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What Are States In NLP? And What To Do With Them?

What Are States In NLP? And What To Do With Them?

What are states? In this article you will find an explanation of what moods are and how you can use them. Read along and find all about this NLP term…

What are states?

States are a collection of qualities and include the following:

  • Skills
  • Properties
  • Sources
  • Qualities
  • Emotions
  • Moods
  • Solutions

The external world does not affect your state of mind. There is nothing anyone can do to bring your state down (unless you allow it).

States of mind are connected with locations

Everything people do is based on their states. For example, when a student takes a test, he often automatically enters a state of tension. This may cause him to blackout. He is in a completely different state of mind than when he was learning. As soon as he leaves the test room, he will remember everything.

States are linked to body posture

When you are in a dream state of mind, you experience a very detailed dream, and once you wake up a few seconds later, you can still remember quite a bit if you remain in exactly the same position. If you focus your attention on the outside world a little later, you may have forgotten almost everything immediately because you have left the dream state of mind.

How can I influence the states of myself or others?

There are many simple ways to influence and change a state of mind. In this article, you’ll find 251+ ways to change a state!

What can you use states for?

If you want to achieve something or if you want to motivate someone, you have to activate the right state of mind in that person. You activate that in yourself first, after which you can transfer it to another person. This is the process of following and leading and reporting.

When you want to sell someone something, you create a buy state. When you want someone to learn something, you develop a learning state or a state in which it is natural and easy to change. If you want agreement, you generate an agreement state. When you want to report with someone , visualize your best friend so that you feel the same way with that person as when you see your best friend.

A person with dyslexia can function very well if he changes his state of mind to determination and certainty. Of course you do this in combination with other techniques, such as recognizing the positive intention of the dyslexia.

How do you build states? Use this article on eliciting states and the article on hypnotic suggestions for that. It contains all the ways in which you can arouse a state of mind. You can build states yourself and later you can recall them in a short time with anchors.

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