigger than you is looking through your eyes, and it is you. Consciousness looks and sees itself. You will also get a strange feeling as if you seem to be looking at yourself because everything is basically you. Everything is an expression of consciousness. 

Knowing others as yourself is the deepest, true meaning of love. Not the sticky kind of love. Love is the realization that there is no ‘other’ , the realization of one: that we are one. We ignore the fact that we are only here for a short while, we are all equal, we are all connected. We feel love, compassion, tolerance, unity and connection.

Behind every person is the essence of who we are; Awareness. Spirituality is about this: recognizing and celebrating that we are connected by a force greater than all of us. That connection and strength is grounded in love.

With sufficient presence and attention, you can feel the silent and alert attention of the divine life essence and the consciousness of spirit in every being, in every life form. Acknowledge it as one with your own essence, and love it as themselves and yourself.

However, most people only see the outer form, unaware of the inner essence, in the same way that they are unaware of their own inner essence. They are guided by their ego and physical form. Rather, we must recognize that we have within ourselves an infinite capacity for connection with all things, that we have daily access to unseen sources of power. Everyone has that.

Tip 13 – Awareness and action are welcome! Create space, because beautiful shapes can arise (and that’s how you change the world)


By paying attention to making infinite space, what you could also call God, consciousness can then move freely through you and express itself. This is done, for example, through a form such as a company or another creation of yours: something you create that affects many people and brings awareness to others.

You can thus be an opening for the evolutionary impulse of the universe / consciousness to enter the world. Anyone you come into contact with will feel that energy and be ignited by it. This is how we can change the world.

Perhaps the dream of losing ourselves in forms should have been dreamed so that revival could take place and God can know himself through the people as God. So that It first lost itself in shape, and then woke up from it. One that waking up is so beautiful. Also read the article about awakening!

Tip 14 – Consciousness is the opposite of form: So don’t look for perfection or stability in forms

consciousness and inner peace

You cannot expect shapes to be perfect, they are not. None of them are. By definition. That is in their nature. So accept that and don’t demand perfection. All shapes are not stable. We just don’t know, because it’s an illusion that shapes seem stable. Between the atoms of a fixed shape, such as a table, there is a gigantic amount of empty space.

All matter (objects) consists of 99.9999% empty space. Our body is also almost completely empty space. Form is an illusion.

Sooner or later everyone’s shape and other shapes in the world will come to an end. Sooner or later shapes will dissolve, and if they don’t dissolve, you dissolve before it happens with those shapes. So it is better to see that fact now than when you are 90 years old.

So (almost) all shapes are unstable. That is a fact of earthly life. Embrace and accept that uncertainty and the uncertainty of ‘not knowing’. We learn: go with the flow. The flow is fluid. Not stable. Be open to uncertainty. Uncertainty of your life situation, for example. We live in fear if we only want to seek our happiness in the worldly, all delusions, status etc. Because sooner or later all forms will change or cease to exist.

All forms die sooner or later. Fortunately, death is the opposite of birth , not the opposite of life. There is circulation, instead of reincarnation: there is always energy that passes into other forms. Therefore, with the death of anything comes holiness and a sense of peace. There is an opening to the formless, infinite. But You have to allow it. And I do not deny that death is also sad in the world of form we now live in, and that tears come when form is dissolved.

We must let go of the ultimate desire for forms: should we not be material? Everything has its place, including worldly things, but relative. It is then relatively important. The only thing that is absolutely important is your being and the space within you. That is the space of God. Form then loses its power to intimidate you and its promise to fulfill you. Fear dissolves. The world is losing its power to give you fear and the promise to fulfill you. In other words, you become free from the world.

Tip 15 – Look for stability in (mental) silence: you were this before you assumed the form of a human being (consciousness)

awareness and inner peace

Let’s take a look at the logic levels of Bateson and Dilts . The lower four levels make a lot of noise, making consciousness impossible. For example, when you are in trouble, there is a lot of chatter in your head. As you get more positive, it gets quieter there. The moment you are yourself, it is completely silent.

Connect yourself to the formless and timeless dimension within yourself. Beyond thoughts, beyond ego. It has no form, therefore we cannot be aware of it with our thinking (thinking is form). You are then yourself, and then you are really stable. Stability means consciousness without thoughts, and is therefore space. Then you are most essential and deeply yourself. When you are still, you are who you were before you temporarily took the form of a human. You are who you will be when the form dissolves. When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporary existence: infinite.

Who is the one asking this question? Who are you? Find out.

Meditation is the means for this. Meditation is about making mindless: emptying it, creating space so that you can be in uptime in your daily activities. You let it happen to you. For example, you don’t resist the thoughts.

Tip 16 – Listen to the voice of the heart: the voice of silence, peace, wisdom and awareness

If you want to feel awareness, you can use a very skilled teacher: your own heart. So read the article on following your heart and connecting with your intuition.

There is a voice that does not use words. Listen.
– Rumi

Tip 17 – Meditate by paying attention to ‘objects (in space) of consciousness’

find inner peace in yourself

By focusing your attention on an object, while knowing that you are aware that you are doing that, allows you to identify with the immense space / consciousness that you actually are. An object has limits, for example things or thoughts. When we are observing such an object, we can discover that we ourselves are not an object in space, but space itself, and are therefore unlimited.

All meditations for the following objects of consciousness are included in  this guided meditation text.  These meditations provide awareness and inner peace.

Tip 18 – Put aside the troubled ego, which sees no unity but distance

awareness and inner peace

Heaven is just here, in our midst, with all the inner peace that comes with it. Jesus: “Blessed are the humble, they will inherit the earth.” With the humble here is meant the ego discharge. They have awakened to their essential true nature as consciousness. And they recognize this essence in all others, in all life forms. They live in a state of surrender, and therefore feel the oneness with the whole and the source.

Tip 19 – Know that you are already consciousness: you just have to return to it

find peace in yourself

You cannot try to raise awareness, it is already there and you can only ruin that (and unfortunately we do that almost constantly). It is already there, so you don’t have to add anything, such as knowledge, otherwise it will be future-oriented again. All it takes: you have to allow it. Allow the moment to be as it is. You already have it, including all the inner peace that comes with it. You just can’t experience it because of all the noise around it; thoughts. You are then divorced, full of problems and conflict. When you turn off your thoughts completely, all your sources and properties come to life.

Conclusion: consciousness is experienced by making use of space

You just read in-depth tips for awareness. Experience  awareness with the tips from this article, and form will then lose its power to intimidate you and its promise to fulfill you. Unrest and fear dissolves. The world is losing its power to give you fear, and the promises it makes. You then radiate inner peace and tranquility: something shines through you. Things are happening and the calm is there that allows it to happen.

Knowing yourself as that peace, quiet and awareness, is freedom ! Free from shapes. Free from the world. Free from yourself as the little me. And then the world becomes a beautiful place. It is then no longer threatening and it loses its properties of promise. It is here now. Your whole essence is here in its fullness now. This will eventually happen to everyone. This is the end of the ancient world, as the Mayan calendar foretold.

And above all: do the following …

Learn now how to increase your awareness by listening to your intuition (click here for all tips!) And find awareness in the here and now . The here-and-now is a portal to space within you, and it is very powerful.

This was the article about the meaning of (mere) consciousness and the difference with self-consciousness. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Annelene

    This is truly true consciousness, mere consciousness and life is yours.
    Thank you very much for this beautiful, clear wording!
    There is a lot of noise in the world around me but I am not that noise if I do not identify with it. However?

    • Rubin Alaie

      Wonderful response Annelene. Indeed. By focusing your attention on the noise, while being aware that you are doing that, allows you to identify with the immense space / consciousness that you actually are.

      It is nutritious to keep doing this daily (meditation).

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for this reminder, immediately feel more space and love and peace. Difficult to stay conscious there!

    • Rubin Alaie

      immediately feel more space and love and tranquility.


      Difficult to stay there consciously!

      That challenge is part of this life in which we also have a ‘self’ …

      At least we can always go back to this …

      immediately feel more space and love and tranquility.