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How to use telepathy? Simple steps & 89+ tips [Explained]

How to use telepathy? Simple steps & 89+ tips [Explained]

How can you communicate telepathically with others? How can you develop this skill? In this article you will find a meaning of telepathy, simple steps to achieve it and tips on how to get started yourself. Read along…

The meaning of telepathy: communicating outside the 5 senses …

The word ‘telepathy’ is derived from two separate words.

  • The first word is ‘tele’, which stands for distance .
  • The second word is ‘pathie’, which stands for feeling .

So it means that you can send a feeling or thought to another person from a distance. Without using the five known senses or other aids. So you are in the domain of the sixth sense. Another word for this is: your intuition .

Telepathy has also been scientifically proven

Telepathy has been proven through the 100th monkey theory and it is more ‘normal’ than you might think. The primeval humans had to communicate telepathically with each other in some way because no language had yet been invented. They also lived close to nature and used this form of communication to communicate with animals.

Joseph Banks Rhine has also  proven that telepathy exists in his work at Duke University. One of his conclusions was that distance does not matter – so the strength of the telepathic ‘signal’ does not decrease in strength as the distance to be covered increases. Telepathy cannot therefore be compared to the effect of radiation.

This is how you practice it… Explained step by step!

telepathy steps

You can start communicating telepathically in four simple steps :

  1. First, have ‘rapport’ between you and the other person you want to communicate with telepathically. This is also called ‘energetic coupling’. This simply means that you create a good relationship with the other person. You can do this by activating your feelings, calming your mind, relaxing physically and mentally and understanding what people think and feel in an empathic and highly sensitive way.
  2. Next, the key to telepathic communication is to  pretend that you are telepathically gifted. The belief that you can do it is very important: pretend! This is the ultimate (and only) way to send and receive telepathic messages. Telepathy is not a hard science and you shouldn’t want to. When you pretend, you enter the path of fantasy and play. And when you play, your sixth sense plays with you.
  3. Notice what messages, images, or feelings you receive from someone. You can help yourself by creating a visualization of the person you are targeting. Close your eyes and see that person in front of you. Reinforce the feeling you get when the other person is close to you. In this way you can also receive information from this person ‘s aura . The most loved visualization tool now is to imagine a kind of luminous tube that acts as a kind of lineserves, through which you send or receive the messages. Of course you can also think of another visualization object, such as a telephone. Notice what images come to you through that line. You can also get a subtle feeling in your body.
  4. Now the thing to do is trust what you are getting in and say it out loud without censoring yourself.  Don’t filter yourself and say whatever comes to mind. Make as many mistakes as possible . You will often be wrong, and that’s fine. Think of it as a game. You will have to practice, practice and practice again to increase your skills in this.

Practice regularly with these ‘telepathy games’

telepathy games

Continuously play with telepathy. For example in the following ways:

  • Make an appointment with someone: ‘At 10 am I will send you a vibe / thought. See if you can pick him up. ‘
  • Call the server until you get through your vibes when sitting in a restaurant. Draw attention with your aura. Close your eyes when you are in a restaurant. Visualize the server and imagine him or her turning himself or herself, realizing that you are waiting for him / her. In this way you attract attention with telepathy. Practice this more often to increasingly attract a willing recipient.
  • Consciously focus on connecting telepathically with others. For example, people in your environment, people you want to explain something to or people you want to give a message to.
  • Let someone know you’re coming … but telepathically. Send the thought.
  • Also pick up thoughts of other people. Do you understand what they think? Also test yourself by checking whether what you thought you got through telepathically is correct.
  • Find a practice partner who enjoys playing the above games regularly.

Telepathy test

Am I telepathic? Anyone can be telepathic, but you can also test it. The ‘Telepathy Challenge’ is very popular on YouTube, where the telepathy between twins is tested.

Telepathy is excellent for communicating when that is actually ‘not possible’

Communicating with the deceased is not possible with our five senses. However, the sixth sense does make this possible. Read this article on communication with angels and guides  to learn how to communicate telephatically with the deceased.

You can also communicate telepathically with animals: you can receive images, feelings and words that an animal sends to you. You can also send images, words and emotions to the animal in the same way, which creates a dialogue.

Telepathy between lovers

telepathy dear ones

Partners can broadcast thoughts to each other. It can be very helpful to send love energy to each other regularly.

Do you have a partner? Then practice actually communicating telepathically with each other. Are you in need or can you use an extra hand while your partner is in a completely different place? Then ask aloud or quietly for help from your partner and who knows, he / she will suddenly appear.

Develop your sixth sense with these 89+ tips …

This article was just a tip of the veil on clairvoyance and the sixth sense… What are 89+ extra tips and what questions can you ask yourself to get telepathic messages? Read this article with 89+ tips and questions to develop your intuition.

What are your experiences with telepathy? Let me know in the comments!

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