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Non-Striving: Why Is It Powerful & How To Stop Striving

Non-Striving: Why Is It Powerful & How To Stop Striving

Not striving, you’ve probably heard of it. How do you do that, non-striving? And why is it such an important principle? Here you will find the most beautiful texts and quotes about not striving. Read further…

Why is not striving so important?

not striving is nice

Not striving is important because through this you finally find peace, happiness and peace in the here and now. If you do strive for a better future, you will miss the happiness of the here-and-now, while that better future will secretly never come. It’s an illusion. Not striving is one of the principles of mindfulness for a reason.

Don’t strive, but do something

Not striving doesn’t mean you have to become apathetic. On the contrary: it means that you can put more quality in your work and contributions. That quality arises because you are in the here and now.

So we shouldn’t strive, but what should we do? Contribute! Striving is about the outcome, contributing is about the way. You can still be nice and active, but without that layer that tells you: ‘I don’t really want to be here because it will only be really nice later on.’

Don’t expect anything.

But what about a prayer for a happy ending ?

do not strive with prayer

Well, we should no longer strive, but what about a healing prayer, for example? What if I want to send an angel to the surgeon who is operating on my loved one?

The answer to prayer is in prayer itself. Do not say the prayer with the intention that something better  will happen afterwards . Thanks to prayer, the answer has already arisen immediately. Time does not exist at all in the soul world – while you appeal to the soul world with prayer.

The point of this paragraph is: be fully present in your prayer / meditation. Do not use it as a means – as a means of payment – that you use so that God / Universe or angels then give you something in return.

How do you do that? That non-striving? Read these texts and quotes about not striving

This website contains a large number of articles, texts and quotes about non-striving. This is discussed most extensively in the articles below:

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