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Tantra Meditation Wiki: Meaning & 11 Best Exercises

Tantra Meditation Wiki: Meaning & 11 Best Exercises

What is tantra meditation or tantra yoga? Maybe you have read or heard about it and you would like to know more about it. What are the 11 best tantra exercises and where can you take a course? Read along…

Briefly: what is tantra?

Tantra is a series of exercises, meditations and massages without theory, theology or moral lessons. A tantra massage is therefore often based on intuition – there are not necessarily specific techniques.

You could also describe tantra as applied spirituality and mindfulness with your partner. In other words: partner meditation. I also see it as a symbolization of unity : when I feel the unity with my partner, I immediately feel the unity with the whole world.

Tantra in one sentence? Awareness through meditation, breathing and experiencing touch… with your partner.

Tantra in two words? Intimate togetherness.

More keywords for tantra: experiencing intimacy, experiencing connection and loving without wanting to own the other. It is an invitation to let your real desire be fully there, whatever it may be. Above all, tantra is a hands-on approach. So let’s look at the exercises …

Exercise 1 – Get attributes for taste, smell, color, sound and feel … and then experience them

This is something you may know about mindfulness . Make a temple of your house, bedroom or bathroom by placing beautiful attributes that feed your senses:

  • Oil, such as coconut oil.
  • With some drops of essential oil for fragrance.
  • Different jars with different essential oils to smell.
  • Candles.
  • Incense.
  • Music.
  • Flowers.
  • Fruits, chocolates, cheeses, oysters …
  • Feathers (for caressing).
  • Whispers of sweet and exciting words.

The next step? Experience the above attributes with a blindfold:

  • The receiving partner lies down with a blindfold.
  • The giving partner allows the receiving partner to experience the items from the previous list.
  • After the exercise, the giving partner takes off the blindfold. Look at each other in silence while avoiding words. Now take your time to hug each other.

Exercise 2 – The greeting of hearts during relaxation

You can also do this exercise on your own, because you don’t necessarily need two people to pay attention to your body.

  • Take a shower or bath and let the tension drain from your body.
  • Touch every part of your body – attentively.
  • Above all, touch your heart, feel your heart and the accompanying warmth and greet yourself in a loving way.
  • Include loving thoughts.
  • If necessary, end in an open position with open palms.

Are you in a relationship? Then regularly help your partner in the greeting pose so that you lovingly remind your partner to connect with his / her heart.

Exercise 3 – Look at each other

All you have to do is look your partner in the eye. Keep this up for at least five minutes. Do you feel the need to hug each other? Then do this. As long as you keep looking at each other. It also works well to let the daily hassle slide off you.

Exercise 3 – Being present with the other person in De Intimate Omhelzing

  • Embrace each other for three minutes … Embrace each other, massage each other and / or touch each other.
  • Embrace each other while staying with your own feelings: find out what it makes you feel.
  • Continue to relax your body.
  • Make it a whole body hug.
  • Now also pay attention to your partner’s breathing.
  • Synchronize your breathing.
  • Be curious…. What is there in yourself and in the other? Pain, anger, sadness, confusion, love, gentleness, compassion, excitement? Everything is allowed. Take the time to feel this.
  • Discussion: look at each other and tell honestly what you felt about your partner and yourself. Listen carefully to each other.

Exercise 4 – Tantra massage

The previous exercise already touched on the essence of tantra massage: detecting possible blockages in the energy of the body. With a massage, energy can be generated and restored – and the energy can flow freely through the body via the chakras , so that they reconnect with each other.

Tantra massage is a way of healing and enlightenment through the body. As a man or woman you need the love, touch and warmth of the other. Your body can be turned ‘on’. You feel happy, aware and have a sense of life.

A tantra massage does not have to be a ‘formal’ massage. This is mainly done intuitively without thinking about ‘techniques’. There are also no moral lessons or theology. These are just words.

Tantra has no end goal, but the ‘goal’ of trantra massage is to touch and massage the body softly, smoothly, lovingly and intensely so that the receiving partner can enjoy feelings of unconditional love, warmth, tenderness, happiness and joy. Other keywords are: complete surrender, complete trust, transferring attention and love, enjoying your body instead of being in your head – and thus being in the here and now.

“Soft power” is the most powerful energy we have. It opens hearts and is therefore more powerful than aggression. With an open heart you become a more loving person with more compassion.

In addition, putting prejudice aside is an important practice in receiving tantra massage so that you can feel the love and unity of everything. Accept everything that happens in the here-and-now. The recipient also does not have to worry about outward insecurities, because the giving partner does not judge them either. He / she looks purely at the energy of the other.

Feel at the deepest level that you can be who you are.

The receiving partner may receive passively, but it is much more valuable if the receiving partner also cooperates in awakening his / her energy through breathing.

You work with your hands, body, presence, energy and your heart.

In short: improvise and massage your partner gently and lovingly. It’s not about a grand massage. For example, you can only massage the hands – a hand massage. Add a little oil and you don’t need anything anymore.

Exercise 5 to 11: Our favorite tantra exercises are in this separate article

Click here to go to our favorite exercises to do with your partner. They are at the bottom of the article.

Tantra demonstration video’s

Tantra books

The books by Margot Anand and David Deida are very special – both with a completely different angle.

To your success!

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