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How To Change Your Mindset [100+ Exercises, Techniques & Tips]

How To Change Your Mindset [100+ Exercises, Techniques & Tips]

How can you change your mindset, for example to achieve a goal, be more positive, perform better, be happier or lose weight? Here you will find the best exercises, techniques and tips to improve your mindset.

But first: what is mindset?

The Dutch word for mindset is: mentality . If you have a healthy, positive mindset, your behavior will also be positive. This allows you to perform better and achieve goals more easily. Here you will find a full explanation of the meaning of mindset.

When the career of a promising athlete goes downhill, it is often said that it is the mindset. This refers to mindset.

How to change mindset? Exercises for working on a strong mindset

Do you want to develop a different / strong mindset? Below are the best ways to do that.

Method 1: Use this 15+ techniques to change your beliefs

beliefs change mindset

Why are beliefs the # 1 way to work on your mindset? Let’s take two examples right away:

  • A child who is convinced – for example by his teachers and parents constantly telling him – that he can draw well is more likely to become a top designer than a child who believes he can draw poorly or poorly .
  • An athlete who is convinced of being in the world top will reach the world top more easily than an athlete who believes he was born for the local college team and will not get much better than that.

Your beliefs are strongly related to your performance. Learn how to change your beliefs in this 15+ techniques article.

Way 2: Taking mindset coaching

You can of course also work on your mindset on your own, but if you can find a good mindset coach in your area, you have a big stick in the door and you will achieve your goals faster. Yes, it costs money, but then you also have powerful help.

Way 3: Autosuggestion exercises

affirmaties mindset

Autosuggestion is another word for affirmations. Very simply, this boils down to saying affirmations. If you say positive things to yourself, it has a positive effect on your mentality, or mindset. Note: these affirmations only really come into their own when you say them with emotion . Then you actually experience it. Here you will find instructions and examples of affirmations.

Way 4: Reading books for changing your mindset

Here you will find good mindset books.

Way 5: Set a goal and visualize what you want

What is a good way to positively change your mindset? Focus on what you want. In other words, by setting a goal.

This is a great way to use your mindset because it will allow your mindset to focus on all the opportunities in life to achieve your goal. The mindset theory of selective perception is behind this.

And how can you best focus on what you want to boost your goals – and therefore your mindset? By visualizing it vividly and with feeling.

Visualizing is something you do mentally. So it is by definition a mindset activity. How? Suppose you have to play a match, visualize how you will achieve a top performance and how you deal with setbacks during the match. It’s kind of a mental rehearsal. It is known that many top athletes do this.

Way 6: Change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset

growth minndset

A fixed mindset means that you quickly resign yourself to the current situation. A growth mindset means that you are constantly working to find opportunities.

There are special things you can say and think to develop a growth mindset. Would you for example change the fixed-least of a child in a growth mindset, encourage the child not on the basis of the status quo (“What are you so smart”), but encourage the child to show off new behaviors and let believe the child in his / her commitment to change things (“How smart you work!”).

Read this article about fixed and growth mindset.

Way 7: Have a healthy body, because then you also have a healthy mind

The body and mind are more related than you might think. When your body is tired, your mind also gets tired. If your body is fit, your mind will also become fit. So eat healthy, exercise well, take good care of your body, exercise, stay active and do things that you enjoy.

Way 8: All other NLP techniques [hundreds of tips and techniques]

NLP gives you practical and advanced visualization methods to change your mindset. Here you will find an overview with hundreds of tips and techniques from the NLP toolbox to work on your mindset. Simply consult the articles on this website for free.

To your success!

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