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Disney Strategy: Best Brainstorming Tool [All Steps]

Disney Strategy: Best Brainstorming Tool [All Steps]

The Disney method is a very useful NLP model. In this article, you will learn the steps and questions for executing the Disney strategy. This gives you an excellent method that serves as an entrance to your brainstorming session.

How did the Disney strategy come about?

Walt Disney had a talent: he could combine his innovative creativity with a successful business acumen. In ‘Strategies of Genius, Volume I’ Robert Dilts has modeled the procedure and thought processes of Walt Disney , with which he could move from the creation of an animation figure to the creation of a film.

Walt Disney used three ‘alter egos’ for this, which he actually became. He even had different spaces for each alter ego. His associates never knew whether Disney would appear in a meeting as the dreamer, realist, or critic .

The 3 ‘stages’ of the Disney model

Everyone has all three ‘parts’ / stages of the Disney model in them and we even need all three!

The dreamer

The dreamer has an enormous amount of creativity, with which new ideas and goals can be formed. Disney visualizes in this phase and gives his imagination complete freedom. So the dreamer is much associated, is in the visual construction and makes everything very big.

The realist

As a realist, Disney could transform his fantasy into concrete expressions: it could be realized. Disney now turned his creation into a tangible form. The realist is also associated and above all feels (K). He asks the following questions: what have I already set in motion? What can I still initiate? What do I need? What makes me happy? Who can help me? What kinds of senses can get me excited?

The critic

As a critic, Disney was able to criticize and perfect his creation (along with others). In this way there was more depth in the product. The critic is dissociated, or at least less associated (Ad). He is keen to prevent things from going wrong, so he asks critical questions: why is it not going to work? What other obstacles are there? And what else?

The three alter egos of the Disney method cannot live without each other

disney strategy questions and steps

  • Do you keep the realist out? Then the dream stays in the head of the dreamer, so it can never be realized. How many people do you know who walk around with wonderful plans and never realize them? The critic and the dreamer, had it not been for the realist, would become constantly trapped in polarizing conflict. There is then only criticism of the dream without action and realization.
  • Without a critic there cannot be the guarantee of a high standard of quality. Then something is produced just like that, without criticism, and cannot be judged from a dissociated position.
  • Without a dreamer , there is nothing to realize or criticize at all.

Why should you use the Disney strategy?

Can you make / align the dreamer, the realist and the critic? Then that will lead to excellence, because parts work together to achieve a common goal! In addition, you can use the Disney method as an entry point for setting a SMART goal .

This is how you do the Disney technique: ask yourself these questions

disney strategy questions and steps

The preparatory steps of the Disney method

Before we do the technology to actually work on our brainstorm, we will anchor the three positions. For example, by associating in a moment when you could very well imagine so that you can anchor the dreamer: step in, become the little dreamer again and feel what it is like. Etc.

The actual Disney technique

Think about your desired dream and then go through the three phases.

  1. Start by associating yourself in the Dreamer . Be like the child who received Bart Smit’s Christmas book. Visualize without being commented on. Create a picture of a desired situation. Chunk up. What are your important values? Connect them to the visualization. It helps you direct your eye patterns right-up so that your brain can make a visual construct. Perhaps you can help yourself by saying:

    What I see is …

  2. Physically step into another position where you can associate in the Realist . Chunk the dream down in practical steps. Also associate with the different people involved and feel (look down to the right) what it is like to carry out the practical steps. Notice the sensations and feelings in conducting this experience. You may be able to help yourself by saying:

    What I feel / experience is …

  3. Step back physically to another position so that you become the Critic . Criticize the goal or creation you just designed. You do this dissociated. Also ask yourself at this stage: what is the first step I will take? Perhaps you can help yourself by saying:

    What I say / think is …

  4. If you need to, you can do another round – or as many as it takes – and make small tweaks as needed. How much water can you add to the wine? And when you are happy with the result, you can go for the exit!

Good luck using the Disney strategy!

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