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COACH state from Robert Dils [Explained]

COACH state from Robert Dils [Explained]

The COACH state of Robert Dilts, what is it and what can you use it for? In any case, the COACH state is a very productive state of mind that you want to be in when you start working with clients. Enter the COACH state yourself before starting a session. You can also give this state to the client before starting a session. 

What is the COACH state?

Reaching the COACH state is closely linked to ‘being in the here and now’. Let’s clear up the abbreviation first. COACH stands for the following:

  • Centered
  • Open
  • Attending with awareness
  • Connected
  • Holding (creating support)

What are the characteristics of the COACH state?

Characteristics of an absence of the COACH state could be: shaky, tense face and stress. So you change that, by means of the COACH state, into concentration, clarity and peace. This state of mind is also a kind of rock-solid trust in yourself, for example to trust everything that happens in your body, from head to toe. ‘I trust my body. That’s why I’m so confident! ‘

When you are ‘in state’ you feel like this:

  • Centered:  In yourself, heart, head and body. Calm and still. Feeling of positivity, influence, joy and stability (certainty and not reactive). You are the source of the good emotions and value (in the eyes of others it really is). Naturalness in which everything clicks. Total abundance, and nothing can go wrong.
  • Open: Your body is open so your capabilities can move resources in the body freely and allow themselves to be revealed. You are open to get moving. Allow who you are. This is your best self. You let go of what people think of you
  • Attending with awareness: you are there for the other person. Metaprogram sorting by other.
  • Connected: connected with yourself, the other and the world around you. Be complete.
  • Holding: you are there for the other, you take care of the process and the space that you jointly occupy.

How do I get to the COACH state?

You get into the coach state through affirmations / mantras. Pay attention to …

  1. Your stomach, feel present in your stomach and say “I am centered “.
  2. The heart area and feel this area open. Say “I am open “.
  3. Your head and say “I am alert and present.
  4. Your environment in front of you, behind you, above you, below you, to your left, to your right, from the inside out and from the outside in. Then say “I am in contact “.
  5. Make contact with the space you occupy together and the process you will soon enter together. Say, ” I’m ready .”

When you find yourself not feeling the features of the COACH state, so when you notice that you don’t feel confident when a challenge is in front of you, do the following: take three conscious and deep breaths … And let all the bonding , desires and fears go, and the will to be in control. And say to yourself, “I trust you, body. I trust you, spontaneity. I trust you, subconscious. I trust you, the intelligence that guides me. I trust everything that goes through me and everything that happens in me. ”

Trust it. Trust yourself. It goes very deep. “I trust my courage, I trust my heart.” Your mind will start to mistrust this and think, “Don’t do it.” But who is more intelligent? Your heart because it is connected to something that your mind cannot even see.


Comments about this state of mind

  • The state you obtain through this exercise is also an ideal state for learning.
  • With this exercise you learn to become fully aware of ‘the now’ and of the place where you are: ‘the here’. You also train your meditation skills with this.
  • Also, do the sensory acumen exercise  with your eyes open so that you are training yourself to be present in your normal daily activities, keeping your eyes open as well.

Do you really want to get into a COACH state? Then use the following guided meditation text, for example .

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