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How to end a conversation? 9 tips and tricks to round it off

How to end a conversation? 9 tips and tricks to round it off

How can you (positively) end a conversation? Maybe you know those people who keep talking or just talk too much. How can you conclude such a conversation (for example during a networking drink)? Here are 9 tips for ending a conversation.

Tip 1 – Turn your body away from the other a bit

You don’t want to suddenly stop in the middle of the conversation. That is too much of a blow. You can use your body to create a transition: take a little distance or turn yourself away from the other. The other person will in any case realize this unconsciously, and perhaps even consciously, so that the actual farewell will proceed much more smoothly. It is expected.

Tip 2 – End positively / politely and with appreciation

Always end positively and politely, even though you know the conversation didn’t go well. Thank the other person for the conversation and say you enjoyed getting to know the other person. “So listen, it was great to be updated by you again. It was really nice seeing you again, I haven’t laughed that much.”

Be polite, warm, and friendly at the end of the conversation.

Definitely also end with appreciation: “Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Jean! It helped me to think about my decision.”

Tip 3 – Implicit  the conversation is over for a smooth transition

end call

I like implications. By implying, you send a very natural signal to end the conversation, without saying so literally.

This will make it a very pleasant ending, while inexorably taking the lead to end the conversation.

How do you do that? To imply? For example, by saying, “Let’s walk to the parking lot / bus stop / train station.”

I always apply this when I’ve met someone somewhere, an hour has passed and I actually want to go home. I know the other has come by train and I say, “Let’s walk to the station already.” Because of this there is a kind of ‘knowing’ that the agreement is coming to an end, without me having made it explicit. I skipped that effort to communicate that!

Within NLP this technique is called ‘presupposition’. You can read more about it here.

Tip 4 – Summarize the conversation again

A summary implies that the conversation has ended.

Tip 5 – Hold out your hand or grab your jacket

Smile, use the other person’s name and shake hands. Or grab your jacket in advance.

All these things imply that the conversation is over, without you having to consciously go through the effort of telling the other person.

Tip 6 – Introduce the person with someone else

cut off conversation tips

Are you at a drink / network meeting and does your conversation partner stick around? Take the initiative and then just connect him / her with someone else. Or let the other person introduce you to someone else. “Do you have any suggestions for someone who can help me with ___?” Otherwise you can always say, ‘Okay, I really need someone who can help me with this. I’m going to ask a few more people. ‘

Tip 7 – End the conversation with the reason why you are going

“I have to go back to my friends. It was great fun talking to you guys.”

Tip 8 – Do you feel confident? Feel free to end the conversation abruptly

Do you have the assurance to take charge and end the conversation abruptly? Then feel free to do so, because such decisiveness is actually appreciated. So you can just suddenly say: “By the way, it was surprising and nice to meet you,” “It was nice to have a little talk with you again” or “We will see each other again in the meeting next week.”

Tip 9 – Break ‘rapport’

Read the article on rapport and – especially the piece on matching – and then do the exact opposite with your body.

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