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Releasing Anger: 9 Ways To Never Bottle Up Anger Again

Releasing Anger: 9 Ways To Never Bottle Up Anger Again

Emotions are very healthy and normal. Anger is one of them too. We happen to know some really nice ways to express anger. Express your pent-up anger and other emotions physically to get rid of it. Below are nine ways to do this!

1. Shout in a pillow or in your car with your windows closed

in car rage

2. Hit a pillow

pillow rage

3. Wring a towel
towel rage

Play tennis

tennis rage

5. Draw or write your emotions with your non-dominant hand. Creativity and emotions go well together

signs for emotions

Dig a hole in the garden

dig a hole against anger

7. Meditate and visualize your anger flowing freely from your body

meditate away anger

8. Slap in the air

boxes for anger

9. Pretend that a piece of paper is what makes you angry and make a wad of it

Put all your anger in this piece of paper.

expressing anger

10. Throw rocks in nature

expressing pent-up anger

11. Embrace your anger (book tip)

Author Thich Nhat Hahn teaches you in his books how to draft a peace treaty, mindfulness exercises and guided meditations to ease your anger and move towards deep relaxation.

Those were all the ways to express anger. Hopefully, you will be able to learn to express your anger better and better with these tips! Finally, take a look at this article in which I go deeper into the processing of emotions . Feel free to include in the comments what your favorite creative ways and experiences are to express anger.

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  1. nancy

    Working in the garden really works !!! My experience … nancy

    • Rubin Alaie

      Beautiful Nancy!

  2. Maria

    Hit the pillow for 10 minutes today! I was up after that! Wonderful feeling.

    • Rubin Alaie

      Superb!! What a relief.

  3. Clarina

    Making music … (if you are musical) … playing yourself completely ’empty’ (playing the flute works, all breath out …)