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Love Is (Together) Sayings From Kim Casali [Her Most Beautiful Quotes]

Love Is (Together) Sayings From Kim Casali [Her Most Beautiful Quotes]

Have you ever seen the ‘Love is’ spells passing by, and would you like to read more of these quotes? Here you will find the best quotes of ‘Love is’. Read along…

What are the ‘Love is’ sayings?

Kim Casali from New Zealand is the cartoonist who drew the quotes of ‘Love Is’. Her quotes and drawings were originally intended for her own husband, after which they were made public in 1970. Now they are known all over the world. After her death in 1997, Bill Asprey is the cartoonist of the sayings to this day.

The Love Is sayings often start with the words ‘Love is together …’ and are about marriage, falling in love and your relationship. The best-known relationship spells are: “Love is sick together” and “Love is growing old together.”

List of ‘Love is’ spells

Let’s look at many more such spells …

  • Love is complimenting each other
  • Keep dancing all night
  • A pleasant evening at home
  • A kitchen prince
  • Flying around each other
  • Leave the other one for a while (and don’t wake it up)
  • Kissing the other violently
  • Love is always feeling connected
  • Love is to stay young at heart
  • Seduce the other
  • Home sweet home
  • Someone you can always rely on
  • Sharing your day cream
  • Relaxing together (with an ice cold drink)
  • Not true, but who you are on vacation with
  • Have fun
  • Love is kissing your princess awake
  • Love is a wave of emotion
  • Embark on an incredible journey together
  • Cleaning the whole house together
  • Working together in the garden
  • Hold on tight
  • Stubble on the weekend
  • Always having each other in the face of adversity
  • A dinner to celebrate
  • Puzzle together
  • When a kiss from the other makes you feel like a hotel
  • Be proud when the other person achieves his / her goals
  • Shine when the other is near you
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Tease
  • Love is letting him take a nap after dinner
  • Love is being pampered through and through
  • Experience family moments together (with each other’s family)
  • The contagious laugh of the other
  • The photo of the other person on your phone / computer
  • Lovingly awaited by the other (with flowers, water or another surprise)
  • Make it a party every day together
  • Love is cooking his favorite food
  • Love is marrying your best buddy
  • Stepping into the life of the other
  • Love is dreaming about the next vacation together
  • Love is unconditional
  • Love is not paying attention to the mess
  • Allow yourself to be distracted by the other
  • Love is playing around with the children
  • Closing armistice during an argument
  • Listening to the other person’s heart
  • Together on the road to happiness
  • Hearing each other’s opinion
  • Going out together
  • To be of support to the other
  • Love is fixing you up before he gets home
  • Love is not worrying about your chic interior
  • Love is to enchant him
  • Stealing a kiss
  • Love has not forgotten her birthday
  • Love is to adore her
  • Are we having a boy or a girl? As long as it is healthy.
  • Love is like being close to each other
  • Love is a dinner to celebrate
  • Don’t catch anything on a day fishing and still be happy
  • Love is not to leave the newspapers lying around
  • Love is teaching the little one to ride a bicycle
  • Bear the noise of the other
  • Love is sleeping in together
  • Find shelter together
  • Love is not saying I said it like that
  • Come home and the table is set
  • Love is when you make a ‘wow’ every time
  • Love is working on fitness together
  • Allow the other to rest
  • Love is also doing chores on Sundays
  • Love is wanting to be alone with him
  • Tucked in nicely
  • Love is someone who supports and comforts you
  • Love is meeting in the same place the same time every day
  • Don’t compare the other with anyone
  • Always be polite to the other
  • Being in the present moment with the other
  • Reading a book together
  • Trust each other enough to be able to cry together
  • Show silly behavior together
  • Talk about opinions, feelings and thoughts
  • Showing your joy when the other comes home
  • Encourage each other to take on risks and adventures
  • Show gratitude to each other
  • Asking for a hug and kiss
  • Give a gift to each other for no reason
  • Learning something new together
  • Dance together
  • Hiding a treat in lunch
  • Let the other person make his / her own decisions
  • Smile and stare at each other every day
  • Blow air kisses to each other
  • Saying “I love you” to each other 10 times a day
  • Sit next to each other instead of opposite each other, for example in restaurants
  • Always hold hands
  • Say thank you to each other
  • Becoming physically strong together
  • Long hugs

Love is: letting it be as it is. Let go of your thoughts and let everything be as it is.

The official work & images with text of ‘Love is’

You can also find some of the images of ‘Love Is’ via a Google search .

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