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How To Make A Vision Board: Examples & Tips [Step-By-Step Plan] [Moodboard]

How To Make A Vision Board: Examples & Tips [Step-By-Step Plan] [Moodboard]

What is a vision board (aka dream board / mood board) and how can you make one? In this article you will learn the meaning of a vision board, how to make one and you will find good examples so that you can get started with your big goal!

What is a vision board / goal board? The meaning of a dream board …

A vision board … What is it? Maybe you’ve heard about it from the book ‘The Secret’ and maybe you’re already pursuing your big dream . What does a vision board have to do with this?

A Vision Board is a way to map out your dreams / goals by literally making a mood board of your goal. You take a nice piece of cardboard and you are going to stick beautiful images on it that serve as a symbol for your purpose.

Make your life a masterpiece.
– Michael Pilarczyk

It is a powerful addition to other activities you can do to achieve your dream, such as formulating your goal, discussing your goal in a mastermind group, and taking concrete steps towards your goal.

Take some magazines, print out some nice pictures that you find online and take a canvas or cardboard and you can already start.

Why should you make a vision board?

It’s important to realize how important the next question is, “What do I really want?” Then visualization is the best way to make this wish a reality. A vision board is an instrument for this.

When you make things visual, it works powerfully in manifesting your dreams (goals). By making a vision board, you are ‘creating’ your future. You are focusing on what is there, even if it is actually still in the future! By believing that it is already there, you will attract it. Because you do not focus on what is not there (and what brings your energy down) but on what you want (what brings your energy up). That also makes it so much fun!

Let’s take a look at the different forces that will make your goal come true thanks to making a dream board …

Strength 1: ‘Life’ will unfold in such a way that your goal can be achieved

If you state your goal, it will come to you, provided you expect it and are positive. This is the law of attraction.  Life is just going to give you the odds on a silver platter.

Strength 2: Thanks to the vision board, your subconscious mind is programmed to head in the opportunities

You will have to recognize that silver platter … Otherwise, the opportunities will still pass you by. By creating a vision board, you program your subconscious mind, which will work tirelessly for you to recognize and seize the right opportunities in life to achieve the goal. This happens in part thanks to the power of selective perception.

Strength 3: Your (subconscious) brain responds well to visual stimulation

“A picture says more than 1,000 words.” That is all the more true of programming your subconscious mind!

How do you make your vision board? Use this step-by-step plan!

make vision board

Step 1 – Think about what you really want to achieve

Are you going to make a dream board in a special workshop or with friends? This is not just an afternoon of tinkering!  Make it your life’s work. By that I don’t mean that you have to make the mood board perfectly beautiful. It may be ‘ugly’. I mean that you have to work substantively with your greatest wishes .

What is the point of making a goal board if it is not so important for you to achieve what you are going to put on it? Yes, then it is just an afternoon of tinkering …

Step 2 – Start writing

Before we start creating the actual goal board, let’s start writing. What do you write then? Your goal! If necessary, use the steps for setting a goal . Also make sure that you work on a day level, so that you  write down your ideal future day from minute to minute.

Step 3 – Collect images and stick them on a piece of sturdy paper

Find images that represent and symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you would like to attract into your life. Also choose a nice photo of yourself. Then place them on your goal board.

You can add keywords, but not whole sentences and paragraphs. If you post short sentences, use the present tense: you already have or do it. So not: “That’s where I’m going to live,” but: “Here I live.”

Step 4 – Place your vision board somewhere you see it often or store it …

It doesn’t matter what you do with your vision board next. Once you create it, it has already been “sent into the universe.” So you can easily put it out of sight somewhere and it will still work. It is also fine to hang it somewhere so that you will see it often.

Step 5 – Review your vision board every year

Return to your goal board every year for a new long-term session. How surprisingly have you already come with your dream? Are you going to update your goals? Recognize how much has moved in your life.

Use the tips below for your vision board

make vision board

Tip 1 – Check out Pinterest for inspiration

Also consider websites like Pinterest, Google or Instagram to pick inspiring pictures or words from.

Tip 2 – Also put a picture of yourself in it

For example, a moment when you were happy.

Tip 3 – Make a mix of image and text

Also provide your favorite quotes, affirmations and thoughts. Or just beautiful words / values ​​such as love, pleasure, strength and beauty.

Tip 4 – Be choosy with what you post on it

Do you know why so many people are unsuccessful? Because they want too much, and that makes a lot of sense! For example, if you want to become good at 7 different sports and therefore spend every day in a different sport in a week, you will undoubtedly become very good at all those sports, but … if you want to hit top level, it is really necessary that you choose a focus (‘The One Thing’) and start doing it every day. Very few people do that!

Have a maximum of 4 major goals / areas of life in your life. For example the areas: Career, Relationship, Spirituality and Family.

Tip 5 – If necessary, make a separate vision board for each area of ​​life / goal

You may want to make multiple goal boards: for each goal / area of ​​life. It’s also okay to make everything in one place. Then you divide your plate into different parts so that all your areas of life fit on it. It is also fine to make separate dream boards for each area of ​​life.

Tip 6 – Celebrate your successes

The more you recognize your successes, the more you will get. That’s how the law of attraction works! Bring yourself to a positive frequency and you will be able to receive other things that are on a positive frequency

Tip 7 – In addition to a physical picture of your goal (vision board), make a picture in your head!

Visualize your goal mentally as well. An added bonus!

Examples of vision boards

make vision board

make vision board make vision board

mood board example

vision board example

Good luck with your vision board

Try it out for yourself and enjoy the manifestation process! By the way, take a look at this mega-extensive and complete step-by-step plan for the law of attraction . Good luck!

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