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Sacrificing Yourself For Others: Stop It!

Sacrificing Yourself For Others: Stop It!

Do you sacrifice and discount yourself for others? Do you deny yourself things and sacrifice yourself, which causes you to loose things? For example at work, in your relationship or for your child? The consequences of this are serious. Read along…

Giving yourself away (sacrificing) is not love

Giving yourself away and sacrificing yourself is not love. It looks like love, but it isn’t because in true, full, unconditional love, no one can lose.

Giving yourself away is also not a gift you give

Sacrificing and cutting yourself out is not an act of giving. It is not a gift. It’s a trade, full of hidden emotional bills to be paid within 14 days, hours, minutes, or seconds …

In fact, sacrificing yourself in this way is even control : a way to control relationships, avoid intimacy, keep separate, and cling to the past.

Sacrifice is not your gift. Your gift is love. Losing is not your gift.

Ignoring yourself is fear and guilt

Sacrifice and self-effacement is fear of the uncontrollable ultimate joy and happiness.

Sacrifice is also guilt. It’s your way of trying to pay for what you think you don’t deserve.

Don’t discount yourself anymore: sacrifice doesn’t work

ignore yourself tips

Admit that your sacrifice doesn’t work and be open to better manners. Every time someone gives up sacrifice, we all win a little bit more. What those better ways are, we will go into that in the following paragraphs …

Not all forms of ‘giving’ are good… but give!

Take a look at the ways of giving below. Do you see the difference?

Good Giving Methods:

  • Inspiration
  • Give unconditionally
  • Commitment
  • Willingness
  • Passion

Bad Giving:

  • ‘Struggle’
  • Sacrifice

Trade in ‘struggle’ and sacrifice for inspiration. Do you often find yourself in situations where you see yourself being sacrificed and in which you are struggling? That is not a matter of bad luck, but a matter of choice. And so it goes with peace.

Difference Between Sacrifice and Giving: Giving Is Good!

Just because you read here that ignoring yourself is bad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give anything anymore! Don’t be afraid to give yourself up. We are on Earth to give ourselves fully. You are the gift. Don’t sit on your gifts. 

Give up, but don’t sacrifice yourself.

And don’t care about getting anything back. Give unconditionally. When you give unconditionally it is impossible to lose. When your gift has a price or when you give to get, you will win, lose or be disappointed and it will only be “enough” for a very short time before you want more. When you give unconditionally, it is impossible to lose.

Moreover, do not rob others of their growth

take responsibility for the butterfly

A common symptom of people ignoring / sacrificing themselves is that they do a lot of things for other people. They take responsibility for others. This is not only detrimental to you, but also to others.

If you keep taking over the responsibility of others , you deprive them of the opportunity to grow . The child who wanted to help the trapped butterfly to crawl out of the cocoon deprived the butterfly of the chance to make its wings strong. The butterfly could therefore never fly.

Everyone must take their own responsibility. Children must take responsibility, parents must take responsibility and you must take responsibility.

Want to learn more about how it should be done? Read 59 tips about the law of attraction

When you apply the law of attraction, you give with all your heart, you are inspired, you contribute, you do not deprive others of growth, and you do not sacrifice yourself. In short: you no longer trade with force , but with power. You help others with effortless effort!  Read 59+ tips about the law of attraction here.

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