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Finding Balance In Your Life: How? 9 Golden Tips That Work!

Finding Balance In Your Life: How? 9 Golden Tips That Work!

How can you get balance in your life? In this article you will learn how to balance yourself and your life. Read on for all the tips …

Why is balance in life so important?

If you are not yet convinced of why balance is so important in your life, some more important reasons are listed below:

  • If you don’t apply balance and moderation in your life, the extremes will follow one another.
  • A lack of balance is harmful to health.
  • If we take too much of anything, we lose control.
  • When we are balanced, it is much more likely that we will actually get what we need so much in our lives.
  • It also benefits other people if we are in balance. In this way we are not a burden to others and we can contribute more.
  • As long as you are sufficiently balanced, it does not matter if you have a setback. For example, if you have good health and you are well-balanced, it doesn’t matter much if you eat something wrong or if you have a cold. You recover quickly and it is as if it had not been.

In short: balance is the key to success and often makes everything a bit lighter. Moreover, everything does not always have to be perfect.

There are 2 types of imbalance

First of all, it is good to know that you can go in two different directions with imbalance:

Direction 1: if you ask too much and waste.
Direction 2: if you deny your needs and don’t get enough for your physical and mental health.

How do you keep things in balance? Let’s go to the tips …

Want to live in balance? Often the truth lies in the middle.

Tip 1 – Don’t take too much: develop the quality of moderation

good life in balance

Temperance ensures that we are not a plaything of our desires. Drink, eat, work for example in moderation.

Someone who does not seek pleasure, is not guided by his lusts, is moderate with food, is loyal and strong … With such a person the tempter has no chance, just as the wind can blow over a stone mountain.
– Dhammapada 8

Tip 2 – Don’t take too little either

Talking excessively and talking excessively little can both be annoying.

Tip 3 – Stop in time

Stop something before it goes wrong. Make this a habit and you will notice the results.

More is not better. Better is better.

Tip 4 – Live in balance? Apply self-discipline

If you show the quality of self-discipline , it will be all right to live in balance.

Tip 5 – Get to know your own limits

What is too much for you and what is too little for you? This differs per person. For example, some people need 7 hours of sleep, and others need 8 hours. Read this article about setting and setting your boundaries.

Knowing your boundaries also means rigorously eliminating things that transcend your boundaries from your life. Read this article about burnout , in which you learn, among other things, to scrap things rigorously. You have to remove that which gives you imbalance – or you can strengthen your resilience to find the balance. What do you need and what can you do for it?

Tip 6 – Set your limits and get what you need

good life in balance

Now that you know your limits, you can start guarding them. Practice the wisdom and love to respect your boundaries too. Read this article about setting your boundaries.

Not taking care of yourself enough is the main cause of not being in balance. Know when it is time to choose for yourself and don’t go for too much or too little.

Tip 7 – Stop looking for balance

What? Are you reading an article about balance and are you suddenly told that you don’t even have to? Indeed. Once you accept your current imbalance, the current situation is exactly how you want it to be. The subtle art of not giving af * ck also teaches us this: the more you look for balance, the less balance you experience. Accepting the imbalance brings us into balance.

Moreover, it is sometimes nice and fun to fly out of the corner.

Why should you strive for a ‘better’ future situation in which there is more balance? Because it’s in the Happinez? So do you necessarily have to? You are now well out of balance and that is the reality. That’s fine for now. It does not have to be ‘resolved’ next week or next month.

My acceptance of the imbalance is my balance.

The less you search, the more you will find. So don’t obsessively and forcefully look for balance. The balance finds you when you offer it the space. Be still for a moment, just leave it exactly as it is and do nothing …

If you lie on a heart monitor, you should see that it is going up and down a lot – wave movements. If your lifeline is in balance – a completely tight flatliner – then you’re not doing well. You then slowly die. There must be movement. Everything in life is geared to movement. The seasons alternate. And by being on the move, it is actually in balance.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Tip 8 – Be still

Do you know what brings balance? Just be in silence and do nothing. Why does that bring balance? Because then you are not forced – in a struggle against your current life – to look for balance. Meditate and the balance will naturally find you.

When you are depressed, you are living in the past. When you are anxious, you live in the future. When you are in balance, you live in
the present.
– Lao Tzu

Tip 9 – Develop satisfaction

When you practice moderation, you are satisfied with what you really need.

Be satisfied with enough.

Finally, affirm how your life is well balanced

Read the affirmation below aloud.

I practice temperance and balance. I am grateful and satisfied when I get what I need. Fun and work, for example, are in balance in my life. I do not do too much and not too little: I discover and know what the right amount is for me.

Now start living in balance, and good luck!

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