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Describe Your Ideal Future Partner (Features & Appearance)

Describe Your Ideal Future Partner (Features & Appearance)

What are the characteristics of my ideal partner? This is an important question to ask. This article guides you through this question. What are the characteristics of your ideal man / woman? What does your dream man / dream woman look like? Read along…

Why is it important to think about your ideal partner?

If you know what you want, you will get that easier. This is the law of selective perception and the law of attraction . So it is very important to ask yourself the question: “What kind of future partner suits me?”

What type of man / woman is right for me? Write down the answer clearly and you will get a perfect match. In the following paragraphs we will work on this: write down the inner and possibly also the outer characteristics of your ideal partner. For that, let’s start at step 1 …

Step 1 – What kind of partner is right for me? Let’s start with the important character traits

Now list the traits and values that are important to you in your partner.

For me the most important traits and values ​​in my partner are:

  • Humor
  • Fun
  • Family
  • Vulnerability, so that she can always be herself. That she doesn’t have to have a spectacular life with only fun things. And no good weather to end when it is not.
  • Cooperation and half a word is enough. So just being in love is not enough for me. For me, a relationship is a partnership in which we join forces. Just take a look at couples’ Whatsapp messages. They do not consist mainly of messages in love: “Can you get bread on the way back?”

Step 2 – What does my ideal partner look like in appearance?

You can also describe the appearance of your ideal partner.

I personally don’t care about looks. You cannot eat from beautiful crockery. It’s nothing to it. If she loses her outer ‘beauty’ after a few years, someone without many inner qualities is left …

Still, I would recognize my ideal partner in appearance by her smile. My future partner often smiles, even inappropriately and inappropriately. For although the normal is usually  not  laugh, it should be just that normal usually have to laugh.

However, there is definitely something I pay attention to about the appearance of a woman: I recognize my dream woman by the characteristic that she does not wear makeup every day. So I still have a number of things to watch out for in order to recognize my dream woman when she suddenly appears!

Step 3 – Now decide: why do I want this relationship?

A relationship is not meant to things pick up at the other. At least you can, but it creates an environment of conditional love, guilt, and temporary satisfaction. Rather ask the question: which hidden powers do I want to stimulate through my relationship? So think carefully about what exactly your intention is with the relationship.

My personal answer is that I have the pleasure of my own life to offer. But even more importantly, I think that we can fulfill our (individual) mission even better because we can open each other’s hearts in our relationship. What can we contribute to the greater whole and how can we together devote our love to it?

My personal mission is to make two people happy / happy every day. One of those two people is me, and the other person is someone I meet during the day, for example, and give a compliment. Or someone to whom I apply a virtue such as helpfulness. I can already see us throwing parties at home to bring people together. Of course with good food.

Although I think such a clear goal / mission is important in my relationship, I also want to do nothing in my relationship . Just accept each other and with each other are not to be productive. So for me, a relationship definitely includes enjoying together, having nothing to do, making love, dancing on water with a little music, a quiet Sunday on the couch, cooking a little dinner … Just play around and act stupid. Delicious!

Step 4 – Let go of that image of your ideal partner now and make sure that you already have love in your life

Now that you’ve set your goal, it’s important to let it go completely . You have already expressed your wish by writing it down, so from now on you no longer have to be active with it. Only mention it once as an intention .

You suddenly get a lot of entitlement and date and relationship opportunities if you yourself are not mentally involved that much. So let it go completely and continue to focus on all the good, positive and joyful things in your life that are going well. Put  your pleasure and self-love  # 1 in life. Then your relationship goal will automatically be fulfilled.

What you would like to receive from your ideal partner, you give to yourself intensively in the coming period. Become the best partner for yourself. This way you become a magnet that attracts the ideal matching partner. That is not a filling but an addition.

Find the happiness in yourself.

All you have to do is allow that partner to come. You don’t have to do anything for that. You just have to make sure you don’t have any resistance. And how do you remove any resistance? With meditation , because with that you calm the mind. The mind resists many good things in life.

In the meantime, live with the happiness you expect to get from your relationship. So pretend you already have that feeling of happiness.  The feeling comes from yourself. You will not even be able to get that feeling of happiness from your relationship, because it always comes from yourself. 

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On your luck!

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